Villain Heal chapter 34


It’s more uncomfortable than I expected…

We, including Bella and Lookz, are eating lunch at the cafeteria. We have to join two tables together so all of us can fit in. We also split up for three-person per one table. I also arrange for Bella to sit across from Lookz but I have a feeling that I pressure them too much.

“L-lookz-sama, don’t you want to eat anything?”


“If you don’t want it then it’s alright.”

Bella suggests him many dishes on the table but he doesn’t even take a look at it. She looks really sad when he turns his head away.


I’m having a headache right now.

I think I meddle in other’s problem more than necessary, right? We can’t really separate women and a meddlesome habit apart…


How can I stand by and do nothing? When I saw Bella’s face, I thought of her possible future. Maybe she will do the exact thing as Bella from the game. To see this innocent life to die right in of me…

I can’t do that.


“I lose my appetite. Bye.”

We have just sat down not more than a minute but he seems like he’s already reached his limit. I don’t understand at all. Did he angry at Bella that much? or is it his ego that blinding him right now?

Bella, I really sympathize with her. She can only look at his retreating back until he’s out of sight. She looks like she wants to say something but says nothing about it the same as every time that he looks at her.

It looks like the problem isn’t only Lookz.

“Don’t you want to go after him?” I lightly flick her arm as I slice the steak in my plate.

“He will only get angry more if I decide to go after him.”

“Don’t you have something to say to him?”

“That…I don’t think I should say it.” Bella’s eyes drop down.

“What are you scaring about?”


“You have nothing to lose.”


The look in Her eyes changes to one of determination. She keeps hugging herself just like she tries to thought hard about something.

“That’s right, I have nothing to lose since the day that I arrived here! Thank you very much, Shiwa!”

“You don’t have to thank me.”

Bella doesn’t take more than three steps. Suddenly, she turns back and picks up all of the bread on the table then quickly runs after Lookz. She must be bringing that to him. She is genuinely a good girl. I’m really jealous of him…

“Letting her go like that is too dangerous!” Akane who saw everything speaks up.
“It’s alright, That boy won’t dare to hurt her.”


“Shiwa said she’s okay then It’s going to be alright. You are worried too much, Akane.” Teo uses that chance to easily stuff her mouth with a piece of meat.
“Do you want to follow her again, Shiwa?” Luler asks me. Did he actually see me as a person who likes to meddle in other’s problem?

“No, I have a feeling that I know what they are going to talk about? Anyway, Luler…”


“Don’t be picky, you should eat vegetable too.” I squint at his dish that is full of vegetable. Ah…He chooses to eat only meat. If you keep this up, you will have constipation.

Don’t puff out your cheeks like that! This is for the good of your body!

‘tap tap tap’


The sound of footsteps echoes through an empty corridor. This little angel tries so hard to run after her master. She is holding a bag full of bread for him.

“Don’t be noisy, why are you following me?” He stops and turns to look at her tired form.

“L-lookz-sama, If you don’t eat anything, it isn’t good *cough cough*”

“Even you are following me to take a pity on me, right? I don’t want to eat it. Take it back”



This is the first time that she shouts at him.

That is what makes him surprise the most. Bella never raises her voice at him, not even once. She is what you called a perfect servant but today…there’s something changing…

“I never feel pity towards you!!!”

“Humph! You only speak that to make me feel good. Don’t be arrogant.”

“I-i…always think that Lookz-sama is lookz-sama. The only one and the same for me even when your wings are no longer white or even when you aren’t an angel anymore!!!”


“You are my benefactor and the most important person to me.”


“But…I think that these black wings are also looking good on you. Ah! I didn’t mean that I want you to have the black wings forever! To say the truth, Lookz-sama always radiates with light! You are beautiful just like a protagonist in a novel where a god was fallen from the heaven! Ahh!! I didn’t mean that Lookz-sama is like that character!!”

Her expression changes from this to that very quickly. All this time, he looks unblinkingly at her face. Normally, she always makes a face like she has something on her mind but chooses to not say it aloud.

He has been thinking that…

She wants to stay away from him.

She must pity herself that she has to be a servant to this angel with blake wings like a demon like this.

but…Right now, Bella is saying all of this with a sincere expression on her face. She never lies to anyone, never.

So…this’s what she thinks of me.

“Humph! You are really an idiot. I will eat it”


Bella’s eyes are shining brightly as he picks some of the bread from the bag that she holds.

“Don’t you think you should eat that at the cafeteria?”


“I-i apologize!”

“Tsk! I still didn’t say anything” He murmurs.

“Do you anything else?” Bella tilts her neck because she saw his mouth moving.
“No! I will go back to my room!”

“Y-yes! What do you want for your dinner?”

“Whatever you want!”


This time, he didn’t refuse her and that’s what makes Bella smiles happily. She escorts him to his room then go back to the cafeteria. Even though that would make her tired and she almost doesn’t finish eating her lunch in time but she’s happy.

Lookz can only flip around on his bed. His servant never smiles like this before. He didn’t know that a beautiful smile like this exists in this world. His face that reflected from her pink eyes was glittering just like a jewel.

“What am I thinking?”

He decides to sit up and that the time when he sees himself in the mirror.

His wings…They’re changing!

“My wings…!”

The feathers are changing from black to white but It’s only the tip of them.

It’s not much but this is the sign that his curse is slowly fading. Why does this happen suddenly?

or was it because…!!!

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    If the six of them stay friends they’re going to form one of the strongest (influence-wise) groups ever. I mean, there are three royalty, Shiwa’s family runs the school, and then there’s Lookz too…

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