Villain heal chapter 39

Akane and Teo special

I didn’t think I would have a time like this in the school before. A time when I didn’t have to be worried. I ate, studied or played in Shiwa’s workshop even when her room is inside Luler’s room. Why did it have to be Luler’s room? I really wanted to ask Shiwa this question.

Well, they are engaged so it wasn’t that weird, right?

After I took my bath, I quickly prepared to sleep because I wanted to wake up early just like other people. I wanted to have a day that I could greet Shiwa with ‘You really were a late-riser’.

It’s really difficult because she wakes up really early.

Umm…I should sleep.



Who was knocking on my door at the time like this?

Was it Shiwa? I should go check it.


When I opened the door to take a peek, I instantly recognized this person and I didn’t expect this person at all.



I supported him just in time despite my surprise as he swayed into me. He’s very heavy!!! Why do boys have to be this heavy!?

“Teo, what happened!? Are you alright!? Do you feel hurt anywhere!? Do you want me to bring Shiwa here!?”

“No, bring me to your bed…”


Why did it have to be my bed? Didn’t he have his own bed in his room? but I should ask for that later! I guided him to my bed and let him sleep on it. Wait a minute… he looked like he wanted to sleep here. Where would I go to sleep if that’s the case?

His condition was looking very bad right now. His cheeks were red and His body looked really warm too. I tried to touch his forehead.

Uwa! It’s very hot!

‘cough cough’

“Are you okay? No, you aren’t okay because you are sick. What should I do? Should I bring Shiwa to have a look at you here?”

“Don’t go…”

“What? Are you the type who don’t want to eat medicine? You really are a kid.”


I really didn’t want to taunt him but it’s for your body. You should eat a medicine. I know that it’s not delicious and tasted very bitter. It won’t be a medicine if it isn’t bitter!

I didn’t know why but Teo went quiet all of a sudden. Why didn’t he snap back?



He used his arm to wrap around my waist and pushed me in his direction. I felt a warm feeling around my stomach because that’s where his forehead was…

What was he doing!? You did something very strange when you are sick, Teo.

“Can I sleep here?”


Why did he say something like that!?

Wait…! My heart was wavering right now but I couldn’t do that! We are a boy and a girl. We couldn’t sleep in the same bed! We couldn’t go against the tradition!

“Y-you have to eat a medicine before that. I will get it from Shiwa now! I will hurry up and come back!”


He finally relaxed his grip on me so I bolted to Shiwa’s room. No-no…His illness must affect him in some way. He will surely come back to normal after he ate a medicine. I will ask Shiwa later to sleep over in her room.

‘knock knock’

I knocked on Shiwa’s door. After some time, I could hear a sound of footstep but the one who opened the door wasn’t Shiwa. It’s…


“Luler? Why did you…” stay in Shiwa’s room?

“Hmm…I came here to sleep with Shiwa.”


“I always sleep with her. Do you want anything?”

Always sleep together?

Did a thing like this consider normal if they are engaged? Am I that old-fashioned?

“Teo is sick so I come here to ask for a medicine!”

“Wait for me here.”

Luler turned to walk to Shiwa’s bedside and picked something out of the black bag placed on Shiwa’s stand. Shiwa slept soundly on her bed.

“This is the medicine that Shiwa always uses.” Luler put the medicine on my palm.

“Thank you…”

I will get close to Teo for the sake of my kingdom!

I opened the door with determination.

“Teo…I bring the medicine for you! You should eat it and sleep!”


After Teo ate his medicine, I quickly jumped to another side of my bed. It’s only sleeping together but why couldn’t I sleep? No…It’s more like I couldn’t calm my heart down!




“You still haven’t sleep yet, Teo”

“I want to touch your tail.”


“Can I touch it?”

“O-okay but only a little…”

How I rejected it when you used that tone to speak? I moved my tail to his side and then he used his hand to slowly caress it. Normally, he would use more force than this. You were really acting strange today.

“Teo, did you get sick with a wolf flu?” I tried to change a subject because this atmosphere was really uncomfortable right now.

“That’s right…”

“It’s bad, right? Having to get sick like this before the full moon.”

“It’s not that bad…”

“Do you touch my tail enough?”




What? Are you sleeping!?

You are still touching my tail!!! Do all of those wolfs act like this!!?

Never mind…

I will let it slide this time because you are sick!

In the end, I didn’t get a wink of sleep because he kept squeezing my tail all night. He must be talking in his sleep. Everytime that he squeezed on my tail, I would jolt out of my sleep instantly! He held my tail even when he was in a deep sleep. I couldn’t even get it out of his hold!

or was this their [TL: wolfs] specialty?

I came back to my room after the school ended. He should already go back to his room but…


“Why are you still here?”

He was reading a book on my bed and looked alright to me…then Why didn’t you go back to your room?

“It doesn’t matter, right? Didn’t we sleep together last night?”

“You were the only one who got to sleep. Because of you, I couldn’t sleep.”

“Last night? What did I do last night?”

“You squeezed my tail!! You even put some force in it too. If it’s swelling, you will have to take responsibility!”

“Okay, I will take responsibility.”

“What? How?”

“Come here…I will lick it to prevent it from swelling.”

He walked towards me with a malicious grin on his face. It’s the truth for us that licking can ease the pain but…

“Never mind…” How can I let a boy lick my tail!

“It’s alright, I can promise you that I’m good at licking.” He cornered me till my back hit the door.

“Hehe…It’s only more fun for me when you are escaping like this. You can say that It’s the wolf’s instinct.”

“What? Who escaped who? I don’t…”

He…licked my ear! My ear!

“N-n-not my ear!”

“Then stand still…”

“No!! You don’t have to lick me!!”

“I’m a man and a man has to take responsibility for his action, Akane.”

“It’s alright.”

“I will let you choose between letting me force you or you give in to me licking it? Which will you choose? ”

I don’t want any of them!!!

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    1. Like how Shiwa has been training the girls on how to get their affections and be more confident, you KNOW Luler has been training the boys on being shameless and how to crawl into the bed at night.

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