Villain Heal chapter 35

I don’t remember what I’d done during my childhood in the past life. I also don’t know why but I’m tired of being a child. You already know that there are many problems around me right now. Well, both my problems and other’s problems. My shampoo and conditioner are really popular but I can’t supply them fast enough for the demand. It’s a very good opportunity that my father came to visit my mother at her office last night so I stayed to discuss with him.

What I didn’t expect was that he looked so calm about this. In the end, he told me that he already knew about this and he had been watching me all this time. I think nothing can escape my father’s eyes.

A child really can’t lie to their parents. He told me that he will surely help me and we will have to discuss this in the future.

When I came back to my room, I used all of my energy to take a bath then flopped down on my bed at only 7 PM.

I completely let my guard down.


The ray of sunlight is shining down on my eyelid. Normally, I like the time in the morning but not when I’m dead tired like this…

I tightly hug my bolster pillow. Why does my bolster pillow feel so warm today?

Wait a minute…I don’t have any bolster pillow in my room!!

*jolt up*

“Umm…Shiwa…Why do you wake up so early?” Luler rubs his eyes and yawns.

I knew it!!!

I quickly sit up after taking in my situation. Ah…I unconsciously hug him in
my sleep. Normally, I will know immediately when he sneaked into my room and I tried to not touch him if possible. I guess last night was too much for me.

“N-no, you should sleep more” Calm down, Shiwa. Why do you have to be surprised at a small thing like this!?

“Umm…You too…”

He wraps my neck then pushes us down onto my bed together. He looks oddly happy today.

“No, you can sleep in my bed but I will go first…”

“I will not let you leave me alone today”


“Even though you really hugged me tightly last night.”

“I’ve just tired, also this and that is quite a different matter.”


Luler looks up to meet my eyes. Those innocent eyes seem suspicious to me.

“Why don’t we sleep together a little more? We can go together that way, please.”

*sigh* “Ok, I give up…”

The truth is that I still tired from last night event and want to sleep in. I also don’t feel disgusted by this too.

I think It’s because we normally did a thing like this so we become used to it.
We sleep till 8 AM…

“It’s strange that you woke up at this time.”

“I just a little tired…”

Akane asks this as her first question upon seeing me walking together with Luler. Normally, I wake up around 6 to 7 AM. I should come to the cafeteria before Akene but there’s something special today.

“Ah…Where is Bella?” I ask her after an attempt to find Bella.

“Oh! She is bringing a breakfast to her master when I arrive. She told me that she will quickly come back. She is beaming with happiness today.”

“Is that right?”

It looks like they have reconciled. That puts my heart at ease.

“Where is Teo?”

“He is sick with a wolf flu”

“A wolf flu?”

What is that? This is the first time that I’ve heard about this disease. Do they even have a disease like this? It may be because I’m not a vet so I don’t know about this.

“They always get sick like this one day before a full moon.”

“Hmm…How did you know it?”

“It’s normal because I… ”

“I mean how did you know that Teo will get sick today?”



“He didn’t look too well last night. He staggered to my room and asked to let him stayed the night”

“Oh…It is like that…”
You are really good yourself, Teo…

“but we didn’t do anything other than sleep in the same bed!! I also had to take care of him all night too!”

“That’s the reason why you woke up early. right? If you want to sleep more, you can go to the medical room.”

“Okay! I’m alright right now!”

Akane demonstrates this by flexing her muscle. It will feel alright during this time. After finishing her breakfast, it clearly visible to me that she looks worn out. Luler comes back with two dishes of stew: one for him and another for me. I didn’t tell him to bring it for me. Never mind, I’m not picky about food.
When we are finished eating and preparing to walk to our class, Bella comes running to meet us. She tells us that she just escorted her master to his room. I think she didn’t have to come back because we will see each other at the classroom anyway.

Here comes the unexpected thing…

“Bell, come here”


Lookz, who have been standing in front of the door, called Bella but the thing that surprised us the most is…



“What? Yes…”

Lookz suddenly does a Kabe-Don to her. This is the legend move that conquers the girls’ heart in my old world! you even dare to do this in front of the classroom! and Bella, you don’t have to do that!!!

“smile more than this!”


“more than this!”

Lookz, who looks like he forgot to shake his bottle of medicine, forces fragile Bella to smile crazily. Stop this already! Her smile almost reaches her eyes by now!

“What are they playing?” That’s a good question but I don’t have an answer for you, Luler.

“Is that their way of greeting in the angel realm.” I don’t think so, Akane.

People around us are starting to flock around them. That’s for sure because they are causing a scene like that.

I think…

I will pretend that we don’t know each other right now. If you two finish your business, don’t forget to go back to your classroom.

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