Villain Heal chapter 42

Today was my parent’s wedding anniversary day so I came to eat dinner together with my family. Luler also wanted to come, but this day was like a family day for us, so he can only stay moodily in his room alone. “Onee-san…!” “Shio, we haven’t seen each other for a long time.” My brother…

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Villain heal chapter 41

“Can you drink a rice tea?” “Ah…I can, thank you.” Even if I didn’t understand many things but it seemed like I was drinking tea with Hades’s son. He didn’t look like his father at all except for the face. Those two were as alike as two peas in the pod but his personality and…

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Chapter 3 A Question

“If you substitute x into this number, you will get the exact number from it.” A middle-aged teacher’s monotone voice could be heard throughout a classroom. ็He arrived at the school for a while just barely in time for the class. He felt his knees ached a little from riding a bicycle for fifteen kilometers….

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Chapter 2 Soy Milk

“Kornshai! When will you wake up to help me!?” A voice came from a distance away. A boy named Kornshai jolted up from his bed. His eyes frantically looked around after finished shaking away his dizziness. He muttered to himself. “Weren’t I got shocked by that thing and died?” He looked at himself. “What is…

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Chapter 1 Suriya

“Suriya, Do you know what have you done wrong?” ํShut it, how could I know it when you asked me like this? Stupid pig, you only wanted to pick a fight with me.’ “What have I done wrong, Boss Jang?” He slammed his fist down onto his desk. “Don’t you dare acting nonchalantly! You neglected…

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Villain Heal chapter 40

I felt relieved after knowing that Bella was safe and she was with Lookz right now. I knew about this when I went to visit them after the afternoon class. She didn’t have any clothes to change into so I lent it to her. Her clothes were soaking. What I’m curious about the most was…Why…

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Villain heal chapter 39

Akane and Teo special I didn’t think I would have a time like this in the school before. A time when I didn’t have to be worried. I ate, studied or played in Shiwa’s workshop even when her room is inside Luler’s room. Why did it have to be Luler’s room? I really wanted to…

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Villain heal chapter 38

Lookz’s story To be stronger and more graceful than anyone else. That’s the pride of an angel. My wing isn’t just some decoration on my back but It’s a duty and a dignity for me to shoulder it. Someone who’s a son of the God of war like me couldn’t dare to act foolishly. When…

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Villain heal chapter 37

Bella’s story What did the real heaven look like? Was it only a name for a land? What different between a god and a human? or was it only the name for a higher being. I didn’t take an interest in a matter about them that much. Even if you had pure white wings, It…

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Villain Heal chapter 36

This must be the first time that Lookz has come to eat with us. He still doesn’t like to talk but at least, his relationship with Bella is good now. What caught my attention the most is… “Ah…Where are your wings, Lookz?” I have been wanting to ask this question since I saw him a…

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