Chapter 3 A Question

“If you substitute x into this number, you will get the exact number from it.” A middle-aged teacher’s monotone voice could be heard throughout a classroom.

็He arrived at the school for a while just barely in time for the class. He felt his knees ached a little from riding a bicycle for fifteen kilometers. He was sure that his past body couldn’t do a thing like this.

The first class of the day was math. He was studying the status window in front of him and completely ignoring his teacher’s teaching. Because he instantly knew the answer to the question on the board even when he just took a glance at it.

‘I think the old Suriya can’t answer this question.’ Even If this question would be a little hard to Suriya but to him, this was as though studying elementary’s math.

‘Hm, this status window is really easy to understand.’ This window only had one main window and a symbol ‘?’ after each title. This symbol would have a little detail explaining each title.

A side mission – for receiving miscellaneous skills.

There were also ‘Merit point’ and ‘Karma point’. After he clicked on them, they only explained this to him.

You can enable this system from doing a mission tasked by the system.

Merit point: you can use these points to spin the wheel of fate to receive rare skills or normal items.

Karma point: you can use these point to buy skills or normal items concerning/that uses to do an evil act.

ฺMore importantly, you have to do a mission to unlock this system.


Korn knew that for the system to send a mission to him, he would have to be the one who started the event himself or brought himself to that event. If he couldn’t complete the mission or reject it, the system wouldn’t give him a reward.

‘At least, this system isn’t really hard.’ Some skills could be self-learning. On the other hand, some skills took a very long time because they were depending on his ‘Talent’ point that he only had 0 points.

*Sigh* He wearily lay down on the table. He felt very distressed about his situation. It’s unbelievable. If he hadn’t felt his aching knees, he would believe that this was only a dream.

His teacher heard a sigh behind his back causing him to turn and scolded at Korn.

“Kornshai, pay attention to what I said.” He alternated between turned back to the board to continue explaining and asked students whatever they understood the question or not.

“Um, good teacher.” Korn was one of the people who praised other based on their ability and attitude. He wouldn’t feel disgusted at all If he were to work with these people. This teacher is one of a kind that really hard to find in an organization because of his devotion to his work.

Even if he said something like that, Korn couldn’t help but look at the window. He seemingly used to this action of his and thought that this must be what the original body used to do a lot.

‘This boy liked to do this’ He thought.

The teacher, who just finished writing the question on board, turned back to found out that his students were frowning.

‘Is this question too hard for them?’ He thought.

“Is there anybody who can do this question? I don’t care whatever it’s correct or not.” After the teacher finished speaking, the students all looked at each other as though to mentally ask if other could do it. At last, nobody seemed to do this question. Their teacher looked around and saw Korn who currently looked out the window. He could only sigh and thought.

‘Isn’t this kid normally pays attention to the class? I’m free this evening, I think I will call him to meet me after school.’

“I will give all of you ten minutes. If you can do this question, writing your method down and send me your paper. I will have to excuse myself during this time to drink water for a bit.” He took a bottle of water out and drank it before walking to each student to teach.


Ten minutes passed by, our teacher told us to put our pen down.

“Can anyone do this question?” The teacher asked.

“I don’t understand, teacher Phon. Why did they put twelfth grade’s material for us to learn?” a girl curiously asked teacher Phon.

“Um, that’s right but they are in our book this year. I also thought it’s strangely hard.” He grumbled making the students giggled a little due to their teacher’s action.

“I can do it but I don’t know if it’s correct or not.” The girl spoke making Teacher Phon smiled.

“Why don’t you come out here, class president?” The girl, who’s wearing glasses and braid her hair, walked to the front of the class and wrote her method on the board.

“Is this correct?” She gave him a smile.

“You almost got it correct but There’re some parts that are little off. I will explain to all of you later.” He spoke in an encouraging tone. Class president smile and nodded before walking back to her seat.

“Um, If there’s nobody who can do this question, I will pass to the next question then.” Teacher Phon spoke. He prepared to erase the question but the sound of a student interrupting him.

“I can do it, teacher Phon.” Teacher Phon abruptly stopped his movement. Everyone turned to look at the owner of this voice and confused to see that It’s actually Kornshai. The one who did badly in every subject and he had to do a make-up exam for almost every exams. He didn’t have anything stand-out other than his diligence.

“You can do it, Kornshai?” Teacher Phon confusingly asked.

“Yes, I can do it.” Kornshai replied it with a confidant in his tone which surprised teacher Phon a little. He never saw this kid to have a confidant when answered academic-question with him. Seeing Kornshai’s improvement at this made him glad, even if Kornshai answered wrong, it’s still counted as an improvement. Teacher Phon smiled and said something back to Kornshai.

“Why don’t come out here to write your method?” Kornshai walked out to the front of the classroom with a confusing stare from his classmates. Korn picked up a chalk and wrote on the board. He only wrote short five lines before placing down the chalk. He turned to look at the wide-eyes teacher Phon and his classmates, who’re rubbing their eyes to check if they were dreaming or not. Teacher Phon snapped out of it after a moment. He coughed a little to shake off his embarrassment.

“Good, you can go back to your seat.” Kornshai went back to his seat. Teacher Phon coughed again to snap his student back.

“This method is also correct but all of you haven’t learned them yet. You will get to know it in college but It’s complex and took time to understand them. I have a method that easies for your level, but I will explain this to you in the next time. We will stop at this today, the class is about to end too.”

“Stand up, please.” Class president said.

“Thank you, teacher.” Teacher Phon walked out of the classroom with a smile on his face.

‘I don’t think I will have to meet him this evening. He is alright now.’
After teacher Phon left the classroom, Kornshai’s classmates all gathered around his seat.

“Korn, teach me.”

“That’s awesome. How could you do it?”

“That’s a really hard question.”

“Wow, did you eat a medicine from the wrong bottle?” Korn smiled before he replied.

“It’s just a coincident. I accidentally read about the solution last night.” His classmates felt a little disappointed.

“Never mind, you are really clever.” One of his classmates said this. Korn felt happy to have friendly classmates like this.

“I’m sure you can do it next time.” Korn laughed. His classmates smiled before went back to their seat and quietly talked to each other. A girl stared at Korn but he was oblivious to it, he was far more interest in the window in front of him. A sound rang from the window.

The user completed the mission. The user gets intermediate- playing piano skill.

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