Villain heal chapter 13

“Onee-sama, Are you leaving now?”

My eight years old brother comes to see me leave. Today is the day that I have to move into my dorm. It’s normal for a demon child to learn to live alone since young.

“You don’t have to worry, Shio. I will come back to see you often”

I smile and stroke my brother’s brown hair.

My brother, Shio Garnet, he grows up with love and affection from our family. I taught him everything that I know and that shouldn’t make him any less excellence than me.

I don’t want him to feel bad when anyone compares him to me. Those teachers are a lot like that so I can’t let that happened. He should be perfect just like me.

We play together almost every day but when Luler comes, he acts polite to him. Shio is really well-mannered but a little too shy. I hope that he will always be an angel like this but every boy will have that ‘scary’ change.

I understand that point very well…

“Shiwa, take care of yourself well. I will go there to see you as often as I can” He smiles gently at me.

“Yes, father”

“Hurry up, Shiwa. You will not have enough time unpacking if you are late”

My mother is sitting in a carriage in front of our mansion waiting for me there. My mother has to go back and work at the school so I come along with her. My father will take care the matter at home.

“and…If you see any pervert, you should do just as I taught you”

Before I turn my attention to the carriage, a sardonic smile appear on my father’s face making my mother and I shudder slightly. In these past years, I had become skilled at binding after learning from my father. According to the rule, a primary student can’t carry a weapon only a middle school student or above can do that.

It’s must be really weird in my old world to have thirteen years old children carrying a weapon but It’s perfectly normal in this fantasy world. Every noble demon has their personal weapon.

“I’m leaving”

I wave to my father and my brother for the last time and get inside the carriage. I’ve been living in this mansion for so long. If I want to say that I will miss this mansion very much.

Will I look like a child?

I personally unpack all of my luggage. Even if I’m a daughter of Duke, I’m not a child who needs others to unpack my things.

Today is the first day to move into the dome and there are three more days before the term starts. I actually arrive here faster than my peers. Due to my mother being the headmistress here, I get the room in the mixed dorm reserved only for high ranking noble or an heir.

The dorm for a primary student can be divided into three section: a boy only, a girl only and mixed dorm. What special about this dorm is that the rooms in this dorm are bigger than those in other dorms.

High ranking noble like high-classed thing. Although the school teaches us equally, there’s no equality in their supervision. In the world that has the hierarchy system, we can’t ignore the noble or any person with a high ranking. If those people want something, they will get it in an easy and effortless way.

Well, our society is just like this as long as I’m not in trouble or bringing trouble to other I will not care and just let this pass.

The room is already furnished with a black bed-the color that us, demon, are very fond of it, red carpet, black wallpaper, a dining table in the center and a sofa placed near the wall. This room is big enough to house ten persons with easy.

I unpack and arrange my wardrobe until noon. After hearing a school bell from the mechanic installed in my room, I walk to the cafeteria and notice that all the store are open even if there’s no student here.

I order a glass of blood and premium grade steak to eat.

When is Luler coming? I’m feeling a bit lonely staying here alone.

Ah…The staffs are here too. I shouldn’t think like that.

I should quickly eat this…



My ears must be deceiving me. Why did I hear his voice? I swiftly wipe my mouth and look up. Luler is sitting across from me. His silver hair glittering in the sunlight.

“When did you come, Shiwa?”




Using my hand to pinch his marshmallow cheek. Oh…he is real.


“I just want to check something”

It’s your fault for suddenly showing up like this. I thought I imaged you up but why didn’t I aware of his arrival?.

“When did you come?”

“I saw you coming here just a moment ago so I quickly appearing here”


“Like this”


His body is replaced by a bat-shaped shadow then fade away right in front of my eyes.

This is the original vampire disappearing magic.

This is a high ranking magic and he can use it at the age of ten! I just passed the middle ranking magic exam not long ago. Does his ability get a several steps ahead of me already!?

“How about that?”


I quickly turn to face him because of his whispering. Did he do this on purpose?

“It’s okay” To tell you the truth, I really am surprised by this.

“When I use it often I feel really tired”


“I’m hungry. I want to eat you, Shiwa”


You idiot! Why are you saying this here!?

I can feel a headache coming right up If someone were to hear and misunderstand it! It’s a good thing the staffs are standing far away from us. I think nobody hears it.

“I already told you to say that when we are alone”

“I’m already speaking quietly”

“Don’t speak like that outside! Do you understand!? Luler, you are the prince. You mustn’t do a thing like this”

His face is expressionless then his eyes notice my glass of blood on the table.

“Shiwa, you can drink my blood instead of that”

“No, I suffice to drink that”


Suddenly my table shake making my glass topple over and the blood inside splatter across the table.


Don’t you think that I don’t know It’s your doing! You kicked the table’s leg. I quickly turn to him and stare at him.

“It splatter”

Yes and that’s because of you!

“My blood tastes better than that thing. You don’t have to force yourself to drink that”

He touches his collar showing his spotless neck even after I bite it many time.

I will not refuse to say that the blood provided here can’t be compared to the taste of his blood in both the texture and flavor.

What is this feeling? The feeling that I really want to punish a naughty kid.

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