Villian heal chapter 50

Everyone looked so excited about the festival of love on this day.

Even if this festival was originated from the angel realm, that detail didn’t bother everyone here in the demon world at all. Men felt excited with the gift that their women would give them. But for women, they felt excited for the person they’re going to give their gift to.

In the first class of this day.

Before class started, there’re a lot of girl students gathered in front of the door to the class one. A gift in their hands as they all craned their necks to see the one that they took a liking for.

“Prince Teo, you are so graceful just as always.”

“Lookz-sama seems so dazzling today.”

“Is that the new student called Ren? He is handsome too.”

“Prince Luler is also very beautiful.”

They all admire a group of men sitting in the middle of the room. At last, there’s a brave girl walking towards that group of men amidst the hopeful pair of eyes of many girls standing there.

“T-teo-sama, please accept this gift f-from me.”

“For me?”

Teo looked at the gift in front of him. He didn’t really want to accept it, but another side of him told that if he didn’t accept it, she would feel disheartened.

“If you don’t mind, please accept this gift!”

“…Thank you.”

In the end, he accepted the gift with a half-hearted feeling. The person, who he really wanted to received a gift from, didn’t act like she wanted to give a gift to him in the morning. How enviable of Luler who happily walked over with a ‘collar’ (Shiwa: I told you that it wasn’t a collar!) that he received since the midnight. How did he know it? You should try asking him about his collar. He would explain everything in detail to you.

When there’s a brave woman who succeeded at her task, others were starting to have a courage too!!

“Luler-sama, this…”

“I have already received it so I won’t accept anything from other. I’m sorry.”
Just like a thunder had flashed down to her heart, she walked out of this classroom…

“You are really cruel to a girl, huh.” When he saw Luler rejected the girl, Lookz couldn’t help himself so he teased Luler a little.

“I should receive a thing like this only once and you too, you also didn’t accept it too.”

“I know the custom of this day the best. Bell will eventually give me a gift.”

“That means Bella always gives you a gift every year, right?”



Suddenly, there’s a pause in their conversation with a cold sweat that kept appearing on Lookz’s face.

Since they had been staying together from then, he never received her gift on Valentine’s day, not even once!!

“B-bell will prepare her gift for me anyway.”


็He refused to admit it, but in his heart, he knew the chance that Bella would give anything to him was very slimming to none!!

“Why do thee have to panic because of this day? Even if you didn’t receive anything, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have her heart for you. It can’t decide anything, you know.” Ren, who sat silently, calmly told them.

“That’s right! It was as Ren said. It’s only one day!” This time, Lookz suddenly agreed with Ren.

“But it was still the fact that we didn’t receive it…” He exhaled before looking at his friend.

“Why doesn’t the afternoon break comes quickly?” Luler didn’t care what they were talking about. He blankly stared at the window.
At the same time, in class three.
“You all haven’t give your gift to them yet?” Shiwa, who was preparing her textbooks, spoke up.
“Ah, I was in a hurry eating breakfast in the morning.” Akane held her gift and lightly brushed a dust away.

“I also didn’t have any time…” Because she had to wake Lookz up and prepared many things for him, this made her so busy and forgot about this matter.

“I forget it in my room.” As for Shelyn, she completely forgot about it.

“You still have time to give them so go give it to them right now. I think you will forget about it in the afternoon too.” Shiwa warned her friend.

“Um, I will be back then. Let’s go, Bella. Shelyn, do you want to go back to your room to retrieve it?” Akane stood up without faltering.

“I will give it to my onii-sama at noon.”
Both Bella and Akane went out of the classroom to give their gift to them. But even in front of the classroom, there’s already a large group of women gathering around.

That’s the moment that Akane found Teo swarmed by those women.

“Hm, he already receives gifts from those women.” She looked at him with her blank eyes. She felt a little sad for him and scared that nobody would give him anything, but many women had already given it to him.

…I would give this to another person then.

Akane thought like that and hid the gift behind her back.

“This smell…Akane!”

She only stepped into the room, but her smell and her fluffy white tail were hard to miss from Teo’s sharp eyes and nose! He walked through the crowd to Akane with a hopeful heart.

“W-what is it?”

“I should be the one who asks you that. Why are you standing in front of my room?”

“I have something at first, but I don’t have now.”

“What? Tell me about it.”

How could I tell him that I wanted to give him the gift when he had already received many gifts like that. She shifted her gift from his curious eyes, but he noticed her strange behavior.

“What’s behind your back? Let me see it.”

“No! I want to give it to other now.”

“What the meaning of that? Isn’t that thing mine?”

“No! It’s not yours anymore.”

“It’s mine!”

“You already have many people gave it to you! Don’t you feel pity for those people that don’t receive any gift? Do you see it? That group of men looks so pitiful more than you!”

Akane pointed to the group of men, who had an unrequired-love, sat in the corner because nobody gave them a gift on this day.

“No! it’s mine!”

“Give it back, Teo!”

He snatched it out from her grasp and successfully took it from her. He quickly turned back and then…

“I’m sorry, but you should go back. I already receive the thing that I want the most.”


He told those girls behind him. When they heard him saying that, they decided to silently leave this room with a sad face. There’s nobody standing in front of the door except for him and Akane. Her ears flattened, her tail was coiling around her body, and she was also blushing in embarrassment. She wanted to protest him about why did he have to say something like that!! But nothing came out of her mouth.

“What is this?” Teo spoke while shaking the box that was the same size as his head.

“O-open it! I think you will like it.”

He carefully unwrapped the box and when he saw the thing inside…!!!

“What is this, Akane?”

“It is a fox doll! It’s soft just like my tail, so you should use that from now on.”

Teo picked the white fox doll out of the box with a puzzled face. Did she want him to use this doll!!?

“Do you think that it can be compared!?”

“S-stop it!! This is the classroom!”

He grabbed the tip of her tail and fiercely stroked it in that area. Her fur stood up, but Teo didn’t care about that at all!! She would have to receive her punishment because she wanted to have him used this doll instead of her!!


“What is it?”

“Even if this thing isn’t worth that much, but please accept a gift from me.”

“I-it can’t be helped. If you begged me like that…”

Bella handed the gift to her master with a gentle smile. Even though Lookz acted like that, but in his heart, he was overjoyed! He didn’t think that Bella would give him something on this day. He thought that she didn’t care to give him anything!

“You can open it right now…”

“Hm, all right.”

He opened the palm-sized box. There’s a white hair band for a man inside the box. When he brought it out of the box, he could see a golden strip on the tip of it.

“I thought that it will look good on Lookz-sama.”

“Um, I like it very much.” He handed it to her “Tie it for me.”


She walked to his back and beautifully tied his hair.

When a teacher came into the classroom, they had to go back to their class. Valentine’s day also passed by without any problem…

‘Tap Tap’

“So…This is the demon school. It’s bigger than I thought.”

A lean body of a man was staring at the school on somewhere in the mountain near the school. His eyes were gleaming just like a terrifying monster in the legend.

A cat tail was swinging around his body depended on his mood.

“Where is Shiwa ojou-sama…?”

His eyes looked around the place…

Then he disappeared into the darkness.

That was the same time that Bella had been flying around to find Shelin. She noticed a strange black shadow so she stopped flying.

“What is it, Bell?” Lookz asked her as he saw her strange action.

“I-it’s nothing. I saw a cat tail over there so It must be a cat.”

“Oh, we should continue our search then.”


She nodded and flew in the opposite direction, but her eyes still stopped looking at that same spot for a while.

I must be imagining things, right?

She chose to ignore it and flew away to find Shelyn because Shelyn was important more than anything else!

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