Villain Heal chapter 40

I felt relieved after knowing that Bella was safe and she was with Lookz right now. I knew about this when I went to visit them after the afternoon class. She didn’t have any clothes to change into so I lent it to her. Her clothes were soaking.

What I’m curious about the most was…Why did their clothes get soaked up like that?

Ah, they were only thirteen years old so they shouldn’t do something like that.
I must be thinking too much.

“You can rest here. I will ask Luler to inform his teacher about your absence.”


“Okay, look after her for me. I have to go now.”

“Thank you very much, Shiwa.”

I waved my hand to let them know that I accepted her gratitude as I walk away. Those two are skipping class too much but It’s alright. I only have five minutes to walk back to my class and I also have to call Luler too. I should hurry up!

Akane still hasn’t woke up yet. Should I send her to the medical room?

At last, she woke up just in time. We studied until the school end. Akane excused herself to her room because she was tired. I planned to eat dinner with Luler.

I wanted to eat something light today but they didn’t have a salad. I chose to eat fried fish instead.


“Hm, What is it?”

I placed my dish down and sit across from Luler. Um, come to think of it, It’d been a long time that we had a chance to eat together like this.

“We haven’t eaten together like this for some time.” [TL: This’s Shiwa.]

“That’s right.”

“Will you come to sleep in my room today?”

“Do you want anything?”


It’s suspicious.

We always slept together anyway so It really didn’t matter which room is it. The main point was…When did I use to this sleeping schedule?

“…I will come to your room tonight then.” [TL: This’s Shiwa.]

“Um,…Will you come to my room tonight?” [TL: This’s Luler.]

“I want to prepare an ingredient for my cream so I will go.”


“They are used for nourishing our face’s skin.”

“It sounds interesting.”

“That’s right.”

We talked about random things until the night. Did I get too comfortable? We were a boy and a girl and we shouldn’t be sleeping together so often. It looked as though…

we are a married couple.

NO! It wasn’t like that!

Keep it in my mind that I’m only thirteen years old. We were only thirteen years old.

Although I lived to twenty years old in my past life.

We are engaged so It’s not that strange to sleep together. It’s not strange at all! I told you It’s not strange!

He was still innocent about the matter concerning a gender. Children could get lonely sometimes so It’s not strange! I’m only sleeping with him to ease his loneliness.

Why did I have a quarrel with myself anyway!?

*Sigh* I should calm down.

After I finished preparing things in my workshop, I took a bath and come back to sleep in Luler’s room. He was one of the men who took a really long time in the bath. If he wasn’t in a hurry then he would take his time in a bath.

I read a book on his bed while waiting for him to finish.


“Shiwa, you were already here…”


“What are you reading?”

“The book that placed on your bed’s headboard.”

Luler walked out wearing his pajamas. He ducks under the blanket and tightly wraps his arms around my waist.

“I feel uncomfortable, Luler.”

“Shiwa is so soft.”

“I told you that I’m uncomfortable.”

“Can I hug you?”


“You are the one who hugged me tightly last night.”


“Why can’t I do it?”

“I understand….Ok…You have to control your strength though.”


He relaxed his grip on me then slowly closed both of his eyes. I can hear the sound of his steady breath shortly afterward. He really slept easily even when I still didn’t turn the light off. I slowly moved off his grip and turns off the light in the lamp.

It looks like he still didn’t sleep yet because he swung his arm around my body.

It feels weird but in a good way.

I moved my eyes to look at his sleeping face.

‘Bathump Bathump’

He was only a child but why did he have to be this handsome? Was it because he’s capturable character? God really isn’t fair.


He snuggled into me making us really close to each other. He’s really sleeping, right?

It’s really not good for my heart…

I turned myself over to another side because I don’t think I can sleep if I have to look at his face.

When I closed my eyes, I felt like I drifted away to somewhere.

This place…

is the Afterworld!

Why am I here again!? I look around and found myself sitting in the same chair that I played chess with Hades. Was this his doing again!?

The culprit also act like nothing happen too! He was watching the pond right now.

“This is too much, Hades!! Stop dragging me to this place!!”


He startled a little then slowly turns to look at me with a confusion in his eyes.

His face looks the same as Hades but I can feel it from his aura that He’s not Hades. He has the same black eyes but he has a shoulder-length hair, unlike Hades who has a waist-length hair.

“If it’s my father, he’s not here.”


“My name is Methyst. I’m the son of Hades.”

Hades’s son!!?

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