Villain heal chapter 29

Tomorrow is the start of the term for middle school students. I have to rearrange things in my room to make more space for my alchemy stuffs. I can’t request one more room so this will do for now.

Umm…My room will have a smell from my ingredients lingering around. How can I deal with this problem?

‘knock knock’

“Have you woken up yet, Shiwa?”

His voice came after the knocking sound. It’s only 7 AM right now. Why did he wake up this early in the morning?

I open the door to find him standing in front of me.

“Good morning, I woke up for some time already”

“Can I come into your room?”


“Are you still feeling angry at me?”


“You don’t want me inside your room, right?”

His face shows a sad expression. It’s not about whatever he can come inside my room or not but It’s about how this is inappropriate. We are already thirteen years old, an age where we should know perfectly about the differences in gender.

“It’s inappropriate”

“What part of this is inappropriate?”

“You are a boy and I’m a girl. People will talk when they see us frequently visit each other room. It’s not good for you”

“We are engaged. We don’t have to care what others think”

“It will also damage my reputation!”


Don’t speak using that tone! It’s useless on me!!!

“What are you doing, Shiwa?”

“I’m just rearranging my room right now for my alchemy stuffs”

“That way…Isn’t it bad?”

“They will smell but I will find a way to counter that”

“Oh…I just remember that I have an unused storage room in my room”

“What!? Is that true?”

That’s quickly caught my attention but no matter how I see it, this has a word ‘Trap’ written all over it. I shouldn’t think that because this matter is highly concerning my career-advancement!

“If you forgive me then I will give that room to you” He smirks at me.

“N-never mind”

“Don’t you really want it, Shiwa?”

“I will find another way”

“I promise that I will not make you angry anymore”


“If you are no longer angry at me, please give me back your key”

“I already told you that I’m not angry at you. Don’t let others see you when you want to come in here”

I walk to my headboard and pick up my spare key then place it on his palm. His eyes shine brightly with happiness.

“I want to come into your room”


In the end, I lose to him again. At least he will be more careful, I will let him go just this time.

We have an agreement about using this soon-to-be my workshop. I move all of my stuffs to this room. Even though this is only a small room, It’s more than enough for my work.

I will use this room only in the evening even if Luler told me I can come anytime. I don’t think I will use other’s room when the owner isn’t in the room and we also have a class in the morning.

“Luler, I will go get my ingredient. I will be back”

“I will come too”

“You don’t have to. I will come back before you know it”


I walk out of his room to the hallway. My destination is the chemical room. Though we don’t have this class today this room will open every day. With my status as a student here and the daughter of the headmistress, I can come to get any ingredients back to my room.

Getting a special privilege is really the best.

I come out of the chemical room with both of my hands full of ingredients. After seeing these ingredients, I unconsciously pick a bit of everything that I need. I’m sorry, teacher. You can ask for more budget to buy all of these ingredients!

‘Tap tap!’

‘thunk!’ [sound of something collide]


Suddenly, there’s this girl who dashes around a corner and crashes into my side with all of her power. Ah…I’m not the one who’s down on the floor but rather this unknown girl. I’m feeling a little guilty that I only cared about these bottles in my hands and relieved when they’re not broken. I should be worried more about this person who’s on the floor right now.

“Are you alright!?” I quickly ask her.

“I’m alright…”


This girl has chin-length pure white hair just like a cotton, light pink eyes, and an adorable face. The most important part is that she has a small white wing on her back. This is the first time that I have seen an angel.

“I’m sorry that both of my hands are full right now. Can you stand up?”

“Yes, I apologize for my carelessness”

“Bell! What are you doing!?”

A shouting comes from an opposite direction. The owner of this stern voice is slowly walking towards us.

He has a beautiful golden hair, dark-blue eyes and a handsome face like someone just carve him out of a sculpture in a sanctuary. He is like an angel from a fairy tale but why does he have a black wing? Doesn’t he belong to the angel realm?

“I apologize for the mistake, Lookz-sama”

“Then stand up already!”


She quickly stands up and walks up to his side. She turns to bow to me once then disappearing with him.

What is wrong with him? He isn’t polite at all.

Anyway, That’s not my problem. I should hurry up and meet with Luler because I’m really hungry right now.

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New characters are coming~

I heard that many people don’t like some pairs but I really can’t change it, you know. ;w;

I have to apologized for that but we still have our main pair: Shiwa with ……..

I can’t tell you now, can I? We will have to wait and see who is the real protagonist of this novel!!!

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