Villain heal chapter 6



It’s too late.

His fang’s already biting at my neck. I feel the pain all over my body but I try to not let my sound out. I consider calling for help but I shouldn’t do it. If others were to see me doing something like this with him.

I should let him bite me.


“If you want to drink my blood then hurried up and don’t let the blood spill on my dress!”

He retraces his fang from my neck after a moment. His face turns red and he seems to be in a dreamy state.

“It’s delicious…taste bitter like a chocolate”


Is he telling me that my blood tastes like a chocolate? I don’t know the taste myself!

“If you’re satisfied then please excuse me!” I speak sharply to him forgetting at the moment that he’s a prince. I don’t really care, my neck is hurting badly right now. He should be glad that I don’t hit him!

Because he’s a prince that I have to endure it.

“Do you have to go? You don’t have to go anywhere”

“You shouldn’t speak something like that, your highness. Please don’t make me feel uncomfortable”

“Why would you feel uncomfortable?”

I feel uncomfortable because of you!!! Why is he so hard to understand!?

“boy and girl shouldn’t stay alone in this bush together right this, your highness. If others were to see us like this…”

“Shiwa! You are here. I spent time forever looking for you”


I freeze standing at the spot not wanting to turn back to see my father’s face.
“Oh! What’s your highness doing here? Shiwa! Your neck!!”

My father walks toward me and pulled me to face him. I guess he notices the smell of my blood right away.

“It’s only an accident…”

“I’m the one who bites her…”


why do you speak like that!?

When I saw my father’s stare, I instantly know that this will really lead to a big problem. There’s a high probability that my father will force the prince to do something to make up for it even if he did it by instinct.

Doing something to make up = engagement

No way!!!

There will not be any engagement happening!

“Father, this is just an accident! It’s my fault for not being cautioned”

“Shiwa, let me handle it. You don’t have to worry” N-no! You don’t have to handle it. Believe me and let this go!

“It’s really nothing and I let him bite me!”


“I want to go home, please father…” I send my puppy eyes to him.

“If you want it like that…”

Finally!!! I successfully persuade him. What left is to go home quietly.

“Oh! Why are you here, Tiare? Have you seen Luler?”

The man who has an intimidating aura is walking behind my father. He leans over my father and standing beside him is a beautiful woman. They are…

The king and The Queen!

The question is…Why now of all the time!!!

“Luler! Why did you hiding from me again!? I have been searching for you. T-This smell is…”

“I bite her, Mother”

“What!!!” X3 times

Both the king and the queen spoke at the same time. Are you want to announce to everyone that you bite me!!?

You don’t have to tell everyone everything!!!

I want to scream right now!

It’s not only my father but the king and the queen know about this now. If it comes to this, I don’t care anymore. You can shout over at the top of the palace and let everyone knows!

“What is your meaning, Luler?” The king speaks with his whitened face. The queen beat him to it and fainted right there but he quickly supports her.

“I bite her!!!”

You idiot! Are you reading my mind!?

Why did you have to shout that at him!?

“Be quiet! Why do you need to shout at him?” I quickly cover his mouth with my hand. I shouldn’t think of any sarcasm. I always get into trouble when thinking like that!

“I fear that my father will not hear me so I shout at him” Y-you still have the courage to say this!

“He hears you crystal clear. You don’t have to say anything anymore, Let me do this!” I whisper to him. Holy! Will I be charged with using my hand to shut his mouth fiercely!?

“Umm…” but the prince quickly accepts this.

Is…he really that aloof prince Luler? Is it because he’s just a child so he didn’t act like in a game.

“I have to apologize, your highness. This is only an accident. Prince Luler didn’t do anything wrong and I didn’t feel wrong either”

“I know that it’s a risk but to apologize to you after my son did something to disrespect you. I will make up by letting you engage with Luler, It’s good, right?”

Not good at all!! My downfall is right here pointing at my neck!!

“I don’t think s-so, your highness. It’s too soon for me to have an engagement”
“It’s okay. You don’t have to be too considerate.”

I’m not considerate!! But I really don’t want to engage!!

“What are you thinking about this, Tiare?” The king turns back to ask my father who seems to be contemplating this.

I beg you, father. Please read my mind to know what I want then rejected his offer. If you accept this, everything will end…

“Umm…normally we would have to do something just like what you have said” My father look distressed but he didn’t reject it either. Just saying it in a roundabout way.

The person in front of my father is…a king!

even if my father is a Duke, He’s still no match for the king. If It’s the king’s offer surely my father can only…

“Oh! then you are agreeing with me right?”

“If it’s your order then I couldn’t object”

…accept it.

everything happens so fast and ending so quickly too.

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  1. Lol~ I think Luther might have fallen in love with with lil Shiwa prompting him to bite her and than proceeding to announcing it to everyone that he came across just now~! XD If not than I guess he was just really hungry and collapsed at that bush until Shiwa arrived….. *hoping the first one is correct because that would be adorable~*

    Thank you for the chapter~!

      1. IDK He probably didn’t like going to those parties and was hiding from her for a while. And when he started to feel hungry, he felt like being stubborn and collapsed from hunger? ┐(°ヮ°)┌

  2. Hm, her whole body hurts? I guess it’s the first time shes been bitten or the prince was too rough. Or maybe getting your blood extracted just hurts.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. apparently to suck somebody’s blood, must have a very intimate meaning for the vampires of this very thing huh.
    Thanks for the chapter

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