Chapter 2 Soy Milk

“Kornshai! When will you wake up to help me!?” A voice came from a distance away.

A boy named Kornshai jolted up from his bed. His eyes frantically looked around after finished shaking away his dizziness. He muttered to himself.

“Weren’t I got shocked by that thing and died?” He looked at himself.

“What is this!? This isn’t my body!” His eyes searched for a mirror in the room.

He didn’t waste any time to run to the mirror after spotting it.

“What the heck is this!?” Suriya pretty sure himself that he wasn’t looking like this. Even his bone structure wasn’t even close to this body. Whose body is this? At last, the memory of this body came rushing directly into his brain. Suriya frowned till his eyebrows became a straight line.

‘This boy’s name is Kornshai Boontawee. A normal boy with a mother who sells soy milk and a father who works at a newspaper publisher. His house has enough money to get buy but not enough to use it extravagantly. Hm? He’s stupid too, but he’s working hard even when he couldn’t understand it. Wait for a minute, he got stressed out from reading a book, and then he got shocked leading to his instant death. He died the same way as me! I really feel sorry for you.’

‘From now on, I will live within this body who is a normal boy with a plain face. Hahaha!’ Suriya felt a little shock about this situation, but he was glad that he could live on. Even if this body wasn’t his, but he would live his life to the fullest.

“Hey! You are being too lazy. Come downstairs to help me open our shop!” His mother’s voice was booming around the house. He startled before shouting back to his mother.

“Yes! Yes! Wait for me a bit, I want to wash my face and brush my teeth first.” He quickened his step out of his room and went straight to the toilet.


“I finished it, mother” Korn lifted a pot up and placed it down in front of his house.

“Good, preparing to open the shop then. I will go wash my face.” Korn’s mother said before walked away.

“Yesss” Korn said with a lazy tone.

At least this body was strong and healthy. There wasn’t an excess fat and his body’s muscle is well-built because this body had been working every day.

The time right now was around 5 AM. People in this neighborhood started to open their own shop. His mother’s shop was a medium-size mobile pushcart stationing in front of his house. Putting on the pushcart was side dishes and some sliced fruit readied to eat with soy milk.

After finished opening the shop at 5.30 AM., he brought out some tables and chairs and set them near the shop. He drank two cups of soy milk from the pot. His mother also drank some of it while reading a newspaper.

A moment later, there’re some customers came intermittently to buy soy milk.
“Kid, I want one cup of soy milk. I want it hot.” Korn quickly scooped it up from the pot after the customer finished ordering.

“That will be seven baht.”

“Thank you, kid.”

“Thank you for your patronage.” Korn said with a smiling face.

He did like this for some time till the time around 7.30 AM. His mother came to tell him to go to school.

“That’s enough, you should go and prepare for your school. Here is your money for lunch.” His mother put forty baht on his palm. He said thank you to his mother before running up upstairs to change his clothes with a grin. He came down after finished changing. He went to kiss his mother’s cheek and shout to his father who was still staying in the room upstairs.

“I’m going!” He said.

“Be good.” Korn’s father peeked out from the window with a smile.

“Yes, I’m going, mother.” Korn jumped on his favorite bicycle. His smiling mother waved at him.

‘Beginner-soy milk technique 15%.’

‘Beginner-riding bicycle skill 89%.’

He frowned after riding the bicycle for some time. He didn’t understand what was happening with his body during the time that he did soy milk. He tactfully hid his facial expression so his mother wouldn’t notice it.

He suspected that It must be because his body was shocked so his soul came to reside in Kornshai’s body. Maybe It’s because he transmigrated so he could hear this strange voice.

‘I could often hear this voice.’ The first time that he heard it, he thought he must be hearing wrong. But to think that he would hear it again and again, he was sure that there was something happened.

‘Maybe it has a keyword’ He wondered.

“Status…Um, this word doesn’t work.”

“Status [TL: He said this in Thai]” A window popped up at his eye level.

Screenshot (79)

Screenshot (50)

Screenshot (48)

“What the heck is this!!?”

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