Villain heal chapter 8

“Why…Don’t vampire have a lifespan of 500 years!?”

“Yes, but my doctor told me that I’m different than other vampires”

I hope this kid didn’t lie to me. His stare seems serious enough. My instinct as a doctor is tingling right now and I can’t ignore those who need my help.

Love or hate isn’t something that will make my ethics waiver.

“Can you tell me more about this?”

“I have a slow heartbeat since I was born even now I can barely feel it in my chest. My blood calculation isn’t functioned well in my body. My doctor told me that if It’s going on like this, my lifespan will be shortened because blood is very important to vampire”

After he finished speaking, I remember what happened three days ago.

I remember checking for his pulse and fail for it. That time I really thought he died.

But…I shouldn’t jump to the conclusion like this. I grab his wrist and look for his pulse again. I can’t even feel his pulse like that time in the garden.

but I still have another thing on my mind.

“Why did you tell me that If you didn’t drink my blood, you will die?”

“When I drink your blood. My heart seems to beat faster”

Oh! This is a predator’s instinct, right?

His body may be in needs of a stimulator.

This illness can’t be cured by medicine or magic but required mental treatment instead.

This case needs emotional healing the most.

I’ve treated this kind of patient occasionally. Most of them rely on the support of their family or friend. If they are strong enough, they will get better as time passed.

However, this child hasn’t even reached the age of 10.

How much is his will to fight this illness?

Due to his status as a prince, he always has to bear a pressure from others. They always look up at him with respect. It would be good if he’s a sophisticated person then this will pass by with no problem.

Whereas this ‘Luler’ in front of me is so pure.

“Don’t worry. I will help you.”

“Help me?”

“That’s right, you will certainly live like a normal person. I can assure you”

And you will be my first patient in this world!!

I come a bit closer to be a doctor.

“When you speak like that somehow I feel relieved a little bit. Thank you”

“What about your heart?”

“My heart beats slightly faster”

Oh! My diagnose isn’t wrong!!

If drinking blood makes his heart beat faster then there have to be other methods. The method to make his heart beat faster…

Normally, Isn’t it supported to be the other way around? Boys should be the one who makes girl’s heart go ‘Doki Doki’ so why am I, a girl, the one who has to make this boy’s heart beat faster!? No! This’s only a treatment. You don’t have to think too much, Shiwa.

“Then you have to answer my question”


“What else do you like other than blood?”

“…” He shakes his head.

“What else makes you scared?”

“…” He vigorously shakes his head.

“What about…the thing that you hate?”

“…” He only shakes his head again.

“If you are only shaking your head like this then we will not be going anywhere!!!”

“I don’t know what I scared”

“Are you dislike of everything except for blood!?”

“I like your blood”

“If you only drink from me, I will die!!!”

I don’t know when I toss all of my formality out of the window…

This is getting nowhere at all. I hope I can find out information more than this. I should repeat to myself that he’s only a kid. There’s no reason to be angry at him. It’s hard when you have a 20 years old mind but five years old body.

“Then I will start with something basic”


“Which sweet do you like most?”

“Your blood…”

“WRONG!! Then what about…”

“I like your blood the most”

“I’m not finished talking yet!!”

It’s no good. We can’t even understand each other.

It can’t be helped. I’ve to do the hard way!!!

“Are you afraid of pain?”

“I think so…”

“Good! Sit down!!”

He sits down immediately like a puppy followed my instruction with an expressionless face.

“Today I will teach you to feel about a basic fear”

“a basic…fear”

“Yes, close your eyes then”

After he closes his eyes, I go and grab my favorite headband to tie around his eyes. This basic fear is very easy to stimulate in a kid. Even though vampires aren’t afraid of darkness. I’m sure there wouldn’t be any kids out there who aren’t scared of this.


I whip the belt down to the floor making a deafening sound. He startles a little when he heard this. Are you scare right now!? Your heart should beat nonstop after this! I will make your heart beating hard enough that it’s ripping out of your chest!!!


“How about this? Are you feeling scared right now?”

“I feel…”

“What? You’ve to speak clearer than that”


“Somehow…I feel excited…”


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Edit: I translated Luler age wrong. He isn’t 10 years old yet and should be around Shiwa’age. Sorry for the mistake.


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