Villain heal chapter 18

“Shiwa, this’s your paper.”

“Shiwa, come to the restroom with me.”

“Shiwa, don’t you dare disappear when it’s time for the break!”


Please leave me alone…

I have to bear with her clingy personality for this entire morning. Though I’m a little confused about this, she seems to count me as her friend.

“Shiwa! Where do you eat lunch?” Akane walks up to me after we finished the lesson.

“I’m going to eat lunch with prince Luler”

“Oh! He’s your fiance, right? Can I go with you?”

“That’s okay…”

There’s nothing more than that anyway.

When I get to know her better, she isn’t that bad. I only have a problem with some of her personality. Their kingdom is very prideful of themselves and that’s where my headache is coming from.

When I open a door to the hallway, I see Luler standing just outside the door.

“Why do you come out late, Shiwa?”

“I don’t want to fight my way out of the door.”

“You didn’t speak to other, right?”


What’s that? Is he suspects me of cheating him?

He’ still a child so he shouldn’t understand something like that, right?

“Well, a little bit. Why?”

“Who is it? Is it a boy? What is his name? Where did he come from?”

“Do you have to ask many questions like that?” I really can’t answer all of them in the one breath.

“Shiwa!! Why didn’t you wait for me?”

Akane walks out of the classroom at that moment. Her gaze ships between Luler and I before she pulls me to her side.

“Is that your fiance?”

“That’s right. Didn’t you see him before?”

“I have but I didn’t take a good look at him. He’s very good-looking”

“From what you are saying, do you want to change your fiance?”

“No way!!! Why do I have to steal your fiance!?”

“I see…”

Why do you have to make this look so secretive?

“Let’s go to the cafeteria, Shiwa.” He takes my hand but…

“Luler! Didn’t you say you want to go to the cafeteria? I already wait for you for a long time.”

The sound comes from behind us. He has a dark brown hair, light green eyes, a fierce look on his face and wearing our school uniform. The most important part is…

He has a pair of a brown ear and a brown tail like that of a wolf. It looks totally different from Akane.


It’s Akane who calls his name. A blush dusts her cheeks.

“You again?”


Why does it look like he doesn’t like Akane?

Yes…She is super annoyed but not to the point that you have to hate her. She can be funny sometimes. Her ears look fluffy so much that I want to try touching it.

“I want to go to the restroom!”



She grabs my hand and pulls me in the opposite direction from where Luler and Teo stand. Luler looks like he wants to run after me but Akane’s speed is too fast. They’re out of my sight now.

Her body is a little small but she can pull a boy her age everywhere with easy.
Isn’t her strength a bit abnormal?

We end up in an empty restroom. Most people would be in the cafeteria eating their lunch.

“What are you doing?” I snatch my hand out of her grip.

“I don’t know w-what I’m going to do…” Both her ears and tail are twitching back and forth. Is she nervous? What makes her nervous?

“Tell me about it.”

“T-teo, he told me to stay away from him.”

“What is the reason?”

“The reason…?”

“The reason why he doesn’t want you to stay near him.”

“It’s because…he doesn’t like it when I get too close to him.”

Her ears lay down against her hair. I really feel pity for her. I have to confess that It really annoy to have her around but she isn’t that bad. Maybe I’m an adult so I can overlook that and see her for who she is.


“Why do you have to try so hard to get closer to him?”

“W-we are engaged so we should be closed to each other, right? just like you and prince Luler!”

“but I’m not close to him because of our engagement…”

“What can I do…?”

I know that this isn’t a laughing matter but a problem related to the peace between these two kingdoms. She must be stressed out because of this reason. A relationship between two persons is complicated. We can be friends with some people but there’s also those who we can’t.

“Why don’t you try to approach him?”

“How can I do that when he told me to stay away from him?”

“I have a good idea. I will help you if you agree to do it.”

“Um…? How?”

“What about your answer?”

“I agree with you!”

“Good, we will talk about this in my room this evening. You have to keep this a secret. You can’t tell anyone. Do you understand?”


I smile a little at this. After that, we go to the cafeteria together and I introduce her to Luler.

Teo also sits with us even though he doesn’t like Akane. He states that he’s Luler’s friend. Luler also doesn’t say anything either. I remember from the game that he and Teo get along well with each other because they always sit near each other during class.

Lunch break is a valuable time for me to collect a data from these two.

What’s going to happen from now on?

I get excited just by thinking it.

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Edit: I change ‘clan’ to ‘kingdom’. I think ‘kingdom’ is more fit to the content in original chapter. I just know this after reading two or three chapters later.


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    1. By bakarina, Do you mean is she’s going to collect a member into her harem then the answer (as of now) is ‘no’. Author-san said that this isn’t going to be a harem(from what I read ahead)

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