Villain heal chapter 45

“Look at that shop! It’s so cute!” Akene pulled my arm as she wanted me to follow her line of sight. “That’s right. Is that a sweet shop?” Bella craned her neck to see the shop. “Why don’t we try to go inside?” We just came down from a carriage so It would be good […]

Villain heal chapter 44

After what happened at the school infirmary, I knew it later that I was in the same classroom as his mermaid sister. Her name was Shelyn. Even though three days already passed by, she still wore a calmed expression on her face all this time. As her classmate, I tried to talk to her but […]

Villain heal chapter 43

This was the first day that I worked as a doctor in the infirmary. After finished eating, I came here to change with the doctor who was in charge here in the morning. I wore a white coat and sat on the designated chair. The infirmary here could be said to be the same as […]

Villain Heal chapter 42

Today was my parent’s wedding anniversary day so I came to eat dinner together with my family. Luler also wanted to come, but this day was like a family day for us, so he can only stay moodily in his room alone. “Onee-san…!” “Shio, we haven’t seen each other for a long time.” My brother […]

Villain heal chapter 41

“Can you drink a rice tea?” “Ah…I can, thank you.” Even if I didn’t understand many things but it seemed like I was drinking tea with Hades’s son. He didn’t look like his father at all except for the face. Those two were as alike as two peas in the pod but his personality and […]