Villain heal chapter 44

After what happened at the school infirmary, I knew it later that I was in the same classroom as his mermaid sister. Her name was Shelyn. Even though three days already passed by, she still wore a calmed expression on her face all this time. As her classmate, I tried to talk to her but she looked like she didn’t like to talk to others too much. She only said ‘Yes’ and ‘All right’ in responding to my question. Other than her time in the class. she would stick close to her brother.

Right now, there’s something that kept bugging me nonstop…

“Shiwa, Do you know what day is tomorrow?”

“Hm? What day is it?”

I saw him acting suspiciously the other day, but today, he just asked me ‘What day is tomorrow?’. The normal answer should be Tuesday but was it our engagement anniversary? I didn’t think so, because that day was two months away.

“It is that day, the day that people are talking about right now. It is the day of love.”

“The day of love.”

Was it Valentine’s day?

I was born here for many years but I hadn’t known that demons also had Valentine’s day?

“Where did you hear it from?”

“The person in my class said that tomorrow is what the human called Valentine’s day. Women will give something to men to show her feeling.”


“Shiwa, don’t you have something to give to me?”

His eyes were gleaming. Was he excited for Valentine’s day this much?
“What do you want?”

“Anything will do.”

It was as if I can see a pair of dog ears twitching up and down in sync with a tail behind him. He wasn’t even a wolf like Teo.

“If I give you something tomorrow, you have to give me something in return in the next month too.” If it was like in my old world then it should be like this.

“Alright, I will wait for it tomorrow.”

“Don’t keep your hope up too much.”


I never saw demons to be this easily incited by the human’s tradition before. Was the world changing? By the way, the demon world was also opening up to other’s traditions much more than before. Maybe this was The era of change.

We split up to take a bath in our own room then met in front of our room. There were a few people here as it was still a time in the morning. I ate my breakfast and drank a tea while waiting for Teo and Akane. Both Bella and Lookz liked to wake up late. They would come to eat breakfast then immediately go to their class.

When was it that I began to get close to them this much? I guessed Shiwa in the game wouldn’t be like this, right?

“Are you going to drink prepared-blood again, Shiwa?” Luler looked at the glass of prepared-blood, a displeased expression on his face.

“Your health isn’t good so you shouldn’t get bit by me too often. You have to take care of your health.”

“I’m all right.”

“No, your health is getting better right now. If you exert yourself and get hurt in the process. What will you do?”


“I-i said this because I care about you. Be thankful for it.”

Luler dragged his chair to sat near me and continuously rubbed his cheek with my cheek just like a kitten.

“I know…Your cheek is very soft.”

“Stop it or others are going to see this.”

“Let them see it.”


‘tap tap tap’

Speak of a devil, there’s really people coming here. Suddenly, a girl walked out from the corner. Her light blue hair was damp, and she only had a towel wrapped around her body!!

Wasn’t that Shelyn!!? Why did she in that state!?

“Luler, turn your head away!”

“Hm? Which direction is it?”

“Put your head down on the table! If I don’t order you to lift your head, don’t ever lift up.”


He did just as I ordered in a moment. I didn’t waste a time and quickly ran to grab Shelyn. It’s a good thing that it’s still morning as there are only a few people around here. If others were to see this, all of the people in this dormitory would be panic.

“Shelyn!! Why are you…!!”

“Home…Where is my home? Mother…Father…Onii-sama…”


Her amber eyes were blank and totally unfocused. She looked lifeless just like a corpse whose life had been seeped away.

I didn’t think it would be safe for her to stay here any longer, I can’t trust her action at all, but I didn’t know where was her room.

“Shelyn, This is Shiwa here. Come here with me.”


I supported her as we slowly walked towards my room. I let her down in my bathtub and turn the shower on. She seemed to calm down after her body submerged in the water as her eyes were slowly closed down. She must be sleep-walking just now but I hadn’t seen someone who did it in the morning before. This is too strange.

When the water engulfed her body, her pair of legs changed into a blue fishtail. Her head sank down under the water. She looked calmer than before. I worried about leaving her but I couldn’t leave Luler alone in the cafeteria.

Ugh, I’m having a headache!!!

I should go see Luler first and then quickly came back here!

I arrived at the cafeteria soon but, It looked like there’s trouble waiting for me there.

“Have thee seen a girl this height passed by around here!?”

“I have seen her but I also haven’t seen her.”

“Do you want to pick a fight with me!?”

“I have been laying my face down on the table all this time. Even if I saw her, I wouldn’t know it.”

“Don’t lie to me!! Who would sleep in the cafeteria!!?”

Ah, It’s my fault.

Ren was having a quarrel with Luler who was still laying his face down on the table. He only turned his head sideways to speak with Ren.

“This is enough, both of you.” I quickly dissuade both of them before the situation would turn into something big. This hot-headed dragon was extremely rash.

“Shiwa, he was the one who started this quarrel.” Luler quickly made an excuse even when I hadn’t said anything to him.

“I know, you can raise your head up.”

“Why did thee concern theeself with our problem.” Ren still covered his eyes with a blindfold but he wore a school uniform this time.

“Because Shelyn is with me.”

“Shelyn…Where is Shelyn!? Where did thee take Shelyn to!?”

“Where did I take her? You should be thanking me instead. She walked in here with only a towel covered her body. It’s a good thing that I was the one who found her. I let her sleeping in my room to let her calm down right now. If you want to see her then follow me.”

“I apologize for my action. I only worried about Shelyn. I don’t have any intention to be rude.”

“I understand your feeling, follow me, Ren. Luler, wait for me here, I will come back. If Akane asks about me then tell them that I will be back shortly.”


I knew that you wanted to follow me but If our friends don’t see us here then they will only get suspicious.

I opened the door to my room. Ren came inside and went straight to Shelyn who’s still lying inside the bathtub. Seeing his sister was unconscious, he immediately scooped her up into his arm not worried that his clothes would get drench or anything.

“Shelyn, please wake up. Why is she like this?”

“I don’t know either but I think that she was sleep-walking.”


“She cried for her home, her parents and her brother. When I brought her in here, she was asleep as you can see.”

“Shelyn, did thou have a nightmare again? My Shelyn…”

“So…You two aren’t related by blood, right? You may think that I’m trying to pry about your situation but…”

“Forget it, It’s alright even if thou know about it. This was also the second time that thou has help Shelyn.”

“It’s not that much…”

“I think a demon like thee understand that a mermaid is weak in particular, moreover, humans like to hunt them for they believe that eating a mermaid’s meat will make them immortal.”

“I once heard about that.”

“All of her family had been hunted. I only passed by in that area but she called me her brother then followed me all the way.”


“I thought it’s because I’m similar to her brother that she acted petulantly to me. She was only a very young child then. I took a pity on her and brought her back with me. But she started to develop this strange habit since she was eight years old. It must be a sleep-walking just like what you said but her condition is worsening as time pass.”

Did the impact of the traumatic event is the cause of her sleep-walking?

“She almost fell down of a cliff once because of her sleep-walking. I have brought her to many doctors but those doctors couldn’t heal her. I thought that if she has friends in this school, maybe it will relieve a little bit of her sadness, but she is still the same.”

“Um, as a doctor, I think I know what you mean.”

“I’m in many debts with thee. But if thou can completely heal her, I will reward thee the amount of what thou are deserved.”

“Don’t talk about the reward yet but before that…”

“What is it?”

“I want to know the real age of you two.”

“Shelyn is thirteen years old this year. My age isn’t something that can be compared to thine own age. If I don’t count the time that I stayed in the egg then my age is similar to thee.”

“What if you count the time in your egg?”

“Sixty-five years old.”


That was almost my grandfather’s age in my old world.


Sometime later, Shelyn waked up even if she wasn’t fully aware of herself. Ren took her to change her clothes in her room. I came back to the cafeteria to discuss something with Akane and Bella. We came to the conclusion that after school we would…

“Because of that we, girls, will go into the town after school!” Akane excitedly announced as she puffed out her chest coupled with her swaying tail.

“What? in the town? Why do you want to go? I will go with you too.” Teo frowned. Did he don’t want Akane to go that much?

“You can’t do that. This is…a girl’s secret.” Bella spoke up to support Akene’s speech.

“I don’t permit it. It’s dangerous to let girls going outside alone.” Were you really Bella’s master!? I think you were acting more like her parent.

“It’s not that dangerous because the town is near our school. Furthermore, I only did the paperwork for girls to go outside.” I had to speak up as I couldn’t waste any more time than this.

“I can’t go, right?” I’m sorry but you can’t go one-hundred percents, Luler.
“Do I have to go with you too?”

Shelyn was dragged out of the classroom with us. She looked like she still didn’t fully understand what did she get into. To tell you the truth, I had planned to sneak off to buy something alone but the problem happened. The conclusion was that I ask all of them out. I had already told the school so we had a special privilege to go into the town.

Well, this was the peak of being the headmistress’s daughter.

“Thou don’t have to be worried, Shelyn. Do thou remember what I told thee? If there’s a problem, thou can ring this bell to call me. I will go to thee immediately.” Ren put a necklace with a silver bell around her neck. Did you scared that your kitten would disappear to the point that you had to put a bell on her!?

“Yes, onii-sama.”

“Thou have to take care of yourself. If there’s something happen, don’t hesitate to call me. I will go to thee immediately.”


Why don’t you also come with us if you are worried about her that much?

Even though you were the one who permitted her to come, you were really the grandfather who was both fussy (obviously, you are worried about her)and a little annoying too.

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