Villain heal chapter 54

I kept feeding him the blood congee after I went back to my room. I wanted him to eat by himself, but he insisted that he couldn’t do it. I didn’t know whatever that was a lie or not, but it wasn’t a loss or anything so I was willingly feeding him.

“Shiwa, I’m not full yet.”

“Don’t eat too much because you have to sleep. Do you want to have a flatulent next on your disease’s list?”


“Eat your medicine then go to sleep. I will be waiting around here.”

“Can I hold your hand?”

“I will hold your hand until you fall asleep then.”

I extended my hand out for him to take it. The touch that should be cold was feeling strangely warm instead.

Was it because he was sick?

Luler slowly closed his eyes because the effect of the medicine was kicking in. He was falling into a deep sleep very fast. Luler, when you were sleeping, you were really like a child. Sigh, I’d gotten a headache since this morning. I should go take a bath and relax too. A special privilege to miss a class like this would only happen once in a while.

While I was taking a bath, I suddenly thought of something…

What about the shift at the infirmary room in the noon!?

็How could I be negligent so much that I forgot about this important duty!!? Even if nobody was going there, but a doctor’s duty was being there! I would give Luler the medicine before going there then.

Sigh…I almost forgot about this important duty.

When I finished taking a bath, I went to find the sofa in the middle of the room to sit down and read a book. Because I still got a little sleepy, I unintentionally fell asleep.

Deep down…

…to the dream world.
I opened my eyes as though I was awaked by someone else. Damn it, did I appear in Hades’s world again?

I thought of that at first, but that’s not the case.

This was a dark room with a scent of pink smoke floating around in the air. In front of me was a man with black hair. His pair of black cat ears were twitching with mischievous. He showed me a cunning smile that looked really shady. Even his loose clothes were really strange to my eyes. He looked like he sat on the air. But this was a dream, He could sit anywhere he wanted and It wouldn’t affect the real world.

“What do you want?”

When I finished calming myself down, I asked him without any hesitation. It was already suspicious that he showed up like that, this time, he even brought me into the dream world…

“You are so heartless. Even though you were the one who was once gentle with me.” When he finished speaking, he transformed into a little black kitten. It went to nuzzle at my leg.

“You can’t use this form to coax me. Tell me, who are you and what do you want?”
“My name is Noir. I’m a cat man that only wanted to find a missing family member. You don’t have to be so cruel to me.”

“A family member…?”

Noir walked away from my foot then changed back to his human form again. His two different color eyes stared at me with a pleading gaze.

“Have you already seen me as a bad person? That was too sad.”

“I can’t see the human that changed into a cat, trespassed into the school ground and then intruded into a woman’s room acting nonchalantly as a good person.”

“Uhuhu~I only wanted to find something to have fun with. Don’t hold it against me.” He smiled then using his sleeve to cover his mouth.

It was just as I thought. This man couldn’t be trusted.

“I couldn’t help you find your missing family member. You should find others to help you.”

“Ne, I come to you because I think you can help me with this problem. If you aren’t going to willingly help me then I have no choice other than keeping you in here until you are willing. Isn’t this a good offer?”

This wasn’t an offer, but…

You were forcing me right now!!!

“What do you want me to do?” I could only grit my teethes and asked him. If it wasn’t more than what I could do then I would do it, but If it was more than that, I would have to find another method.

“You are really kind. I’m happy so much that my heart stops beating. You should feel it.”


์Not a second later, he grabbed my hand to touch at his naked chest. The loose clothes that he wore almost fell down from his waist, but it’s a good thing that there’s a belt tieing around his waist. Even if this was a dream, the touch felt very real. Even though I couldn’t feel his heartbeat!!

“Stop playing around!! Tell me what you want!! Don’t do this in a roundabout way!!” I quickly retracted my hand. Idiot cat!! If this wasn’t a dream world then I would…!!!

“Ara~ You don’t have a sense of humor at all. I only want to lighten the mood, ne?” He went back to make a sad face again. This…Did he take an acting class for once or something? I couldn’t follow his moods at all.

“I don’t have time to play with you!”

“Fine, the thing that I want is very little. It isn’t over your capacity. You merely have to bring your maid to me. Her name is Sera.”


I thought back to my maid, Sera. She was also a black cat just like him. We could only meet up during the long weekends right now. But I was close to her as her master and as her friend.

Was Sera his family?

Did that mean he was Sera’s brother?

Their personality wasn’t the same at all.

“How can I trust you?”

“What? Do you get suspicious over me?”

“I see the word ‘suspicious’ everywhere when I look at you.”

“Sob…I’m really pitiful, aren’t I? A person in my family also abandoned me even you, Shiwa ojou-sama also doesn’t sympathize with me at all.”

“Stop using your fake tears. I only want an assurance. Don’t think I will easily trust you because you are the person whom I just met time and time again.”

“You don’t have to worry about that because I know you enough.”

He knew me…

Was he a stalker?

“You must be thinking of something weird like now.”

“Can you read my mind in here!?”

“I don’t have something like that, but I already know it just by seeing your face.”

“N-nothing, I will only do as much as I can do. I only have to bring Sera here, right? But I will bring her here on one condition.”

“Say it.”

“You will have to meet her in the special guest room of this school tomorrow. I will tell my mother that you are Sera’s guest. but If you don’t want to meet her in the guest room then I can’t let you meet her.”

The special guest room of this school was considered to be safer than a normal room. I couldn’t let Sera met a person who claimed to be her family member without any protection to her side. At least, even if something were to happen then it’s a little relieved because that area would prohibit us from using magic. We also couldn’t open the door from the inside. We had to open from another side to make it open. I should be there too for the good measure.

“All right, I like a thoughtful girl.”

“I won’t count it as a praise. Release me from this place right now.”

“Why don’t you stay with me just a little bit longer? Hm?” Again…He shifted his body to stand near me. A black tail was coiling around my left wrist. Cats were very cute, but I was starting to hate cats because of him.

“Let me go…”

“So cruel…Uhuhu~ But I like a cruel woman.”

“I already have a fiance, so stop bothering me.”

“But you still have an impure mind, don’t you?”


“Don’t try to refuse it. A black cat has a special power, you know.”


“We are involving with the death as we are the symbol of it, and we are also a representative of a soul. Even if I don’t know what’s in your mind, but I can see your mind very clearly.”

“It’s not your business.”

“I know that you knew about it, but I have to warn you. Involving with the afterworld is very risky, Uhuhu~”

“Do you finished talking yet?”

“ํYou are so stubborn, but I don’t hate a harsh woman, you know. If you act a little sweeter than this then I can help you with something as my reward for you. Isn’t it good?”

“You aren’t trustworthy at all.”

“Ara~…cruel, but I like it.”

“Stop playing around.”

He raised his hands to cover my eyes. I could see nothing but a darkness.


I opened my eyes and walked to see the clock on the headboard as this was the first thing that I have to check! I only slept for one hour.

Sigh…Even when I slept, I couldn’t even have a peaceful time.

There’s only a headache whenever I slept or awaked!! Sometimes, I thought that It must be only me, a thirteen years old girl, who had these many problems.


I could only sigh mentally and physically before I wrote a letter to Sera. I would have to prepare Luler a lunch before he woke up. He was still sleeping right now.

“But you still have an impure mind, don’t you?”

Why do I have to keep thinking about what he said? The person who had an impure mind…

wasn’t me…

The next day…

Luler’s condition was looking better. He almost went back to his normal self, so I had nothing to be worried about. The time in the noon was the appointed time that I want Sera to meet Noir. Even if he was somewhat suspicious, but he really wanted to meet Sera then…

I had no reason to stop him.

Noir had come to the school as a guest this time. A real guest unlike the first time that he sneaked in here. He waited in the special guest room even before Sera came.

I also stayed inside this room with…

“Who is that man, Shiwa?” Akane whispered to me.

“His s-smell seems fishy.” Bella frowned.

“Just like a cat…” Shelyn looked over at him.
these girls and…

“Why do you have to come here and see this one man?” Teo spoke up in displeased. I was here alone at the beginning, you know.

“Why do you have to be angry, Teo? The girls only want to stay together. Lookz gracefully sat on the sofa. He placed a teacup down for Bella, who stood behind him, to pour a tea from his back.

“Shelyn, if you are scared then you can sit on my laps.” Ren lightly patted his laps then he tried to make Shely, who stood awkwardly, to sit on his laps. He succeeded as Shelyn obediently complied to his wish in the end.

“…” The last was the piercing stare from Luler that he shot at me who was sitting near him. It was the sign that I had to immediately explain about this to him.

We are all sitting on the sofa in the special guest room with Noir who sat on the above sofa. He only smiled without minding the atmosphere around him.
The truth was that I intended to come here alone, but when I said I had a business at the guest room, they all followed me here. I didn’t it was whatever they cared or they only want to come to the special guest room. But I couldn’t stop them from coming here.

‘Knock Knock’

“Come in.”

I knew instantly who’s the owner of the knocking sound.
A woman in a plain black maid uniform primly stepped into the room. She had a pair of black cat ears, shoulder-length hair, and glittering yellow eyes.

“Why…” When Sera came in, she was met with Noir who sat in front of her.

“Long time no see, Sera.” He greeted her with a smile.

“Oji-sama…”[TL: Oji = uncle]

Her lips were shaking a little. At least, I could feel relieved that they were really a family.

What…Wait for a minute…

Did you just say he was your uncle?

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