Villain heal chapter 2

Hello again, my name used to be White but after reincarnated, I am Shiwa Garnet. ‘Shiwa Garnet’ is a number one villainess from an otome game called ’BeLove With Demon’. The heroine of this game is a human who had come to study at the school in a demon world because of some reasons.

This game has an interesting point in that there’re many villainesses. You will find a different villainess in each route. It’s fun when you’re the one playing the game but it’s another story if you’re this game’s villainess.

Right now, I’m Shiwa who’s the daughter of Duke in this demon world. I have a vampire blood mixed with a little bit of succubus blood. My father is a half-blood incubus so that make me has a quarter of it too.

In the game, Shiwa is the fiancee of prince Luler from this vampire kingdom. Prince Luler is aloof and quiet. He never speaks with Shiwa even if Shiwa try to get closer to him. He always gives a cold shoulder to her but that’s Shiwa problem not me.

If I recalling correctly, Shiwa is very cuter than the heroine because of her succubus blood. Her appearance is top notch, her wavy dark pink hair, red-pink eyes even if she is a bit small but that’s what make her look similar to a cat.

The unfortunate thing is I already known my fate and that is…

I will be kill.

I obstruct the love that bloom between heroine and the prince because It’s wrong for demon to fall in love with a human. Shiwa tried to get rid of the heroine but the prince killed her before that. My engagement is a reason for my death again.

It’s look like I can’t even have a fiancé but It’s doesn’t matter.

That prince can’t see what’s good!

My motive will not change. I will become a doctor.

even if I am 2 years old right now.

‘knock knock’

“Shiwa-sama, It’s time for dinner” Sera, my personal maid is calling me.

“Yes…wait for Shiwa for a second”

I struggle to maneuver my small body down from the bed and walking out of a bedroom that I stayed previously. Waiting for me is a cat-ears girl in a maid uniform with a smiling face. Her eyes are very much like that of a cat and that because she’s really a cat demon. It’s a normal thing in this demon world (strangest thing ever in my world). I’m use to it since I was born for 2 days.

I follow Sera until we are reaching dining room. My father and my mother already sat there not talking at all or rather the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife. I don’t know if they have a fight or something but they are like this since I was born. My father is Tiare Garnet, Duke of the vampire world and demon world because of his strong incubus blood and vampire blood. My mother is Olevia Garnet. She is a pureblood vampire, Duke of the demon world and headmistress of the school in this demon world.

The advantage of being a demon is they have very long-life span. There’s no telling when we will get old. My mother and my father still look very young.

“Shiwa, why don’t you come sit here. Today, we have your favorite dessert” father smile at me as I reach dining room.

“…” my mother is quiet as always.

“Yes…father” I answer him.

I take a seat beside my father. Our dinner time pass by slowly. I notice that father steal a glance at my mother looking like he wants to say something but choose to not say it.

At first, I don’t think it too much but after sometimes…

I want to know what happen before I was born?

Well, curiosity is a normal thing, right? You don’t have to call me meddlesome.

After finish eating, my father asks me to going for a walk outside with him. Evening is the time that vampire like to go for a walk. I can walk under sunlight with no problem due to my noble blood but I don’t walk in sunlight that often.

If I don’t go it will make my father disheartened so I accompany him for a bit then come back to my bedroom again and starting to read a book.

Until my maid walking toward me with a small glass filled with blood.

I am a vampire that means I has to drink blood for sure but this isn’t a human blood. it’s a pig blood. The composition is the same but the taste is inferior to that of a human blood. When I grow up, I have to stop drinking this and start drinking human blood instead…It feel strange.

“Sera, why don’t my mother and my father talk to each other? ”I ask her as I lift the glass to my mouth.


“Sera, I really want to know. If you don’t tell me then that means my mother and my father don’t love me anymore” I bend down my head and use my technique to squeeze my fake tear to fall down.

“N-No! Shiwa sama. Master love you very much but at that time, he was absorbing energy from another woman…”

Sera stop talking all of a sudden. Hmm…My father absorbed a energy from another woman. Well, my father is an incubus so it doesn’t feel weird if he wants to absorb energy using a method like that but if my mother saw him doing it with another woman. I’m sure she would be mad at him.

“You don’t have to stop. Continue speaking,This is my order” I order her as I want more information about this. I don’t want to grow up in a house that has a problem like this. I want to help fixing this mistake.

“Y-Yes, when madam was 8 months pregnant. Master don’t want to force her due to her pregnancy so he endured it but there’s this women who tried to seduce him. Master couldn’t resist his hunger so he absorbed almost all of that women energy and that’s when madam saw what’s happen. They didn’t talk to each other after that. I fear that Shiwa-sama will feel bad when hearing this story but I want Shiwa-sama to know that master love you very much.”

“I know…”

“A-and madam also love you very much. I don’t think that madam will stop loving Shiwa-sama because of this”


I use my finger to track the rim of the glass and thought about something.

“Then we will prove it. Will you help me, Sera?”

“What do you to do, Shiwa-sama?”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure that it will be okay.”

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  1. Are you Thai?

    I hadn’t read it yet, but from description I think this phrase ⤵
    “The protagonist is being sick right now?”

    the protagonist should be => Capture character or Bachelor.

    1. Yes, I’m Thai. Thanks for pointing that out. sometimes, I’m still forgetting that I shouldn’t translate word-by-word. I should go and change it.

  2. Oh! Demons sure are smart, at two years old she can already read! my my…that´s why nobody was surprised that she can do it…xD

  3. ‘The heroine of this game is a human who had come to study at the school in a demon world because of some reasons.’
    When I read “some reasons” I cracked up x’D

  4. thanks!
    yay, i’m glad she’s going to try to mend her parents’ relationship! lol squeezing those fake tears!

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