Villain heal chapter 6

*Bite* “Ack…” It’s too late. His fang’s already biting at my neck. I feel the pain all over my body but I try to not let my sound out. I consider calling for help but I shouldn’t do it. If others were to see me doing something like this with him. I should let him […]

Villain heal chapter 5

A dead person… Impossible! This is a palace. I immediately flip this person to lie on their back. They are wearing a male attire. His silver hair is at shoulder length so that means he’s royalty. Will I be charged with harming the royalty? I look at him from head to toe. He doesn’t seem […]

Villain heal chapter 4

Three years pass by in a blink of an eye I’m five years old now. After the stunt that I pulled my parent finally made up with each other but I hadn’t come out of it without a punishment. My mother banned me from sweet for one week. It’s a bit too cruel as I […]

Villain heal chapter 3

Today, I’m feeling extremely enthusiastic. I’m waking up early to take a bath and get dressed by myself. Children at the age of two will need help at a thing like this but my mind isn’t that of two years old so it seems strange to have other people help me. I happily skip to […]

Villain heal chapter 2

Hello again, my name used to be White but after reincarnated, I am Shiwa Garnet. ‘Shiwa Garnet’ is a number one villainess from an otome game called ’BeLove With Demon’. The heroine of this game is a human who had come to study at the school in a demon world because of some reasons. This […]

Villain heal Chapter 1

I wake up with a jolt. When I look around, I found myself in a room…more like a conference room with a table and a chair placed at the center of the room and I am sitting on the chair across from someone. “Hello, what are you feeling right now?” He is quite handsome with […]