Villain heal chapter 43

This was the first day that I worked as a doctor in the infirmary. After finished eating, I came here to change with the doctor who was in charge here in the morning. I wore a white coat and sat on the designated chair.

The infirmary here could be said to be the same as the infirmary in my past life, but a bed here was looked much more old and luxurious. The room was spacious with silk curtains separating each bed. It also had a private toilet which had a jacuzzi. Wasn’t this room too luxurious?


The door slowly opened up. I thought that I would be sat here doing nothing until my afternoon class. Demons didn’t usually come here. If they had a light injury, they could heal it themselves. They will come here when they’re sick or they’re the kind of demon that couldn’t heal themselves when they’re injured.
But the first person who came here wasn’t a patient.


“Doctor, I don’t feel very good.”

He walked towards me then kneeled down to snuggle into my thighs.

“Where do you feel hurt? Is it you disease acting up?”

“I’m worried, Shiwa. Can I stay here?”

“I told you that you can’t stay here. A person who isn’t sick will only disturb a real patient.”

“Please, I will be quiet.”


“I’m also a patient.”

“It can’t be helped. Why don’t you do lie down on the bed over there.”

“I don’t want to lie down. I want to stay with Shiwa.”

“Sit at that chair, and be quiet.”


Luler dragged the chair to where I sat and sat down using my shoulder as his pillow. Ah, he really liked to do a thing that wasn’t good for my poor heart.
“What about Akane and Teo?”

“Akane seemed to want to come here after hearing what I said but she was dragged away by Teo to somewhere. Those two were disappeared after that.”

Um, it’s too suspicious.

“What about Bella and Lookz?”

“Lookz is helping her studying at the library.”

Um, this’s not strange. Bella had a gift for music and art but she was rather bad with the matter about academic. She was a slow learner. The final exam was coming soon too, she would have difficulty for sure.

Hadn’t Teo taken an advance on Akane too much lately? If nothing happened then It’s alright. Wasn’t he acting too aggressive?

“There’s nobody in here.” Luler quietly said as he still leaned against my shoulder.

“There’s not that many patients anyway…”

“This is good.”

“Don’t tell me that you want to say that It’s good to have a time for us to spend together? Don’t be like that. This is the infirmary. It’s not a place for us.”

“I know but can I stay like this until anyone comes in?”


Was it good that the distance between us was continuing to shriek like this?

*Sigh* If that’s he wanted then I will overlook this.


“Are you getting sleepy?”

The time passed by half an hour, but nobody came in. It’s normal to feel sleepy.

“You can go sleep. We still have half an hour before our class. I will wake you up.”

“Why don’t we sleep together?”

“I’m working as the doctor here right now. I can’t sleep.”

“But nobody is here so It doesn’t matter, right?”

He still begged me as though he was a child and continuing to use his cheek to rub with my cheek.

‘tap! tap! tap!’

‘Pang! Pang!’

“Is this the infirmary!? Is somebody in here!?”

The pounding on the door jolted me and Luler from our thought. I startled before turned my head to the door. It hadn’t locked. Why did you have to hit it for?

“Do you see it? There’s a person right now. You should go to sleep.”


He pouted as he walked to the bed to lie down. I turned towards the door and opening it for this mysterious person.

He was a man with a large build. Um, he should be at least 170 cm. He had shin-length blue hair, pale skin as though he hadn’t stayed under the sun for long, but his eyes were covered by a blindfold. Was he blind?

He carried a girl in his arms. She wasn’t looking good at all, her breath was also faster than normal. Her neck had something that looked like a gill. She must be the mermaid who just started studying here. Her symptom was the same as the goldfish that I used to raise. When I changed the water inside a tank, it would have a symptom like this.

“Are thee a doctor!? Help my sister!!!”

“Calm down, don’t panic. Bring her here, she only wants water.” I opened the door wide enough for him to come inside and led him to the toilet. I opened the faucet and told him to let her down inside the bathtub. When the water filled the bathtub, her condition looked much better.

“Ah, onii-sama? When did I fall asleep?”

Her big round amber eyes slowly opened. Her legs completely changed into a fishtail. Her skin was still pale but there’s a hint of pink in it now. Her long light blue hair really complimented her blue fishtail.

“Ah, my Shelin. I thought that thee wouldn’t be alright. Are thou scared? I will hug thee until thee aren’t scared anymore. Sheryl…”

“Onii-sama, I think I will be alright.”

The bathtub can only be occupied by one person seeing how she has already occupied all the space inside. I heard that there would be two people who came to study in my grade, but why were they a sibling?

“Thank thee very much. If thee weren’t here, Sheryl’s condition would be worse than this.” He hugged the girl in the bathtub and turned to me to express his gratitude.

“It’s not a big deal and It’s my duty as a doctor here. I’m glad that you are all right.”

“My name is Ren, son of the east dragon and this is my sister, Shelyn. May I have thy name?”

“My name is Shiwa Garnet, daughter of the headmistress of this school. If you have any problem concerning the school, you can tell me about it.”

“I don’t think I will bother thee that much but thank thee.”

Wasn’t his speech looked a little ancient? Was that a dragon speech? It looked really majestic.

“You can stay in there as long as you like but I have to go in half an hour. Don’t stay in there far too long.”

I closed the door and came to sit in the same chair. That’s when…

A flash rushed past my brain making me remember about something. If I’m not remember anything wrong then this game has four capturable characters. If my intuition weren’t wrong and I’m pretty sure that it would be ninety percent correct.

Ren, he was the last capturable character. I heard that he was like the last boss in the game because his route was very hard. Players had to spend a month to conquer his route. The reason was the villainess in this route, that was Shelyn, she was the adopted sister that he both adored and loved to the point that he could be called a siscon.

Other than this information, I didn’t know anything else.

I didn’t know why I suddenly remembered this. What happened to them wasn’t my business and It wouldn’t affect me.

I flipped through the magazine to pass the time until I noticed that It’s time for the class. I have to wake Luler up before that. Should I leave him here if he wouldn’t wake up?

“Luler, wake up already.” I lightly shook his body.

“Hm, Shiwa… Have you changed your mind about us sleeping together?”

His arms immediately wrapped my body making me fall into the bed.

“No! It’s time for the class!”

“It doesn’t matter, right? It’s only just a little bit.”

“It does! Stand up right now!”

“Ah, Shiwa. There’s an insect.”

Insect!! Which insect…!!?

Was it that thing!!?

I instantly jumped up onto the bed to lift all of my body from the ground. If I stayed on the ground like that, it would surely climb up my leg!! I had a goosebump just by thinking about it. That small black disgusting thing that is the source of bacterias!!!

Um, didn’t they have to be a trail or anything before that? But when I bend down to look for it, I didn’t see it anywhere.

“Luler, what is the meaning of this?”

“It’s not like that. I really saw it but only a glimpse of it.”

“You lied to me!!!”


If I believe you when your eyes were averting like that, I should eat a glass instead of a rice!! Luler!! I would give you what it felt like to be led by the nose!

“Luler, you know that I’m more or less a composed person.”


“Do you want to sleep here until the evening or you will obediently stand up right now?”

I pushed him onto the bed. A joyful looked on his blush face, he seemed happy to receive my punishment.

“Thank thee for letting us use the toilet. Do thou have any towel? W-what are thou doing!? Shelyn, you can’t see it!”


Ren, who just walked out of the toilet, saw everything that happened. It’s a good thing that he reached just in time as he used his hand to cover Shelyn’s eyes. Um, How could he know what happened in front of him when his eyes were covered by the blindfold?

I should be flustered far more than this because I was caught red-handed in the scene. Instead, I was more dumbfounded by his ability to see through that thin cloth.

“Y-you can’t look at it and imitate this to other people, Shelyn. B-but you can do this to me, only me, do you understand? ”

“Ah?? What are you talking about, onii-sama?”

That’s right, what exactly did you want her to do?

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