Villain heal chapter 30

At 05.45 PM

‘tap tap tap’


‘tap tap tap’


“Shiwa, why are you pacing around the room like that?”

Luler came into my workshop without me knowing. His voice jolts me out of my thought. I jump backward two steps due to my shock then composed myself again before turning to face him.

“Umm…I’m thinking of a way to create a cosmetic”

“A cosmetic?”

That’s right, my shampoo and conditioner are being in demand right now in the fox kingdom. Akane brought all the money back to me. The problem is that I don’t have enough product to supply them. Should I bring this matter to my father? I hope that he will not think of me as a weird child.

This is the first step to become an adult. Even though the weather here isn’t that sunny, we have to worry about this thing called ‘UV’. They’re deadly in whatever amount you receive. I don’t feel safe at all when there isn’t a cosmetic or sunscreen to protect me.

Children don’t need to put a sunscreen on because of their skin sensitivity to a chemical but Grown-up have to because of their exposure to the sun. What more, I’m a vampire that means I’m very sensitive to the sunlight than most people.
What I’m worried about right now is that there aren’t ingredients to create both of these. The cosmetic that human from this world created have mercury and lead in them. They’re popular in the middle ages but very dangerous to our body. Women of that era had to die because of them. It’s a good thing that they aren’t popular in this demon world. I’m feeling nausea just by thinking of them.

Because of this reason, I will create a cosmetic just like in my old world.

the better and safer cosmetics.

“Shiwa, you don’t need to use cosmetics…” Luler sits on the sofa near the wall that he’d already prepared. Well, this is his room and I merely borrow him once in a while.

“It’s not only a cosmetic. What I about to do can protect us from sunlight”

“Protecting us from sunlight?”

“That’s right, I guarantee that it will come out good. I will make it popular in the vampire kingdom”

“It seems interesting…”

“It sounds interesting, isn’t it? It should nurture our skin too but I’m missing some of their main ingredients”

“What is it?”


I tell him every ingredient that I want. Most of them are ingredient from nature and a beautiful package. Will Luler understand it? Hmm…I will stop at this. I will have to go find all of these ingredients tomorrow anyway.

“Never mind, I can only list these down today and go find it tomorrow. I will go back to my room now, Luler” I store the list inside a box.

“Do you have to go back? You can stay here tonight”

“No, we are already growing up. We can’t sleep together forever”

“It doesn’t matter, isn’t?”

“It is”



“You once said that you would make it up to me. Isn’t that right?”


when did I say that?

I try to recall my memory two to three weeks ago.

Oh! Did he mean what I said three years ago?

“Have you remembered this all this time?”

“I can remember everything that Shiwa told me”

Hmm…It’s hard to be near someone with a good memory.

“You want me to make it up to you by staying here tonight, Is that right?”

“You can stay here every night”

“That’s too much”

“Then only for tonight”


“I understand, I will take a bath then come back again”

“Be quick…”

“I already know that”

“I will go to your room myself if you are late”

“Are you threatening me?”

“…I’m not”

Do you know that when you want to evade my question, you always pause for a moment? He already has me cornered if he can remember everything that I said.

I quickly go back to my room to take a bath then change into my long black pajama. I take a look at my surrounding then bolt for his room in a flash. Why do I have to act like this!?

I look like a shameless girl!

No, It isn’t like that. I was threatened by him! I’m the victim here!

“Shiwa, come here” Luler, who looks ridiculously happy, lies down on his bed and uses his hand to point at his bedside. Haa…It looks like he wants to order me.

“Yes, prince Luler”

You are becoming too conceit!

I effortlessly curtsy to him. This is the first time that I have come to his room. Normally, he is the one who use my spare key to come into my room all the time. I don’t have the right to scold him because I’m the one who gives it to him in the first place.

I hope that Luler will continue to be innocent about the matter concerning a little activity at night between a male and female.

“Shiwa, I’m hungry” Luler embraces me after I sat on his bed.

“What? Did you want me to stay here because you are hungry? You could have told me”

“I don’t want to sleep alone. It’s cold in here and silent too”

“It’s always silent at night”

“No, it’s not. There’s a noise from your breath and your heartbeat. When I slept alone, I felt like my heart could stop anytime”


“Can we sleep together like this again when we are older?”

“Umm…I do not mind if doing that can improve your condition”

“Can I bite you?”

“What!? That isn’t related to this matter at all!”


It’s too late because his fangs have already sung into my neck. Sometimes, I’m not sure whatever he saw me as his fiancee or his food anymore.

He’s asleep right away when he’s fulled. He’s just like a beast who’s asleep right away when his belly’s filled. I can easily go back to my room when he’s in this state.

Umm…It’s only sleeping together and I’m not disgusted by this too.
I will sleep with you until you find someone who’s willing to be with you.
I have to wake up early than normal and get back to my room before Luler or anyone walks up upon this scene. Don’t look at me like that! I’m not some kind of one-night-stand woman!

Because I gave my blood to Luler last night, I feel hungry more than normal. I hope that he won’t throw a tantrum because I eat breakfast before him.


Ack!!! I’m starving. I don’t care anymore! I will go eat something before I faint.

I change into my school uniform and walk out. When I reached the end of the second floor, I see…

“What are you doing?”

I see the girl from yesterday hugging her knees to her chest in front of a door. Isn’t this side for boy’s rooms? More importantly, did she also stay in this dormitory too?

“Oh…you are…from yesterday”

“That’s right, why did you have to sit here? Did someone bully you?”


“Why did you sit here early this morning? or…”


“Did you stay here all night?”


I guess right, don’t I?



She startles a little from her stomach growl. Her face is red from her embarrassment.

“Are you hungry? Why don’t we come to the cafeteria together”



“I don’t know how to order food…”


“I apologize…”

“It’s okay, I will do that for you. Follow me.”


I grab her hand and pull her up. Maybe she’s grown up as an ojou-sama in the angel realm. I don’t know their way of raising their child but you have to learn how to order a food when you are in this school. As the daughter of the headmistress here, I have to help her a little!

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Shiwa, you can sleep together with Luler till you are older~

This story is slowly becoming ‘Shiwa and all of her friends’ kind of story lol.

What? Who told you that Luler isn’t the protagonist. I still haven’t said anything.

TL: Thank you for reading~



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  1. Really sweet chapter between her and Luler. Honestly, if that black winged boy is mistreating this angel girl then Shiwa is really going to beat him up.
    I think, the next few chapters was going to really entertaining and funny.
    But thank you so much for translating this chapter!

  2. There is no doubt that this is another villainess, but her character so doesn’t match her role…

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