Villain heal chapter 38

Lookz’s story

To be stronger and more graceful than anyone else.

That’s the pride of an angel.

My wings weren’t just some decoration on my back but It’s a duty and a dignity for me to shoulder it. Someone who’s a son of the God of war like me couldn’t dare to act foolishly.

When I was young, I picked up some girl from the road called Bella. I looked into her background just a little and found that she was forced to sell away to a low-ranked noble.

Even those dogs didn’t think of selling their offspring. We still have a dignity as an angel but to think we still saw a slave trading to this day. A low-ranked was really a low-ranked, Huh.

If I had to call her name often, I don’t want to speak two syllables every time that I called her so I shorten her name to Bell. She didn’t like to talk or show any expression on her face. But she was a perfect servant who did her task flawlessly.

The most special thing about her was her pure white hair. White is the most favorable color for angels. It made me look more elegant when I’m with her.

Until that day, when I lost my pure white wings which were my pride


Bella’s beautiful hair.

All of my pride had lost to almost nothing. I was sent to study in the demon world. The place that stunk of those demons.

Bell also came with me as my servant. She is the most loyal to me but…

It didn’t make me feel better at all. Every time that I saw her pure white wing, It didn’t fail to make me feel bad at all. Stop looking at me with that look in your eyes. I didn’t want any sympathy from anyone! I am the son of the god of war! even when my wings are black, I still have my pride!

She wasn’t a noble like me so she won’t lose any pride when she made friends with those demons. But every time that they became closer, the more worry I got.

I worried that Bella will be stolen away.

I must be misunderstood something because Bella told me that my wing was always beautiful. I don’t know why but what she told me made me relieved. She also made many faces that I never saw before and they shone so brightly.

Did she always have many expressions like this?

or was it because of me that she had to act like she only had one expression like that.

I could feel something in my chest broken down. If it continued like this, my wing would become normal again! At last, I told all of my story with Luler or prince of the vampire. He is a good man who’s serious and aloof unlike normal children out there. Because of this reason, I felt like I’m not alone anymore. He told me to call him by his name because everyone is equal in this school.

Was it because of Bell that I had the courage to change myself like this?

This feeling…Was it just like what they said in the legend that love has the power to conquer all even a curse. No matter how strong the curse is.

What is love?

Ah…Prince Luler also has a fiance. She was always with Bell.

“Luler, Do you love your fiance?” Maybe they are engaged because of political reason. I ask him knowing that it’s rude to ask a question like this.

“This question is rude, you know?”

“I just want to know…You don’t have to answer….”



“I love her the most…”


He was brave enough to say it in front of other people. I couldn’t help but thinking that he’s very cool.

“How can you be sure that that’s love?”

“I’m not too sure about it but…”


“I can’t imagine that If I wake up not seeing her, how could I live on? If she wasn’t with me anymore, what will I do next? because of that…”


“I want to stay with her no matter what happens…”


“Don’t tell Shiwa about this yet…I want to muster my courage before telling her about this.”

I secretly saw a blush dusting his cheeks. It’s only a little but…

I also couldn’t imagine what will happen if she didn’t come here with me.
Speak of the devil, Shiwa ran into our classroom with a look that could kill. She told me Bella’s whereabouts and urged me to follow Bella. She also told me about a promise and that made me remember what I promised with Bell that day.
If my wings become normal, she will disappear.

I cast everything aside and quickly ran to Bella. I didn’t want to think about what can she do but I want to find her.

before everything was too late.

‘Zaaa’ [Sound of water.]


“You know that you aren’t good with cold water but you still went down there. I really want to beat you to death.”

After we made up, I quickly brought her to my room. Bell’s body has a very low immunity to the change in weather. You can say that she will get sick if her body is exposed to it and she just stood in the water a moment ago. That’s why I brought her to soak in a warm water in my room.

“I apologize, Lookz-sama. I think I should go back to my room.”

“No, you should take bath here.”

“What about Lookz-sama? You also soak just like me! The water in there is very dirty! You are the one who should take a bath!”

“It’s alright, you are the one who should take a bath and change your clothes. The faster you finished your bath, the faster I can bath too.”

“I understand…”

She quickly cleaned her body while wearing her clothes then got out of my bathtub. I let her use my towel and my clothes from the time being. I also took a bath then changed to my bathrobe before coming out.

I saw Bell who was going to open the door to the outside. She wore a white shirt that only covered to her thigh because of our difference in height. My clothes were very loose on her.

The most important thing was…How could I let you go out like this!?

“Bell! Where are you doing?”

“I want to change my clothes in my room, Lookz-sama.”

“You can’t do that! Wait here, I will bring it here for you!”

“You can’t do that, Lookz-sama!”


Bell jumped out and pulled me away from the door.

“If you do a thing like that then my existence won’t have any meaning, Lookz-sama!”

“You idiot, I won’t let you go out wearing only that!”

“It’s piece of cake for me, Lookz-sama!”

“I’m worried about you!”

Don’t you dare make a face like that! Damn it! What should I do!? If there’s a boy who sees her legs and thinking something like attacking her…

“Are you alright? Do you want me to call a doctor for you?”

“No…What important is…You…”


“You are…”

Quickly tell her that she is…

“You are…!!”


“important to me…”

“Yes!! Lookz-sama is also the most important ‘master’ to me!”


The word ‘ master’ was piercing into my back.

I couldn’t even explain this feeling…

I really wanted to rewind time to one hour ago. Why couldn’t I do a little thing like this? What was my pride for?

“Lookz-sama, do you feel very ill that you want to cry!?”

“You don’t have to take care of me.”


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Author: Do you know that there’s still something stronger than a friend-zone?
Lookz: what is that?
Author: It is a master-zone.
There’re people who want me to increase my character’s age. I have to apologize that I can’t do that. It’s out of my ability. *cried*
It won’t be long before the content of this story become intense. The next chapter is a special story about Teo and Akane~
The last villainess and the last capture character is about to come~

TL: Hi, thank you for reading~


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