Villain heal chapter 51

Everything went back to normal after Valentine’s day or we could say that the war between women and men had already ended. Although we had both winner and loser on this day. In the next day, I woke Luler up in the morning and stayed in the infirmary at noon just like always. Because they couldn’t find a doctor for this position. I had a feeling that it would take at least one year to find a person to fill this position.

But I also liked it when I could stay in this room, it’s so quiet.

“Shiwa, don’t you want to sleep with me?”

“No, didn’t you just take the medicine? You should go sleep.”


Luler stuck his head out of the curtain. He untiringly said thing like this every day, and this day was also the same as those days that I firmly rejected him. He slowly pulled back his head into the curtain.

Luler just ate the new herb from the south city that I had just got my hand onto recently. It was a lotus from the demon world that helped blood to calculate better and kept the body warmth as its properties. I thought that it would help in improving Luler’s condition. Because this was a herb, so I hadn’t had to think about its side effect that much. When I tested it on him, he didn’t have any reaction after taking one sip. He said that he only felt warm and sleepy after drinking all of it. Maybe the herb had started to have an effect on him.

The only patient, since I started working here at the infirmary, was Luler…

I wouldn’t count Shelyn, because she wasn’t sick. She only had a dehydration. She also hadn’t come here lately, because she had the spray that I gave it to her. Ren was very fond of it so much that he wanted to order for more of it. I’m sorry, Ren, but I only made a handful of this. I couldn’t find the right material to make it.



While I thought about something else, a vase on the verandah, suddenly fell down. It’s a good thing that this’s only the first floor. Hm…There wasn’t any breaking sound, maybe it fell on the bush. But I was too lazy to take a roundabout way to the door.

But to go down using this way, it wouldn’t be appropriate as other students could see me jumped down. What if there’s nobody here?

I looked left and right. This was the back of the school anyway, so I didn’t think there would be a student came to take a walk at this place! All right, I would like to be lazy just only this day!

I jumped down from the window, and quickly picked the vase to place at the original spot. When I was about to go back…

‘Ze Ze!’


Somebody saw me, right!!?

How should I excuse myself!? No, I had the necessary reason to jump down here.


Was that a cat? No way, it must be a plan!! They made a sound like a cat to cover for their suspicious action in this place!! Everybody was using this plan all the time!! You shouldn’t think that you could trick me with this!!

“What are you doing!?”

I push some bushes aside to find the person behind them. Unless…

“A real cat?”

A black cat, with a wearily looking, was sleeping on that spot. It looked to be in a great pain. I check its body for any injury, but there wasn’t any injury on it. There’s only…


A growl from its stomach.

It must be very hungry, but I wasn’t a vet, you know. To tell you the truth, to find a normal cat in the demon world was very suspicious. But if they could come to this side[TL: the demon world], they wouldn’t be hunted here. There’s nobody who ate a cat here.

I couldn’t tell you that this thing was a cat demon because I couldn’t smell a demon scent on it.

It’s different from Sera who was a cat demen[TL: Her maid]. I could smell a scent on her, but I couldn’t smell a thing from this cat. It also looked famished. ‘Sigh…’ Born as an animal lover was really a troubling thing. I took the cat in my arms and went up together to the infirmary. Normally, a cat would eat a fish, right? We didn’t have a fish here…

“Wait for me here, and behave yourself.”


I told it even when I knew it couldn’t understand me…

The cafeteria wasn’t far from here. I had to hurry up and come back here before Luler woke up. If not, he would have a tantrum again. Ah, Why did I feel concern for him this much?

Fortunately, The cafeteria had a grilled fish, so I ordered it for three. I ordered them without a rice. Because this school prohibited the students from keeping a pet, I had to make an excuse for my actions. I didn’t think to keep that cat anyways.


It must smell the fishes as It came licking at my leg right away when I opened
the door.

“I know. I know. This is your fishes.”

I picked it up and took it to eat the fishes that I placed it on the plate near my chair. It must be really hungry. In my past life, I also kept a cat, a white Persian cat, to be exact. Unfortunately, It’d a short life as it passed away since I was seventeen years old.

This cat was gleefully eating the fishes. I squatted down to pet its head. This animal could really make somebody feel better, huh.

“Shiwa, what are you doing?”

“Waa! Luler! When have you woken up?”

“A moment ago.”

While I was enthusiastic petting its head, Luler suddenly appeared near me without me noticing. One day, I would get a heart attack because you were the cause of the reason.

“You made me startled…”

“I’m sorry. This cat…?”

“I don’t know where It came from, but I saw it lying on the ground.”

“This place prohibits…”

“I know. I only help it to not die from starving. I will talk to my mother to help me find its home.”

“Shiwa, do you like a cat?”

“…I like it.”




“You aren’t like a cat at all.”

Luler imitated a cat’s behavior and made a sound like a cat. Did you think that doing this would make you look cute? What the…

‘Bathump Bathump’

Stupid heart, don’t you dare go and beating fast like that!

I sat and looked at this cat eating the fish until it was eating all of it. When it’s filled, it started to walk towards me and nuzzled around my leg, then obediently jumped up onto my laps.


I’m sorry that I couldn’t understand your language.
But It seemed like I had to leave this cat in the infirmary room until I finished all my class today. Should I beg for the doctor for the afternoon shift to take care of it for a while?


“Where are you going!?”

While I was thinking about who should I leave it with, it suddenly jumped out of the window. A cat was really a cay, huh.

I didn’t have to trouble myself to find its home, though.

I split up with Luler to go to our classroom. Bella, Shelyn and I got out of my class before the boys, so we decided to wait for them at the cafeteria. We could eat dinner together when they came to the cafeteria.

“Ne, I heard that our school will organize a graduation party for our senior.” This topic suddenly popped up while we walked to the cafeteria.

“That’s right, but won’t it be a long time until then?” Bella answered with a dubious expression on her face.

“A month from now on…” Shelyn stressed the time of this event.

“Isn’t it good to say this early? Even if we are the youngest, we have to participate in this event. What more, We have to think about our dresses. Have you prepared it yet?”

When I finished speaking those sentences, both Shelyn and Bella shook their head at the same time.

“How can you let it like that!? Do you know that this is a war!!?” Akane grabbed both of their body and continuously shaking them.

“I think it’s enough that I only wore the dress that Lookz-sama gave me.” Bella shakily said.

“A war…?” Shelin still didn’t understand it, right?

“It’s a war for the girls. Choosing the dresses is just like choosing the armor, and the weapon is our smile.”

They made a face as though they didn’t understand a thing that Akane just said. If we were talking about socializing then what she said was the truth, but she only made it harder to understand.


The little black cat from earlier jumped into my chest.

“What is it, little cat? Where did you disappear to?”


‘Tap Tap Tap!’


I turned to the sound of a footstep. I saw Shelyn and Bella hiding behind Akane
who scoffed at the cat in my arms.

That right…A cat and a dog were just like water and fire. A bird and a fish were a cat’s food…

Why did get scared over a kitten like this? I moved towards them, but they only took a step back.

Hehehe…Somehow, I thought this would be fun.

“Why don’t you come here to pet this cat?”



“Don’t come near meeee!!”

I ran towards them as they also back away from me too.

I want to spend my time acting like a child again for two to three minutes…It should be fine, right?

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It was fun to be on the hunted side.
Playing with the cat and Luler, who want to be a kitten for Shiwa.

TL: Hello, thank you for reading~

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