Villain heal chapter 7

Three days later.

They still haven’t announced my engagement with prince Luler yet.

Thinking back, That event really leave me no choice to choose. Prince Luler also didn’t speak anything at all. I wonder Is he actually understand the word ‘engagement’?

After my mother heard this news, she instantly showed an expression of joy on her face. My father also feel satisfied with this so I don’t have the heart to say anything else.

Even if I’m thinking about this in my room for three days, I still don’t know how to break this engagement off without any bad feeling from either side.

In the afternoon, I always come out of my room to play the piano.The purpose is to make my parent think I’m not a shut-in. I wouldn’t want to make my parent worry about me.

“Isn’t this more fun?”


The piano creates a piercing noise loud enough to hurt my ears as I use my fingertip to fiercely press down at the key. The memory about Hades isn’t leaving my head at all and that makes me even angrier! I’m playing in his game and I don’t even know his motive yet. There’re many souls out there, why did he choose me!?

Is he doing this without any intention?

Is it only that?

Is he peeking at me? maybe he’s laughing his head off right now.

If you think that something like this will make me give up then you’re underestimating me too much.

‘knock knock’

I snap out of my thought as I retract my hand from the piano.

“Please excuse me for disturbing your time but…” Sera seems a little bit panic. What makes she panic?

“It’s okay, What is it?”

“There’s a guest for you”

A guest…

Why does a guest come to visit me at a time like this? Are they from the palace coming to tell me about the engagement? I can only sigh and told Sera that I will go there.

You have to be gracious, Shiwa

You can’t give up from the start like this. This isn’t a game. This is a real life where those who didn’t give up will be successful.

When I reach the guest room, I’m really surprised but this isn’t an unforeseen possibility either.

“Prince Luler has come for you, Shiwa”

My mother is drinking tea with the prince. Seeing him sitting still right that, made me think he’s truly the prince.

“Good morning, your highness” I curtsy.

I can only thought ‘What brings him here!!!’


“Hmm…I feel really tired so I will go and get some rest. You have to take care of him, Shiwa. Prince Luler, please make yourself at home” My mother smile then walked out of the room with maids.

I know that you have to rest a lot but There’s much other time to rest! Why does it have to be now? This is just like setting us alone together!



That leaves two of us in the room so what am I doing now?

“I heard piano when I come in, did you play it?”

“Yes, your highness”

“very impressive”

“I’m glad that your highness like it”

I should be the one who initiates the conversation but he initiated it instead. at least, this wouldn’t be awkward. If he likes to listen to piano then…

“I will play it for you again”


“Absolutely, follow me please”

I lead him to the room with a black piano placing near the window. This room has a scarlet wall, white marble floor, sofa and tea table at the center. I gesture him to sit on the sofa and pour him a tea.

“Please sit on the sofa, your highness. I will play for you”

“Shiwa, you don’t have to be formal with me”

He grabs my wrist before I’m walking to the piano. His eyes look so blank even though his tone is really earnest.

“Ah…but your highness”

“We are going to engage with each other soon, right? Meaning we are going to marry in the future, right?”

You are too blunt!!! Don’t stare at me with your pure eyes like that. It makes me feel bad, you know!!

“that’s for the older to decide, your highness. You don’t have to think too much. This engagement can be broken off”

“Shiwa, I’m hungry…”


“Can I bite you?”


The old one just fades away and he wants to bite it again. Can you give me a break!?

It would be good if I can voice it out. He suddenly pulls me down to his level then his fangs quietly bite at my neck. I hope this time there wouldn’t be an audience watching us.


I keep my mouth shut from keeping any voice. After some time, I feel like my energy is being sucked out too. My legs give out and I collapse on him.

“Delicious…” He retraces his fangs with a flush face.

“Did you only come here just to drink my blood!?” I will not be polite to you again! You just sank your fangs at my neck without asking for my consent. If you aren’t the prince, I will beat you HARD!!

“If I don’t drink your blood, I will die…”

“What!? What do you mean?”

“The doctor told me that I will die before turning twenty years old”



Is he telling the truth or Is he just joking with me!?

I turn to see his face. His still has an expressionless face. I don’t know if he’s serious or not.

Is he really talking about his death here?

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  1. I love how nonchalantly Luler molests Shiwa!! I bet what he told Shiwa was a white lie so that it would be easier for him to drink Shiwa’s blood!!!! XD

    Thank you for the chapter~!

    1. This brat is smart enough to fool normal kids, but unfortunately for him Shiwa is not a normal child! Ku,fufufu!

  2. Why does not Shiwa realize that if she does not complain openly, she will never escape from this rude, starving brat? Well she could try to use a choker with metal spikes, so he does not bite her without thinking, or, maybe a very thorny full armor is better…
    PS: In her place I would have already broken that brat’s baby fangs…

    Thanks for the chapter

  3. Well maybe he really has some kind of thing? since he really collapsed back then in the garden, but he is a vampire afterall, can it be that he really does not have vital signals?
    Ohh but game plot has añready changed…since she decided to be a genius she went to the castle, maybe her previous engagment was jut their parents arrengment, because in the original plot she never had contact with her fiancee until she was deep in bulling the MC

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