Villain heal chapter 45

“Look at that shop! It’s so cute!” Akene pulled my arm as she wanted me to follow her line of sight.

“That’s right. Is that a sweet shop?” Bella craned her neck to see the shop.

“Why don’t we try to go inside?” We just came down from a carriage so It would be good to take a break.


There’re many people swarming around in the town. It’s very lively but Shelyn still quietly followed us. Maybe she wasn’t used to a place with a crowd of people but I could only comfort myself with that reason. We walked into the vintage-style sweet shop. They used wood to build the shop and decorate the inside with many kinds of flower. It’s cute in a way that all of the girls like.

“This is the first time that I come in this kind of shop.” Bella, with her eyes sparkling, spoke while she opened a menu.

“I only passed by this kind of shop but I have never come in too.” You are the princess, Akane. They would never let you came in this kind of place.

“I have never come in too…” Shelyn finally spoke up, but she still looked nervous.

“We should order something to eat. The cakes here are looking very delicious.” I turned the menu over and found that there’re names of a dessert all over the page. They had to write it down as there wasn’t a camera in this era yet. This’s really new to me.

We ordered tea and a slice of cake for each one of us. The taste wasn’t that different from a normal cake. I thought It was so-so for me, but the tea tasted rather good. How could they boil it to make them sweet like this?

“Um, What is the business that you told us about?” Akane asked with her mouth-fulled with cake.

“Oh, I just want to buy something for Luler.”

“For Luler? Why doesn’t he order his servant to buy it himself? Isn’t he the prince? Why did he order you to come to buy it?”

“Because I should be the one who personally chooses this thing, It’s for Valentine’s day. Do you know about this day?”

“Valentine’s day?”

“It’s that day, right? I know about it! We also have this day in The angel realm too. A woman will give something that represents her heart to her beloved one on this day!” Bella spoke with sparkling eyes. It seemed like this day hadn’t really originated from the human realm…

“Something that represents her heart…?” Shelyn repeated this word again.

“It means the thing that represents her feeling for him.” Bella told her.

“That’s why I have to buy it personally.”

I exhaled a long sigh. It wasn’t that bothersome, but I didn’t even know what to buy for him. Normally, I would choose a chocolate for him, but Luler wasn’t fond of any kind of sweets. If I give him a dark chocolate, I don’t think he will like it. I’m thinking that I will buy him something that’s not sweet…

“How about you? Don’t you also have to buy something?”

“Buy? The thing that we talked about? I haven’t bought them before, and I don’t know why I have to buy it either?” Akane tilted her head and sipped her tea.

“What about Teo? Don’t you want to buy it for him?” Did you really not care about it, Akane? I really want to tease you when you’re acting indifferent about it.

“Cough!! Why does it have to be Teo!?”

“Well, It’s Valentine’s day after all. If he doesn’t receive any gift then he would be really pitiful. Don’t you think so?”

“T-that’s right.”

“What about you, Bella? Don’t you want to buy something for Lookz?”

“I don’t think Lookz-sama will want anything special. Moreover, he already has the thing that he wants the most.” Bella wryly smiled.

“I don’t think that it’s about what he has or hasn’t had. Even if that thing is cheap, but if it’s from your heart, everyone will be glad to receive it.”


“Shelyn, what about you? Do you want to buy it for Ren?”

“Yes…?” Shelyn made a face as though she still didn’t understand it.

“Yes, he is your brother, but even if you don’t like him in that way, you can give it to him to represent your good feeling towards him.”

“I’m not sure…”

“Why is it?”

“Does onii-sama really want something from me?”

“Believe me, he wants to receive something from you.”

“I will try…”

Shelyn nodded her head. It looked like she was beginning to open up to us little by little. We left the sweet shop and walked to the market area. Because we had a limit time, we had to hurry up and went back to school before 6 PM. That’s what I had told my mother as I was thinking that, something from a jewelry shop caught my eyes.

It’s a choker made from a black flannel. it looks really good in its simple appearance and It’s also soft to the touch. More importantly, I thought Luler would look good in this.

“Do you want to buy a collar, Shiwa?” Akane, you really had a foul-mouthed. Which collar would have a price this high?

“It’s a choker…”

“Ah, do you want to buy a collar?” Bella also looked at it as a collar.

“I already told you that It’s a choker.”

“It’s a collar.” Shelyn said. Here’s another one who saw it as a collar. All of you didn’t have any sense of fashion at all.

“It’s a choker. How can you think that this’s a collar?”

In the end, I still insisted that this’s a choker, not a collar. It looked really good. Luler also had a long neck that more suited to wear a choker like this.

I choose to buy a choker because it could be preserved it for a very long time, unlike a chocolate. I thought that it’s suited to be a present. My friends split up to buy something that they liked. It’s almost a night time when we arrived at the school. We saw the boys playing a chess in the dormitory’s lounge.

“You’re so slow. What did you do there?” Teo was the first one who grumbled. He made a beeline to Akane without any hesitation. Oh, did I miss anything that happened between them?

“It’s my business. Why are you still here!? Don’t you have to go back to your room?”

“I’m waiting for you! Go back to your room now!”

“Why do you have to be angry with me!?”

Akane was instantly dragged away by Teo. Didn’t they seem too close to be a friend? Hm?

“Bell, why have you come back so late?” Lookz was playing a chess with Ren. He turned to look at Bella who was automatically standing behind him as his servant.

“I have to apologize, Lookz-sama. I was careless with the time.”

“You don’t have to apologize. It’s good enough that you’re having fun. Ren, I have to stop playing this game. I want to go back to my room.”

“L-lookz-sama, you can continue playing your game until the end of this match!”
“Forget it, I played this game just only to kill time, it’s not that serious. We should go back to our room.”

“Yes, Lookz-sama…”

Both of them walked away to their room.



Ren stood up and opened his arms to hug the girl. Her height only reached his chest.

“Do you have fun?”

“I have fun…”

“You must be tired. Go back to your room to take a bath and sleep.”


He scooped her up into his arm in a princess carry. They disappeared into the hallway. I turned my head left and right, but not seeing Luler anywhere. I thought that he would come here to play with his friends…


“Ah…!! Luler!!? When did you come!?”

“I have been standing here all this time.”

“You…If you are here then you should make a sound to alert me!”

Why didn’t I see him if he had been here all this while? Even our back almost bumped into each other.

“So…you have stood here all this time. Why didn’t I see you?”

“I waited for you at the entrance but Shiwa didn’t see me. You walked past me so I followed you inside.”

“What!? How can I see you when it’s so dark outside!?”

“So be it…Go back to our room…I’m sleepy.”

Luler took me by the arm and let me followed him. Damn it, I should warn him not to wait in front of the entrance again. At first, I thought that I wasn’t that tired, but after laying down on my bed, I fell asleep right away.

I had something to talk to Luler, but I would talk with him tomorrow.


A crescent moon hanged in the vast sky, it shone its light down in this night. A girl, who had light blue hair, woke up from her sleep. Her eyes only contained the blankness like a lifeless person.

She walked out from her room with her bare feet again.


She unconsciously spoke out her thought as she walked without any destination.

At the same time, Ren also heard a strange noise from the outside of his room. He knew instantly that It’s from Shelyn. She must be sleep-walking again. If he didn’t quickly go to stop her…!

But he’s too hasty in his action so much that he forgot to bring out his blindfold to cover his eyes.

“Shelyn! Shelyn!”

He enveloped a girl, who had been swaying dangerously, into his arms. That girl lifted her head up…

“W-who are you?”

“It’s me, your brother. Shelyn, go back to your room.”

“N-no…You aren’t him…Your eyes aren’t the same as my brother.”

“M-my blindfold…”

Shelyn stared into his blue eyes, a warmth in them, but she didn’t have any of her sense right now. She tried to push him away not caring who was the person in front of her.

“It’s not…It’s not…”

“Shelyn, please calm down. We should go back to your room for you to control your emotion.”

“No!! Don’t do anything to me!! No!!”

“Shelyn, wait!!”

She pushed him away and rushed to somewhere. Even if it’s not commanded by her heart, but her instinct told her to run away even when there’s not any destination in her mind.

‘Where…Where is my home?’


A steam of tear leaked down from her lifeless eyes and then she fell unconscious in that spot…


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Author: There’re some people who told me that this story has too many characters. Because of that, the role of the main characters aren’t that outstanding.
Um, I also thought like that too, but we only reached a half of this story. (I’m not too sure about this too lol)
Wait and see!!!
About Hades, I won’t refer to the real history of this God because this is a fiction! If I refer to his history then It will become too hard to write.

TL: Hello, thank you for reading~

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