Chapter 1 Suriya

“Suriya, Do you know what have you done wrong?”

ํShut it, how could I know it when you asked me like this? Stupid pig, you only wanted to pick a fight with me.’

“What have I done wrong, Boss Jang?”

He slammed his fist down onto his desk.

“Don’t you dare acting nonchalantly! You neglected your work and slept during the working hours while your colleges were still working hard. You still have a face to ask this question!”

What the heck!? Did the company even have this ridiculous rule like this? More importantly, you were the reason why I slept through those hours! You were the one who ordered me to redo all of my works!

Boss Jang gave him a cold smile.

‘Suriya, If it wasn’t for you, I will have a chance to be the Head of Management. You are the one who told others about me swindling money causing higher-up to change their heart about my promotion.’

“Boss Jang, I did everything that you ordered me to.” Suriya calmly told him.

“Good! Haha! I will give you your next order then.” Boss Jang said, his voice harsh in Suriya’s ears.

“What is it, boss Jang?” Suriya asked him.

‘Humph, this pig already hated me to his bone. He has tried to find a way to fired me in the past. I want to know what is he going to do this time.’

“You will come to receive a white envelope from me this evening after you finished packing your stuff.”

‘Haha! It took me a month to do a paperwork about your neglecting behavior. After you went away from my life, my life will become better by ten-fold.’

Suriya stared at his boss with a sympathetic look in his eyes.

“Yes, boss Jang. I will excuse myself first.” Suriya didn’t say anything else and turned to walk out of this room.


Suriya looked at his stuff on the desk for a long time. He had already packed some of them away in the box. It had been a long time that he worked at this desk. From the time that he graduated, he had dreamt about a good job but he had to be enslaved in this stupid place instead.

“This time, that pig really put his effort to fired me, heh.” Suriya looked down at a flash drive on his palm and walked away from that place.

‘Ha. Piggy Jang, I also have something to give you. Yes, you fired me but I will drag you with me too.’

He looked around to find a computer for him to use. After some time, he finally found one and nobody occupied it too. Suriya sat in front of it and inserted his flash drive. He uploaded everything in his flash drive on social media, not forgot to falsify the computer’s password and VPN.

After he finished uploading everything, he walked away with his stuff immediately as he went to say goodbye to all of his friends in other departments.


knock knock

“Come in.” Boss Jang’s voice burst out.

Suriya came in with an expressionless face and grabbed a white envelope before walking out of the room. Boss Jang’s face couldn’t contain his excitement and broke out in a grin.

“Oh, I also have a gift for you, boss Jang. I recommend you looking at Haw Seiyw news later.” Suriya exited the room leaving his boss with a confusion.

Due to his curiosity, boss Jang went to look at Haw Seiyw news. Not long after, his body was shaken over because of his anger.

‘Scandalous!! Head of Department from a famous company molested an applicant.’

‘Worst!! The boss swindled money from his subordinates.’

‘Harassment in his workplace!! The boss did an inappropriate thing with a girl.’

“Suriya!! You really are my nemesis!!!!!!” Boss Jang cursed everything he can think of to Suriya before falling down with bulge eyes on the floor of his room.

Suriya drake his coffee while sitting on a marble chair in the technology department. He smiled widely.

‘That piggy Jang must be cursing loudly at me right now.’ Suriya had been collecting the data of his boss corruption: money, family and even his women.

‘Soon, He will get fired to keep the company’s image’ Suriya felt very certain about this then drake his last gulp of coffee.


It’s the sound of an electrical equipment failure. He frowned before hearing something came crashing down.


His body felt numb all over. The large electrical equipment was oversupplied to the point that you can see a spark flickering around. Suriya, who had stayed near the area, was shocked in the middle of his face leading to his dead instantly.

‘Dammit, what the heck is this!?’ That was the last thought before he died.

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