Villain heal chapter 15

So…I just know that I get assigned to the room beside Luler. It’s a good thing to have someone you know as your neighbor but his room should be on another side according to the guideline. Why is his room on girl side anyway?

I can sense him using his connection in a bad way…

In this dorm, we also have a mixed bath aside from a private bath in our room and a dining room. I’m happy to have this privilege but when I think of a budget to keep this building running…It’s a waste of money.

Well…I’m not the one who pays the bill so I shouldn’t think too much.

The money from an occupant in this dorm alone can support many buildings like this anyway.

Well…today is the first day to move in so there shouldn’t be a lot of people here yet. Should I go and use the mixed bath?

I prepare a change of cloth, a bathing towel and bathing products and go downstairs.

The bath is just a little bit smaller than a school’s pool. That instance that I open the door, a steam come rushing out hitting my face. I quickly change into my bathing towel then sank down into a warm water.


It’s warm and comfortable.

It’s not that strange that I act like an old geezer. I am thirty years old already~.

but in this world, I’m only ten so let’s count from that.


“Why do I have to come!?”

suddenly a shouting from a boy could be heard outside.

“I-I don’t want to come alone. Couldn’t you come with me, Teo?”

“Why do you have to come here when you can bath in your room?”


“We are here. I will go back to my room. Can you go back to your room alone?”

“Can’t you wait for me!?”

“I’m not that free and there’s not anything dangerous here. You go back alone then”

I heard a quarrel from two kids. It’s only a bath why do you have to kick a fuss about this? Oh…I forget excluding me others are only ten years old(both physical and mental). In the eyes of children, a small problem can be a big problem to them.

This is…a kid.

“You moron! Why can’t you understand me!?”

She slams the door and stomps her way inside. I can’t see her looks because of the steam. She walks into the changing room to change into her bathing towel.





Why do you have to shout like that? I only greet you.

She runs from me to another side looked panic-stricken and points at me.

“Bathroom ghost!!!”

so rude!

“What are you talking about!?”

I stride to her and take a look at the girl in front of me.

She has a pair of white fox ear, long and vibrant red hair, a cute face and golden eyes. She will grow up to be a beauty for sure.

but she seems familiar…

I think I saw her from somewhere…

“Who are you?”

“a student who stayed in this dorm just like you. I only come here before you a moment ago”

“I got a surprise there…You should make some noise!”

“What…Don’t tell me you’re still getting scared of a ghost. You’re really a kid”

I use my hand to cover my mouth to let her know that I insult her. Well, I want to get her back for this. It’s her fault for mistaking me for a ghost when I’m this cute.

“A-are you insinuating that I’m easily scared? Who are you taking me for!? I’m Akane Yotooke, the only daughter of the proud White fox. I’m not scared of anything”

She crosses her arm with a smug expression but it’s not that effective because of her height. Somehow this scene is too comical for my liking. What will a little kid like her do?

“Uwaa~so scary~~”

“What! You dare to insult me! Tell me your name!”

Her fox ears are rapidly shaking like a propeller. I guess this means she doesn’t like it. Her clan is really easy to read.

“My name is Shiwa Garnet, the oldest daughter of Garnet house”

“Shiwa…Then wouldn’t you happen to know a boy with red eyes and white hair, do you?”

Luler’s image instantly pops up in my mind. Why is she speaking about Luler?

Did she know him before?

“Yeah, I know him. What about it?”

“I saw him running everywhere and called out your name. He even flipped the carpet at the hallway. It seems like he wants to find you”


My eye widens in shock. I only want to take a bath and then he starts causing trouble again!

Do you know that the carpet in the hallway is very expensive!?

“Thank you for telling me that! See you later!”

“A-wait!? You still haven’t apologized for insulting me yet”

I hurriedly change my cloth as her shouting chases after me. When I come out of the bath, I instantly see the source of my problem.

“Shiwa…Where were you? I can’t find you anywhere” He picks up an expansive looking vase and shakes it ignoring Its value completely.

“I just take a bath and I can’t go in there *points at the vase*. Put the vase down right now, Luler”

“Um~” He put the vase down.


I mentally sigh. If I arrive later than this, this vase may kiss the earth in a second. My mother is the headmistress here so I would rather not see anything of her assets breaking or damaging.

but Luler can pay for it anyway…

“Let’s go eat dinner, Luler”


Thinking too much makes me hungry again so I go to the cafeteria with Luler. He protests when I order prepared-blood from the store and keep saying that I should only drink his blood. That statement makes obaa-san stares at us in disbelieve and took me a long time to explain her misunderstanding.

What?… You are saying that she isn’t misunderstanding about this.

Everything that’s not the same as I want it to be understanding is counting as a misunderstanding!

“You are insulting me!”


Suddenly an image pops up in my head when I’m eating a stew. The image of a girl with a vibrant red hair and a white fox tail points her finger at me through my computer screen looking arrogantly. She is…Akane.

The only princess of the fox’s kingdom and the second villainess in the game!

No wonder…She is so familiar to me.

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Author: The second villainess appears!

What…capture her into harem?

but this isn’t yuri genre novel~~

TL: Thank you for reading.


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