Villain heal chapter 16

Right now…I’m facing a problem. My peace is being disturbed… “I finally found you!!! You have to apologize for insulting me!” Yes… I’m being pestered by my colleague as a villainess. The matter in the bath greatly displeasing her so she follows me everywhere nagging for my apology. so what!? I also have a pride! […]

Villain heal chapter 15

So…I just know that I get assigned to the room beside Luler. It’s a good thing to have someone you know as your neighbor but his room should be on another side according to the guideline. Why is his room on girl side anyway? I can sense him using his connection in a bad way… […]

Villain heal chapter 14

“What are you doing, Shiwa” Luler ask between his panting. We came back from the cafeteria to my room. Even though there’s no one there, It would be good to do it in a place that’s out of everyone’s sight. I don’t know how to make of it between feeling dangerous or safe from the […]