Villain heal chapter 5

A dead person…

Impossible! This is a palace.

I immediately flip this person to lie on their back. They are wearing a male attire. His silver hair is at shoulder length so that means he’s royalty. Will I be charged with harming the royalty?

I look at him from head to toe. He doesn’t seem to have any bruise on him so nobody hadn’t harmed him yet. I check his pulse anyway for good measure.
His heart isn’t beating at all!

My instinct as a doctor takes control as I hurriedly doing a CPR by placing the hand(with my other hand on top) in the center of his chest and pressing down firmly.

My face must look pale at the moment. I’m starting to worry and my blood can’t calculate thoroughly in my body. Why doesn’t he awake yet? Did I do something wrong? I don’t have my tool just like in the past. Do I have to call other for help?

But It looks like I don’t have to do something like that.


“Y-you are awake!”

I relax…at least I’m doing my duty successfully.

he’s slowly opening his red eye. I took the time to look at him closely. he’s quite cute. I’m sure that he will grow up to be an attractive man.

“What are you doing with me?”


“Are you trying to grope me?”


His eyes look up at me as I realize that I’m still straddling him.

“I-I’m sorry, your highness. I just get worried about you after seeing you lying still on the ground but It’s a good thing that you are awake”

“Why are you caring about me?” Are you always this curious?

“I thought that It would be bad if something were to happen to you because I felt your heart wasn’t beating at all. Are you feeling alright?”


Why doesn’t he answer me!? and why is he staring at me like that? Is he always this difficult?

“Then please excuse me…” staying here would be a waste of time. I try to walk away from him.

“Wait for a minute…someone is coming this way”



This brat!

He suddenly pulls my hand and hiding behind a bush. These branches are poking at my eyes! Is this intentional? Do you know this dress is very expensive!

“Where is he?…”

This is…the queen’s voice!

I instantly shut my mouth if the queen saw me doing ‘god-knows-what’ with the royalty. I will be in big trouble.

‘Tap Tap Tap’

The sound of her step gradually fades away. When it’s quiet, he slowly releases my hand.

“Thank you, your highness”

“Why do you care about me?”


I attempt to thank him but he grabs my hand again and tightening his hold. I stare blankly at him after hearing his question.

“I-I don’t understand”

“You told me that you are worried about me. I want to know why?”

“Isn’t it a normal thing to worry each other?”


Is a kid in this generation this confusing that even an adult like me can’t understand him?

“What your name?”

“My name is Shiwa Garnet”

“Nice to meet you, my name is Luler”

That name makes me stunt.

Luler…It’s like someone has handed me a red flag.

Why is that I have to see him even if I don’t want to? This world is really designing to torment someone. I thought he would be another royalty. I don’t think that it would be prince Luler.

But the Luler in the game wouldn’t be lying here on the ground with a messing hair like this! I’m pinching myself thinking is this really Luler? That man who talk nothing just standing there like a statue!

I choose to his route due to the fact that his route is very easy but his route has more chance to get a bad end more than a good end.

“It’s my honor to meet you, Prince Luler” If it’s possible, we shouldn’t meet at all!!!

“I have to go back to the party so…”

“There’s nothing in that party”

“Oh! it’s…” This party is a meeting between an adult so in the children’s eye there’s really nothing in there.

“Are you worrying about me?”

“Yes, your highness”

“Then stay with me”


“You can grope me, you know?”

“What? Why…”

“I’m hungry. Can I bite you?”

“WHAT! Wait for a minute there!!!”

I don’t know how many times I say that word today…

He leans forward to me. His eyes brightly stare at my neck! Didn’t you know that
a vampire’s blood tastes really bad and bitter like a medicine!!?

Timeout!!! Don’t show your fang at me!!!

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TL: That escalated quickly…

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  1. Stalker detected! Σ(゚Д゚)
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    I dont think the *coughpotentialstalkercough* prince will let her get away… 😅

    1. “The villainess’s plan to heal a broken heart.”

      Thinking the broken heart may be literal.

  2. hehehe well…he will fall in love with her sweet blood? why is he that intereseted in other being worried about him? Did he fell in love at first sight?

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