Villain heal chapter 31

I bring this little angel to the cafeteria. I don’t know if she’s vegetarian or not but her eyes get sparkling every time when she’s looking at meat dishes so I think It’s okay.

“You can come here anytime and order anything that you like.”

“I can come here anytime?”

“That’s right. Because you are a student of this school, you can order anything that you want”


“Why did you have to sit in front of a room like that? Did you lost your key?”

“The truth is…I just wanted to be sure of something.”

“Hmm? If you have a problem concerning this dormitory, you can tell me about it. I will coordinate with the school for you”

“I just worry over Lookz-sama. There’s no problem with this dormitory. This dormitory is very good”

Lookz? Does she mean that rude boy from yesterday? I really want to know the relationship between them.

Wait a minute…

I think I remember something about Lookz and his black wings.

Oh!! That’s right! This game also had a captured character that has a white wing before the game starts.

Lookz, The only son of the duke from the angel realm. He once had beautiful white wings but due to the curse placed on him making his wings went black. Because he humiliated the prince of the god realm in front of everyone. The king was outrage at his action and punished him by placed a curse on him. The king then banished Lookz to the demon world.

His punishment was the lightest of all because he is the only son of Duke Etirius, who’s stronger than some Major general in the angel realm. The king had to set some condition so that his curse can be broken.

Give the game’s producer a break…This is an otome game so that condition isn’t that far from something romantically. In the end, the heroine will help him break his curse.

That means…

Bella was the villainess in Lookz’s route. She totally devoted to her master. She was a middle to low-rank angel picked up and taken care by Lookz. We can see that she always stay by his side. A villainess with a kind heart…she wasn’t like any villainess out there at all.

She didn’t like the heroine in the game that much so she tried to prevent the heroine from staying near Lookz. Sadly, she lost to her fate at the end. When Lookz successfully broke his curse, she got depressed over her life and thought that it’s unnecessary for her to be near him again.

She decided to kill herself.


I speak just like I had already finished this route. I only heard a spoiler, you know.

“O-oh…Nice to meet you, I’m Shiwa.”

“Nice to meet you too, I’m Bella.”

“I want to warn you about something. You can’t sit outside at a corridor again because this dorm has a rule that forbids a student to sit in a corridor.”

“A-ah…There’s also the rule. I really apologize for my action.”

“No problem, It’s okay if you don’t do it again. We should eat before our food is going to get cold.”


Bella starts to eat the dishes that she had ordered. She eats three dishes and, to my surprise, on her way to a dessert. Her small body doesn’t match the amount of food that she is eating right now. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. Her stomach must be a black hole!

“Thank you, Shiwa-sama”

“Y-you don’t have to be formal with me. We are at the school where everyone should be treated equally.”


“Shiwa! Wake up early like always.”

When the clock strikes 8 AM, Akane and Teo walk towards our table.
“Good morning.”

“Where is Luler?” Teo looks around.

“He hasn’t waked up yet.”

“Umm…Who is this?”

Teo turns to look at Bella who sits opposite of me. Bella has a distress expression on her face and looks like she wants to run away.

“That’s my new friend. Her name is Bella. She’s just transferred here.” I quickly introduce my new almost-friend to both of them.

“My name is Akane! Which class are you in?”

“I-i’m in class three…”

“We are in the same class!!! Nice to meet you!” Akane grabs Bella’s hand and swings. I know you want to shake hand but isn’t that too much?

“I’m Teo and Akane’s fiance. Nice to meet you.”

“L-like wise…”

“You still haven’t changed into your uniform. Why don’t you change your clothes and go to the classroom with us?” Akane looks at Bella from her head to her toe. Bella is still wearing her white dress right now.


“Hurry up or you will be late.”

She slowly nods and runs back to the exit. Teo and Akane split up to order their food.

Bella will die if the heroine succeeds in her attempt to capture Lookz, It would be too sad.

She isn’t bad or anything. It’s totally opposite of that. Moreover, she only has her master to trust. She must think that she isn’t wanted anymore that leads to her suicide.

This world also has to face a problem like suicide just like in my old world. Curing depression takes an extended period of time. Can I help her? Is it appropriate for me to interfere with their life?


I can’t say that I do not care about this anymore.

After some time, Luler finally wakes up. He throws a tantrum at me because I didn’t wake him up. He makes a fuss more than a girl his age do. I have to give in because I don’t want to have a problem with him.

I don’t see Bella come back though.

We have to go to the classroom because the class is about to start. We are still in the same class just like in the elementary class on the first day of the class. When Akane and I are choosing our seat, Bella comes into the classroom.

“Bella, right here! We already choose the seat for you.”

Akane waves her hand calling Bella who is standing near a window. She slowly walks towards us and gives us a sad smile. What happened during the time when she went to change her clothes?

“Thank you very much.”

“Are you alright?”

“I’m alright…”

It’s suspicious…

But It doesn’t matter now because our teacher has come into the class. I give all of my attention to her teaching.



This problematic child comes in when it’s time for the lunch break. Bella unconsciously runs to his side like her body has been programmed for that.
“Follow me.”

“Yes, Lookz-sama.”

After receiving her order, Bella lowers her head and walks away with him.

“What happened?” Akane pokes her head out and looks after those two with interest.

I’m really worried right now. I hope the thing that I’m worried about the most won’t happen. I think I should do something.


“What is it?”

“Do you want to be a spy?”

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