Month: December 2018

Villain heal chapter 59

Summer, Rainy season, Winter… There’s a saying that the life of a teenager was very short. When a term started, everyone was coming back and getting together again. We spend time studying and playing. Luler and I also hadn’t changed much. If I had to say it… it would be a distance between us had…

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Villain heal chapter 58 Bella and Lookz special

When we’re on the long break from our school in the demon world, Lookz-sama and I had a chance to came back to heaven. The trip to this place wasn’t that difficult because we used Lookz’s Pegasus. It wasn’t that long that we safely reached heaven. “Umm..!” When we stopped in front of Lookz’sama mansion,…

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Villain heal chapter 57

When I waked again later that day, I could see from the window that it’s already night. How long did I sleep for? Maybe it’s because of the medicine that I felt tired like this. “…” I turned my head to the side and saw Luler, who sat on a chair near my bed, slept…

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Villain heal chapter 56

A pair of red eyes was staring at me. I felt like I was trapped in the ice at this moment, but I got a hang of myself after a few seconds and averted my eyes away from his eyes. “W-why? He is only Sera’s uncle…He can’t meet with his niece in a long time,…

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