Villain heal chapter 33

“You want me to choose it…Anything will do for me.” His cheeks are slowly burning up.


What is he thinking? I didn’t think to use this to punish him.

“I bought a training stick and a whip for you as a present. Don’t all boys have to learn horse riding? I don’t know which one you like so I bought both of them.”

I bring the box containing a whip and a training stick out from under my bed. I have been intended to give it to him for some time. I still haven’t given it to him because I’ve been busy lately.

After I finished talking, Luler makes a face just like this world is coming to an end.


“Why did you get quiet all of a sudden?”

“Shiwa, you are heartless.”


Luler turns around and curls up at the bed’s edge. Does he want me to use this to hit him? Are you serious? Don’t you think that your masochist’s level is too extreme!?

*sigh* It can’t be helped…

“Hurry up and choose it.”


“Maybe…I will use what you choose to test it.”

“A test?”

“That’s right, don’t you want to test it?”

It works because he turns around and determines to choose his presents now. I know that he already have them prepared but I want to repay him for his ribbon. I don’t know what to buy for a boy other than school supplies.

“Then…I choose this whip” He picks the whip out of its box.

“lie on your stomach, Luler”

He obediently does just as I said. His ears are burning red even I can notice it from here. His blood circulation must be flowing around in his body like crazy.

Do I really don’t have another method to cure him?

“If you make a noise, I will immediately stop that instant. Do you understand?”


“let’s see how long can you endure this?”



The whipping sound resounds throughout my room as I use his whip to strike down on his back. I’m pretty sure that I’d already held back but the sound is louder than I expected. His body shakes a little but he restrains his voice from coming out.

If only he let his voice out a little, It would be so much cuter but that wouldn’t feel satisfied though, right?



“If you don’t say anything then It would be boring, you know.”

“Shiwa, hit…me more”

“You really are a greedy child.”



Does he really intend to keep his voice in? even if I like it when I can whip someone, It will cause a big problem if I go overboard. I guess I have to cheat him a little.

I move my body to straddle around his hip. It’s a little embarrassing. Ah…What kind of an expression am I wearing on right now? I really don’t want to see it. Maybe I’m the weird one myself.


“Ah! Shiwa!”

He lets out a yelp of surprise as I lightly bit at the back of his neck. The back of his neck is the only place where he’s sensitive the most. I once touch this place unintentionally because I want to check my bite mark on him. He always jolts up every time that I touch this place so I know this place is very sensitive to him.

“You let your voice out. I win.”

“You cheated…” He turns around and pouts at me.

“We didn’t set any rule, do we?”

“It isn’t enough.”

“That’s your problem. Maybe I will consider doing anything that you wants if you do me one favor.”

“I can ask you anything…”

He frowns after I whispered my favor to him. He doesn’t like it but still agrees with me in the end in exchange for him to bite the back of my neck.

Does he want his revenge? You are really getting bad, huh. Ha! I don’t have any weak spot at the back of my neck.

I take a bath then walk out to see Luler sleeping on my bed. I think I have to reconsider this matter concerning us sleeping together. We slept together so frequently.

I have already told him nth times but he didn’t want to listen to it.

Never mind, I should change myself to get used to it.

In the morning, I spend it just like any other days. Bella greets us just as always. We become friends and know each other more. Akane looks really happy that she got a new friend. They talk to each other nonstop. Even though it looks like Akane was the one who did the talking.

When it’s time for lunch…

“They are late…” Akane speaks up during the time when we are waiting for Teo and Luler.

“They will come out soon.” I pat her shoulder. Well, I know the reason why they are late.

“Maybe they are busy with their work.” Bella looks a little displeased. I think she still doesn’t get used to eating with other boys.

Sometime later…

“Why do I have to eat lunch with all of you, you Demon!”

“Because you look like an antisocial person. All of us are a demon when we are here.”

“Come on, you don’t have to quarrel with each other. Let’s go eat lunch.”
We heard a group of boy’s voice before blake wings are pushed out of the class’s door.



Lookz coincidentally turns to see Bella. I have to tell you first that I didn’t tell anyone about bringing Lookz to eat lunch with us. Even Akane is surprised by this scene.

“What is this?” Lookz frowns.

“Luler, what are you doing?” I innocently act like I don’t know anything and turn to ask Luler.

“He is going to come with us.”

“Is that right? then let’s go before there’re no seats left”

“What are you saying!? I haven’t even tell you yet that I will go with you!!” It’s a good thing that nobody is around because Lookz is causing a commotion right now.

“He is an antisocial” Luler’s word really hit the nail on the head. Let alone him, you are one yourself, Luler.

“No, I’m not!”

“Then we can eat lunch together, right?” I cunningly add. He must feel like he’s in a dilemma for sure.

I don’t have to tell you which one is the winner of this verbal match, right?

“Alright, you all are troublesome.”

I secretly touch Luler’s hand. Hmm~ he is really a good actor, isn’t he?

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Teo: Where am I!?

Teo, I’m sorry that I don’t have enough scene time for you.                                                                                                                        Luler is really straightforward with his need~

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