Villain heal chapter 32

“A spy?”

“That’s right, we have to go right now.”

“Wait for a minute, don’t you have to eat with prince Luler?”

As if hearing someone calls his name, Luler and Teo appear. They are really close to each other lately but I don’t want anyone else to know the problem about Bella.

“Luler, Akane and I have some errand together. I will meet you again in the cafeteria! You can go to your class first. Don’t follow me!”


I quickly pull Akane and run after Bella leaving both Teo and Luler who run after us with an ‘o’ expression on their face.

Ah! They are out of sight because we are too late. I can only hope that my instinct can bring us to them.

At the cafeteria, There’re always people walking around in the afternoon but their eyes also fixated on two attractive boys in particular. Those two are eating their lunch in silence looking beyond elegant. Nobody dares to go interrupting them.

Teo feels really worried about his friend as his eyes stare keenly at the silent boy in front of him.

“Luler, do you want me to go find Shiwa?”

“Hmm…You don’t have to do that. I think Shiwa will come back soon.”

“Are you sure about that?”


“Then why do you have to use that knife to slice an empty plate like that?”
That’s right, Teo has pointed out one of his flaws. He has been thinking about Shiwa after she ran out like that. She never acts like that before. She didn’t even let him followed her. It’s wrong in every sense of the word!!!

“Do you want me to follow her? I can use my nose to track her.” Teo tries to offer him his help.

“No, doing that would mean I don’t trust her…I don’t want to make her angry.”
“Don’t you suspect anything about your fiancee? She has a succubus blood in her body so I’m not sure that…”

“If that time comes, I will personally crush those worms myself.”

Luler can’t hide the evil glint in his eyes. This side is the only one that he won’t let Shiwa saw it. Even though she once said that she will accept both his good and bad sides of but…

This disgusting side like this…He definitely won’t let her see it.

*sigh* “Whatever…”

Teo can only frown and sigh. What can he do? He should be the one who understands this feeling of possessive the most.

I hope that she won’t bring Akane to do anything funny.

His fiancee may look arrogant but she is a bit naive inside. He only prays that nothing is going to happen.

They really are here.

I was edging along a tree until I finally found them. Bella is being stared by her master. I signal Akane to be quiet and concentrated on listening to them.
“Even you are lower yourself and make friend with those demons, huh. Did you completely forget all of our pride?”

“N-no, they seem like a nice person and…”

“Shut up! Don’t you dare to talk back at me, Bella!”

“I apologize…”

Her body is cowering and shaking because of her fright. Isn’t this too much even if he is her master? Akane looks mad and she tries to stand up but I grab her just in time. I cover her mouth and tell her to calm down. Things will turn south if they know we are here.

“heh, that’s right. I, who had been discarded of everything including my pride as an angel, can’t order you anymore, right?”

“T-that’s not true. Lookz-sama is still a symbol of light!!”

“Shut up!! I’m tired of hearing that from you!”


“You can do anything that you want from now on because right now, I order you to stay away from me.”


“Go away…”

“I’m not going anywhere!”

“I told you to go away!”


Bella tries to reach for his arm but Lookz turns and walks away. She stands still without saying anything. When he walks out of sight, I set the beast, who have been squirming, in my arm free.

“Ah!! How can you endure this, Bella!? How can you let him oppressed you!?” Akane walks towards Bella and shouts at her still form. She turns to look between us with a surprised expression on her face.

*sigh*…At least, I don’t hate that straightforward side of you.

“Did both of you hear all of that?”

“Ah…I heard everything from the beginning. I worried that he will do something to you so we followed you.” I only tell her a half-truth answer. It’s the truth that It’s very dangerous to let an innocent girl with a hot-headed boy like that!

“Lookz-sama won’t do anything like that. H-he’s just feeling a bit down.”

“Anyway, Why don’t you explain to us what this is about?”


“That’s right, we can help you, Bella!” Akane touches Bella’s shoulder and looks at her with a look of sincere in her eyes.

“I think that It’s inappropriate.”

“Then I can only report his inappropriate behavior to the school.” You only left me with this choice, Bella. I have to do this a hard way.

“You can’t do that!”

“We won’t tell others. You can think of this as our little secret”

“I think that’s a good idea!” Akane’s ears rise up and twitch. Are you having fun right now? We are serious here, Akane.

“If it’s like that then…”

Bella starts telling us the story about how Lookz became this way: why he has black-wings or how the king banished him to the demon world until he can break the curse. The method to break the curse is known only to the king and Lookz himself. She only followed him as his aide. Though he is the only one who’s banished, she still wanted to follow him here.

“Why do you want to follow him?” Akane asks after Bella finished her story.
“Because I don’t have a place in that realm, I’m only a low-ranked angel. My fate would be becoming a concubine to those nobles or a prostitute…”


“Lookz-sama is one of the only few people who helped me when I’d been facing a hardship. This time, I will be the one who helps him”

Even the angel realm isn’t always a paradise, huh.

A sad smile from Bella made me thinking that…Why did a person like this become something called a villainess?

The game only let us saw one side of the coin. In real life, things aren’t always like that.

“In a time like this, you shouldn’t approach him. It will only make thing worse” I tell her.

He’s like a bomb with the shortest fuse possible that ready to explode anytime. A full-damage is a guarantee if you’re near him.

“Is that right?”

“Yes, you should keep your distance from him but not too much. If you want to help him, you have to start with yourself.”


“Yes, starting from you. You have to rethink what is the best for him and what you can do?”

“The best thing for Lookz-sama…”

“People have things that they can do and can’t do. It’s impossible for you to help him break his curse. He is the only one who can break the curse, but If you encourage him by his side, I’m sure he can overcome it.”


“Now, you have to be strong. How can you help others when you are the weak one yourself?”


“You can call me Shiwa.”

“S-shiwa, t-thank you very much.”

“You can call me Akane too!” Akane, who have been cut out from our conversation, chimes in and clings to my shoulders. You are heavy, you know! You can cling to me, but don’t put your weight on me!

“Akane…Thank you all of you for worry about me”

“Where is he, anyway? Leaving him alone like this isn’t good.”

“I think he went back to his room to rest…”


Resting in his room? Don’t we still have a class next? He still hasn’t eaten anything too. He should be starving!

“You should bring a dish from the cafeteria to his room, but you can’t let him know that It’s your doing. Put them in front of his room then knocking at his door. You should come to class right away. Do you know which class he is in?”

“C-class one”

“Okay, I will do paperwork about his absence. You should do just as I said. Do you understand?”

“I-i understand!”

I hope that a half hour will be enough for her to do all of that. I told her to have a quick bite before she carries a tray to his room. Luler and Teo are still waiting for us in the cafeteria. They ask us where had we been. I only told them that we had followed Bella, but They look like they only believe half of what I said. Still, they don’t ask any more question.

Even though Bells isn’t a high-ranked student, her special condition prevents her from staying in a normal dorm. A majority of demon still hold a bad feeling towards those from the angel realm. She has to stay in this dorm for her protection.

She still worried about him but she obediently goes back to her room. I hope that she will know what she should do.

At night, I come to my workshop and see that all of the ingredients that I want are here. I don’t know when he went to find this? He also doesn’t say anything either, but it must be his doing. This is his room after all…If this isn’t his doing then who else?



I let myself fall down onto my bed. I’m very tired today! I also have many things to think. Ah! Do have to stress out like this even as a child?

“What are you doing, Shiwa?”

“I’m just thinking.”

He comes to my room after he took a bath because I promised him to let him sleep in my room. Don’t you think we sleep together too often? he’s so stubborn to sleep with me and I can’t refuse it. If it makes his condition better then I, as a doctor, have to take care of him in every way.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Other people’s problem.”

“Who is it?”


“That’s girl, right?”

“Luler, can I ask you something? If you do something wrong one day and then someone places a curse on you to make your silver hair turn black. How do you feel about that?”

“I think I will feel nothing but if that silver hair is important to me then I will feel despair.”




“If you tell me that you like black hair more then I will live with that. I’m not going to feel depressed anymore”

He leans down using his red eyes to look into my eyes.

“You don’t have to dye your hair. I like it when you have silver hair.”

“if there’s someone who turns my hair black then I will cry all day.”

“Hmm…so it’s important.”

“What is important?”

“It’s not about me. Luler…”


“Which do you like more between a training stick and a whip?”


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