Villain heal chapter 53


I would admit it that I was really shocked by this turn of event, but what shocked me even more was…

The tip of a fresh red blood rushed past my cheek by only a centimeter. It didn’t touch my skin or anything. A violent killing intent was ferociously erupting behind me. I was tempting to turn around, on the other hands, I thought that it would be good to not see it at all.


I turned around to find a pair of red eyes like a flesh blood staring intently at me. In his hand was a blade made from his blood. Because we were the vampire, we could freely control the flow of our blood. Our skill also varied from each other too.

“Don’t touch her!!!”


“Luler!! Stop it!!”

I tried to stop him, but he already jumped away swinging his blood blade at the cat man. But the man swiftly jumped behind to evade it. I instantly closed my eyes!! But if I couldn’t see anything then I would the one who’s in danger!

All right…It’s not strange at all. Before I became a doctor, I had already seen many naked corpses!!!

When I opened my eyes, I found that…He was wearing a pant.

Damn it…I didn’t hope for anything at all, but I only felt that I had lost a little bit of my self-confidence…


“Ara~…just waking up and you are already acting like a monster like this, huh.” He cunningly smiled as he evaded Luler’s attack.

“Shut up!!”


Right now, they jumped out of my bed and moved their fight to the middle of my room. To call this a fight wasn’t exactly right because there’s only Luler who held the weapon in his hand and that man only evading him.

“Stop right now, Luler!” I shouted to make him stop.


He didn’t listen to me at all.

His eyes weren’t looking at me at all. I felt like I didn’t like this…No, I absolutely didn’t like this!

I bit my finger to let the blood flow out. When I splattered those blood in their direction then…



“What is this?”

The blood changed into a small rope tieing around them in a tortoiseshell knot. They were pulled apart by them and fell down to the ground.[TL: You can google it if you don’t know about this knot.]

Um…I didn’t intend for them to be that kind of knot. I only thought that I would like to tie them tightly. Never mind! This knot was the safest!

“I told you to stop! This is my room, so you can’t fight in here!!”

I stood up from my bed and walked towards the two of them on the ground. I stood between them. Ahh…This was only the morning, but I got a headache already.

“I’m not the one who started this fight, you know. But you really have a good taste, I’m talking about this knot, of course.” The cat man said this as though we were close to each other, but I didn’t even know his name!!

“You are the source of this problem! Who are you to come into this room as you pleased? A-are you that kitten?”

“That’s right, you were the one who invited me in here. Don’t give me a cold shoulder like that.”

“I will send you to the headmistress. ํYour conviction is that you are trespassing on the school ground without the permission.”

“That would be bad because I still have some business that I have to attend.”


He transformed into a little black kitten to free himself from my binding. The kitten jumped out of the window.

Did you want to escape!!?

“We will surely meet again, Shiwa ojou-sama.”


With an agile body, he swiftly disappeared from our sight. I didn’t even have the time to follow him. What was he doing…? There’re many questions swimming around my brain, but I couldn’t find a thing to answer them.



I immediately went to support him. He bent down with an anguished expression as his face almost lost all of its colors. It’s just as I thought. He cut his hand to make his blood flowed out. His hand was filled with blood that continued to flow down nonstop! We, vampires, could regenerate faster than what you considered ‘normal’, but it was also depended on our body too. Luler must have used a large amount of blood to create that blade. He needed to receive blood right now!! I have to hurry up…It couldn’t wait anymore.

“Luler, drink my blood…!”


็He shouted at me and turned his head away. If you to sulk then you should sulk in the right time! I won’t waste any time to make up with you right now!!
It couldn’t be helped. If you didn’t eat it then I would force it to you!!
I bit my lip to let the blood flow out before grabbing his cheeks to make him looked in my way. He deliberately let me turned his face away. Haa, It would be like feeding him a medicine!!


I bent down to crash my lips with him. His eyes widen and he stopped squirming under my binding. He slowly closed his eyes.

His lips felt warm. Normally, wouldn’t it suppose to feel cold to the touch?
Something wasn’t right. His still lips were starting to become aggressive as it tried to slowly enter my mouth!

Wait…This was…

It wasn’t just feeding him the medicine anymore!!

“It’s enough…Oop!”

When I tried to push myself away, unexpectedly, I was the one who was pushed down to fall on the ground by a mysterious force. Luler was lying on top of my body.

Even when you were tied up, you still acted like this!


“Stop it, Luler. I have had enough!”

His voice was a little slurring. But he didn’t only call my name, he also bit at my collar then…



He bit at my neck with all of his power. I didn’t have to do that embarrassing thing If you bit at me like this in the first place!!

“Gulp…Gulp…Blood…Shiwa’s blood.”

“If you’re satisfied, get off me right now! You have to clean your injury too!”

“The blood right here.”


He raised his head to lick the blood at my mouth. I could fully see his face now. It was red…redder than his normal self and he was breathing hard too.

“Who is that man, Shiwa?” He spoke while still lying on top of me. That’s right,
I still hadn’t untied him.

“He was that black cat. But I don’t know why he has to use that body to trick me.”

“Let another man…to sleep on your bed…don’t do it anymore.”

“I won’t do it.”


“Even if I don’t give a promise, I won’t do it anyway.”

“Then can I kiss you like that again?”

“I gave you an inch and you want to take a mile, huh? Get off me right now!”

I pushed him off of my body then dissolved my blood binding from his body. I turned his hand over to see that the blood had stopped flowing, but his wound still hadn’t closed up yet. His face was still red, so I put my hand over his forehead…

It was very hot!!!

When was it!!?

“ํYou can’t do something like this again, do you understand?”

I didn’t know whatever he agreed with what I said or not, but that’s for another time! I carried him to lie on my bed because I had to clean his wound…Vampires could catch an infection too, you know!

I rapidly bandaged him so it wouldn’t look beautiful that much, but this was all right! Then I went to fetch a bucket of water to lightly wipe his body after stripping his clothes. I didn’t have to wipe his bottom-half, right? Don’t make me do that, please…

“You stay here. I will bring your breakfast here. You need to eat it and then sleep, Luler. I will call your personal doctor to take care of you.”

“No…Shiwa…stay with me.”


Don’t use that eyes, Luler. Because I couldn’t win against them even once.

“I will bring your breakfast then.”

“Um…come back quickly…”

It wouldn’t look any good to walk down there wearing only a pajama, so I change to a casual wear instead. I hurriedly walk to the cafeteria. Why did everything seem to be too rushed in the morning today? Sigh…I didn’t think that I would have a day that I had to miss a class like this.

Did they had something a little light today? Maybe…I should specially order them.

“Please make a blood congee for a sick person. I want it quick, please”

I handed a slip of paper with my order on it into the kitchen. A female chef bowed at me and started to prepare this dish. That’s when…


I heard Akane’s voice from behind me. It didn’t surprise me to see her woke up early in the morning, but rather to see her walking towards me wearing only a pajama!!

“Akane!! Why are you coming in that state!?”

“I’m the one who should be asking you! What was the noise!? Do you know how much shocked was I getting?”

Ah…Did she also hear what happened inside my room?

Normally, an outsider wouldn’t hear any voice from my room no matter how much noise I made. Maybe it was because Akane’s ears were better than a normal demon?


“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. Oh, you came at the right time. Can I entrust you to fill an absent form for me? Luler is sick right now so I have to take care of him. I will leave it to you.”

“What? Luler is sick? How?”

“He has a chronic disease. Filled Luler’s form for him too.”


“And…Go back to your room and change your clothes. You are the princess so you can’t do anything carelessly like this. If others were to see this, what will they think?”

“Ah!? Why do I still wearing a pajama?”

How could I know about that?

Akane quickly ran back to her room in a flash. Sigh…Sometimes, I also had a doubt. Was she really the princess? Oh, forget it.

I received two bowls of blood congee from the female chef then I went back to my room.

Even right now, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Both of Luler’s matter and that cat demon…

And…The thing that he said that we would meet again.

What was it that he wanted?


My head was hurting right now.

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