I wake up with a jolt. When I look around, I found myself in a room…more like a conference room with a table and a chair placed at the center of the room

and I am sitting on the chair across from someone.

“Hello, what are you feeling right now?”

He is quite handsome with a blue suit and his long hair tied up but his look doesn’t feel like someone who works at an office at all. His eyes are black and somehow looked blank. It’s really scary. The question is what is he doing here?

No…I should be asking myself instead. What am I doing here?

“I think I’m okay but where is this? Who are you?”

“This is called ‘place of the deceased’ or an afterworld if we calling it in your world but you don’t have to be scared. This place that we are sitting have nothing to be scared of. Actually, this place is the safest in ‘place of the deceased” even his smile is giving me a chilled.


I repeat after him. That’s it, I’m really dead.

I’m secretly afraid about this. It’s hard to be born but it’s so easy to die. My life shouldn’t end like this. I still have many things that I want to do.

“That’s right, it’s a pity that your life has to end like that.”


“Haha, I can hear every thought that you think in here. This place isn’t called ‘place of the deceased’ for nothing. There’s no such a thing such as a secret in here”

“Really, then you must be a reaper?”

“You can call it like that”

It’s look like you aren’t a reaper.

“It’s more like I’m the one who does the paper-work Ah! the detail is supported to be a secret.”

“I can’t even think of anything in my head. Fine!, what do you want from me?”

“Excellent, I really like to work with a person who is easy to work with. I’m really want to send you to a heaven but they are having some serious problem right now and because you aren’t due to die and you don’t even have a sin so I can’t send you to hell so I have an offer for you. You are to be reincarnated somewhere with your old memory intact. Isn’t this good?”

“I don’t even have an option to say ‘no’ and I know that you will not take ‘no’ for an answer, right!”

“you are really easy to work with. It’s just as you say it.”

I snort “wherever you want I will just go and reincarnate.”

“what kind of person do you think I am. How about here?”


He snaps his finger to bring out a disc and It seems to be an otome game. I widen my eye when I notice that this is the game that sunny likes to play and she would always ask me to play together with her. During that time, I had nothing to do so I played with her but I didn’t play it till the end. It’s so long so I let Sunny spoiled the content of this game.

I don’t like to play a game.

I had to study very hard to pass a medical exam so I don’t have the time to play a game. I’m not that free.

But when I see that disc and his stare…

“Do you want to joke with me?”

“I think you are very familiar with this game, am I right?”

“What do you really want from me?”

“You are a good person…to the point that it’s really scary. You know that a bad person is very easy to read because they are acting by instinct or many other things but what about a good person? They are very hard to read so I want to know why do you do good deeds? I don’t understand because many people come here to hear about their sins and sent to hell but you…”


“What is your reason?”

“I will do what I want.”

“A good answer but I really want to know how long will you stay the same like this?”

“Is this a dare?”

“Isn’t this more fun?”

“I will not accept this dare and wherever you send me to, I will just stay the same.”

“Wonderful, I hope that you have fun in your new life Oh! make it enjoyable for me too, will you ‘Shiwa’?”

Isn’t this name…

‘’You bastard!’’

“and my name is Hades. Nice to meet you too.”

I only see that cold smile and then there’s only the darkness.

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