VH: Side story (TeoxAkane I)

The relationship that was more than a friend, but wasn’t a lover. I always asked myself what was exactly the relationship between us. A political betrothal? A friend? or a lover? Even if it became a little bit clear right now. When I graduated, I had to move back to my castle. There’re many things […]

VH: Side story (RenxShelyn)

I once dreamt of the day when my family was killed. Dreaming of the time when they were screaming… It was like this every night… I didn’t know when had I stopped dreaming, but I felt very happy right now. To the point where I scared how long it was going to last… At the […]

VH: Side story (TeoxAkane)

I knew I was the who let him touch my tail… It was rather thougthless act on my part and I also didn’t think that… I would end up like this! We were in a separate room right now. This room was Teo’s room at first. I was sitting at the end of the bed […]

Epilogue II part 2

“What are you doing at this time?” “…Akane?” She wore a nightgown with a thick jacket. Her ears bent down a little when a gust of wind blew past them. She sat down on the rock that he was currently sitting and looked to anywhere but him. “D-don’t you feel cold?” She asked while averting […]

Epilogue II part 1

At the same time… When the girls went to sleep in the same room, the four of them also came to sleep together in another room too. The king-sized bed had no problem letting all of them sleeping on it. Even if it’s a little creepy for four men to sleep together in the same […]

Epilogue part 2

I had just invented a sun-screened recently. Recently, I had been experimenting in my lab for weeks because I finally found the plant which could be blended into a cream just like a body cream in my old world. It may sound strange, but after blending and squeezing to get this plant’s liquid. It looked […]

Epilogue part 1

After the graduation day, we still had almost one month left until the wedding ceremony. Oh well, the marriage for the royalty was a delicate matter so It couldn’t be rushed. That’s when Shelyn invited us to Ren’s mansion. She told us there’s a beautiful sea there. Well, I had never seen a sea since […]

Villain heal chapter 86(End)

Summer, Autumn, Winter… All passed by through time. Opening semester and closing semester… All passed by through a growth. Memories and laughing… No matter how much time had passed, it would always become beautiful memories. Sunny or Filne was punished by living at the border alone eventually. Her family couldn’t do anything to help her. […]

Villain heal chapter 85

“Don’t lie to me!!” Filne used her finger to point at my face. She must have mixed feeling in her mind and she didn’t know which one to explode first. Even though she was the one who spoke that name first, she acted as if she didn’t believe in what she said now. Even if […]

Villain heal chapter 84

I really was in trouble, wasn’t I? I woke up around 4 AM. in Luler’s room in a state where I was naked with the source of my problem lied on top of me. It was relieved to see that he still wore his trousers. How annoying!! I flipped him to another side of the […]