Villain heal chapter 21

I have insomnia as of late. I once had this when I’m eighteen years old but to think that It would follow me even in this new life. I’m only ten years old, you know…

I only want to sleep.

I hope I would be someday.

I walk up to the sound of something moving beside me. I forget that Luler slept over in my room last night. It isn’t strange for children to sleep together. He also doesn’t know of those teenage activities at night yet. This will cease when we grow up.

“Shiwa, what time is it?”

He rubs his eyes. His hair is a mess just like a birds nest. He doesn’t look like a prince of vampires at all. If anyone were to see this, his image as a prince would be ruined by half for sure.

“It’s 6 AM. You should go back to your room to take a bath.”

“Can’t I stay like this?”

“Someone is going to see you come out of my room! That will damage my reputation”

“We are engaged…”

“It’s the same! Go sleep in your room, Luler!”

“I know…Wait for me…We should go eating breakfast together.”

“Um…I know.”

“Don’t go without me…”

“I know that already! Quickly go back to your room.”

He rubs his eyes again and walks out leaving me alone in my room. If I go back to sleep again, I don’t think I can wake up before class start. I choose to take a bath and read instead. At this moment, my attention is divided into two parts: one is for reading and other for thinking random things.

Akane knocks on my door and tells me that she wants to have a breakfast together. I tell her I’d a prior appointment with Luler. I understand that It’s must be hard for her to face Teo right now after she tried to distance herself from him so I wake Luler up using his spare key to open his door.

“Sleepy…” He murmurs when we eat breakfast.

“I’m sorry, your highness” Akane knows she causes him trouble.

“It’s okay, It’s only for today.”

“Today? Why is it only ‘Today’?”

“Last night, Shiwa…Opp!!”

“I practiced violin and It made loud noise last night!!”

I cover his mouth before anything that would likely to cause a misunderstanding come out of that mouth. Ha! My survivor skill can pretty clear any evidence!!

“You practiced violin late at night!? What are you thinking?”

“I can’t sleep. Haha”

I’m safe for now…I face something like this many times so I will not fail repeatedly.

When It’s near the time for class, I excuse myself and send Luler to see Akane off. Do you want to ask me where do I want to go? I’m standing in front of a second-grade classroom to find someone. Where are they?

“Hmm…Shiwa? Why do you come here, Shiwa?”

“What are you doing here? Skipping class is no good, you understand?”

The person in question walks up to me saving me the time to look for them. These boys have a light short brown hair, light pink eyes, very good-looking and they almost look identical to each other. The answer to this question is because they are a twin.

“Good morning to both of you, Oden-sama, Iden-sama”

I greet them with a smile. They are the cousin on my father side and a pureblood incubus. They like to come visiting my father and my uncle. I think of them as my brother as our age gap is only one year.

“A brat want to skip a class, huh?” Iden-sama gently pinches my cheek. He always greets me by touching like this. You can call it our way for greeting each other.

“It’s not that. I come here today because I want your help”

“What is that? If it Shiwa, we will do everything for you.” Oden-sama smile warmly at me. He is like a big brother in this group and he’s always composed. At first, I thought him as a person who is difficult to approach but he is really friendly.

“It’s about this afternoon. I have to meet mother but I’m afraid that my friend will have to eat lunch alone. Could you go eating with her?”


“Um…In the afternoon…”

They show a troubled expression at my request. That’s should be expected because they are busy in the afternoon. It’s this thing called a ‘succubus’ reason. I don’t have to explain this one, right?

If they refuse this, my plan will be ruined!!

“Please…brother, I don’t know who else other than you two should I ask for” I bite my lower lip and make the saddest face possible.

“It’s…okay. We are totally free today, isn’t that right Oden?”

“T-that’s right. Who said we couldn’t?”


When it’s lunch break, I tell Akane that I have a business with my mother and my cousin will accompany her instead. I’m changing my role from an actor to director behind the scene right now. I have to wait for some time before starting another step of my plan.

but… I really miss my mother. I should go and see her for real!

That’s what I think at that time but I have to stop in front of the principal room.

“Teare! We are in the school right now!”

“Love, nobody would come here at this hour. Let me tie you up~”

“Wait! You said you only wanted to tie me!”

“It’s your fault for being so cute~”

“Stop it! Idiot! Pervert!”

Fortunately, I stop myself from knocking just in time. I put a sign ‘Do not disturb’ at the door before walking out.

Is it going to be a brother or sister? That’s a question for another time.
I should go back and see my plan unfold at the cafeteria.

It should be alright, I only want to take a peek.

Something is rather out of my prediction because I only see Oden-sama and Iden-sama sitting at the table together. Where are Teo and Akane?

“Oden-sama, Iden-sama, Where is Akane?” I walk up to them.

“Umm…Some dog steals her away” Iden-sama frowns in displeased.

“A dog?” Did he mean Teo?

“Shiwa, Can you do something about that?” Oden-sama glances at someone sitting at the table in the corner.

I follow his gaze. Luler is chewing meat in his mouth but Why does he look like he’s preparing for a war? He glares in our direction.

I have no choice other than walking to his table.

“Shiwa, Why do you have to call them?” he looks very angry.

Luler meets them sometimes when they come to play with me. It seems like they don’t like each other too much and I don’t know the reason for that. Maybe It’s because they unconsciously push a wrong button in each other.

“They are a good person, you know.”


He’s sulking. He’s sulking again.


“I promise that I will make it up to you. First, Tell me where are Teo and Akane right now?”

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