In our life…why do we feel like we need to have many things?

Appearance, career, money…

But I have everything

My name is white, a person who graduated from medical school and soon to get promoted at my job. I’m sure that I will be Chief Medical Officer soon. I was born in a well-off family with both of my parents as a doctor so I hope to be the same as them.

Finally, I become a doctor just as I wish and I love my job very much. I can help people and do many things for the sake of other people.

I also have even in love, a fiancé who comes from a well-off family just like me.

I used to think  that I have everything until…

I see him… kissing with my best friend on reunion day.

“I’m sorry, white…I…”

Ah, you don’t have to say anything. I can already guess what you two have been doing behind my back.

And what?

I don’t feel hurt at all, not even a bit. My head just…blank.

I can only think that ’you have been cheating on me, huh’

‘’I think we should break up’’ I tell him.

My life is already good that even if I don’t have a person like you in my life, it will not affect me in the least bit. I always have a reason for every decision that I make and I’m not so low to be with an ‘animal-in-mating-season’ like you.

“I can explain this. Sunny and I, we weren’t doing anything…”

So a kiss doesn’t count as doing anything. YOU JERK!

“Wait a minute, you already have me. You can’t leave me like this and you even told me that you don’t even love this ‘plain-as-a-tofu’ woman”

“No! White, you are mistaken. I still love you so much”

I think you like my money more than me.

“Enough already…I’m tired to say this again. I caught you red handed like this and you still have the courage to lie straight to my face. We should treat our engagement as a thing that will never going to happen. Oh!, I will send the betrothal’s gift to your house later.”

I walk away thinking that I can’t believe to see anything like this today.

I don’t feel a thing

Not even one bit.

I’m thinking that backing off is a right thing to do. It’s the best way out possible.

“White, wait for me please”

I’m not hearing anything. I’m hurriedly walking and stopping at the crossroad waiting for the traffic light to change in a second.


I suddenly fall down by this mysterious force behind my back but when I got a glimpse of something by instinct. I can see my best friend standing right there, someone who has been friends with me for a long time.

Why, I have already backed off. What do you want more from me?




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Hi, thank you for reading this. First, I should tell you the purpose of this blog and that is to help me improve my writing skill as you can see that you will spot grammatical error everywhere or wrong choice of vocabulary. Some of you will say “why don’t you get yourself an editor and learn from them” but I want to edit and proofread it by myself before that (Noted that English is my second language). My English are not that good but I hope I will get better at it. See you next chapter!