Villain heal chapter 56

A pair of red eyes was staring at me. I felt like I was trapped in the ice at this moment, but I got a hang of myself after a few seconds and averted my eyes away from his eyes.

“W-why? He is only Sera’s uncle…He can’t meet with his niece in a long time, so he came to me for my help.”

“Is it only that?”

“Exactly! Why do you have to force me to answer this question!?”

“Shiwa, you are the one who’s being suspicious. That guy can go into Shiwa’s room…and even kiss your cheek…I don’t know when did you plan this meeting…Moreover, you even met him today.”

“Do you know what are you saying right now?”

“I know.”

“It sounds like you are jealous…?”

“Yes, I’m jealous.”


“Shiwa, you are my fiancee. Don’t get close to other guys other than me.”

The seriousness in his eyes conveyed the meaning hidden in his words to me. I felt like I’m being confessed to but why did I…feel empty like this?

Was his feeling genuine or was it only an illusion?

Luler, did you really know what love is? maybe he was only felt possessive over me but he wasn’t jealous in that kind of romantic sense.

My head ached…It blanked…

my head ached…because of the voice in my head.

“I’m sorry…I don’t feel very good today.” I pushed him away from my body.

“You don’t feel very good? Why?”

“No…It’s not because of you…I…I want to rest in my room. Can you fill in the absence form for me?”

“I will go with you…”

“No…you have to go to class.”


“I beg of you…I want to rest in my room alone.”

“When the school over, I will quickly go to your room…?”


“Shiwa…You are really alright, right?”

“Umm…I’m okay.”


“You don’t have to make a face like that…I’m only getting tired a little bit.”

“Umm…I will accompany you to your room.”


Luler gently supported me to my room. When I was near my bed, I reach out to grab an aspirin and drank the content inside down before lied down on my bed.
“Do you really don’t want me around?” Luler touched me. Even when I was under this thick blanket, I still felt his touch.

“There’s no need to worry about me. You should go to class. I can’t sleep If you are here.”

“…Umm, I will be back quickly.”

tap tap tap…


The sound of his footstep was getting furthering away until I could hear the door closed…

Ah…What the hell was I doing? I didn’t know what to feel but I felt bad showing my weak side to him like this but…

This weird feeling that kept struggling inside my chest…I couldn’t make it stop…

My eyes were getting heavier because of the medicine before I completely fell asleep.


Why did I feel like someone poured a bucket of water over my head!? Had someone really poured water over my head!!?

“Oh…You wake up?”


When I opened my eyes, I saw Noir, who was squeezing a small white cloth as he sat beside my bed. How could he come in here!? Was Luler forget to lock the door!? I didn’t think that’s the case here…

“Ah…Don’t sit up just yet. A patient should sleep.”


When I tried to sit up, he pressed me down to my bed again but…a patient…? Did he mean me!?

“Your complexion is really bad. How can you act like you are fine when your face is paled like that. Who do you catch it from?”


The scene where I fed Luler my blood through my mouth suddenly appearing in my head just like a file in a computer waiting to be opened. That’s right…I think it was that time…I felt a headache like this for a while but I didn’t even know myself.


You could still get sick even when you were a doctor, huh.

“Fufu, It’s really difficult being a doctor. Taking care of other but forget to take care of your body. Finding someone to take care of you when you are sick is really hard…I really feel pity for you.” Noir squeezed the cloth until it dried up and put it on my forehead.

“Thank you but how could you come in here!!!?”

“I wasn’t the one who opened it. Sera was the one who did it because she didn’t hear your answer so she went to ask for a spare key. She has to go back to the mansion first because of her work so I volunteer to look after you.”

“I think I’m in danger when I’m with you more than I’m alone.”

“Why are you so rude…? I don’t plan to do anything to a sick person. It’s not fun…and I’m indebted to you too. I won’t count a little thing like this as a favor, you know.”

“You don’t have to take care of me. You only have to bring that bag over there to me…My medicine is stored in there.”

“You don’t have to worry about that because you’ve already eaten it.”


“I feed it to you when you were sleeping. You even obediently ate it, fufu.”

“Feed me…!?”

I suddenly had a goosebump all over my body. Don’t tell me that…!!?

“Exactly, by using a spoon…It was very hard to feed it to you little by little.” Noir picked a teaspoon up making me sigh out in a relieved. “Why? What did you think I use it to feed you?”

He shifted his body to move his face towards me and grin.

“No, it’s not like that…”

“You face is very honest right now. Don’t act stubborn in front of me. I’m already 257 years old this year.”

The tip of his tail kept poking my face softly. Did he think that I was a child that he acted like this? Never mind, I did think I really a child in his eyes.

“It’s my business. I’m already getting better. I also want to rest, so get out Noir.”

“You are heartless…Do you want to discard me when I’m no longer beneficial to you?”

His eyes were brimming with a tear. He looked pitiable but I’m sorry…you couldn’t trick me again, you 257 years old prince!

“Even if you are Sera’s uncle, you trespass into my room without my permission right now. I don’t want anyone to come here and see the two of us alone”

“Hmm…That person…Do you have a specific person in mind?”

“It’s not your business.”

“You are really pitiful.”


“even when your heart is dull this much…but it isn’t gotten any care from anyone.”

He put a hand under his chin and squint his eyes to look at me. I was pitiful…? What was he saying? I wasn’t pitiful. I was already happy staying in this world. Even if in the end, I wasn’t the heroine for Luler but I wasn’t sad in the least bit…not at all.
Ah…It’s really irritating.

“Do you want my help? Trust me, I will cherish your heart to the best of my ability.”

“Does anyone told you that sometimes, you meddle in other affairs too much?”


“If you already know it, then stop doing that.”

“I only meddle with the person that I interested in such as…” He used his hand to reach out and lightly curl my hair then he smiled.”A kid with a pair of sad eyes like you.”


“It makes me want to protect them.”

“…Stop messing with me.”


I slapped his hand away from me. He was really an annoying man…? Don’t mess with me too much!! Did he think that he knew better than me!!?

“Get out…I want to sleep.”

“As you wish, princess. See you later~”

He stood up and waved at me slowly. When the door closed, I only wrapped myself with the blanket and forced my eyes to close down with difficulty.

If I told…everything.

Told them that I knew everything that was going to happen and this world was only a game…and our destiny…

Would you think that I exploited you, Luler?

But…It didn’t matter at all since I…

…I cheated from the beginning.

A man was holding many colorful flowers in his arms. He ran into the castle and quickly

took his shoes off.

“Ah…I’m soaked up.”

His chin-length black hair was soaked in water. His clothes couldn’t even escape the rain that was heavily falling down right now.

“Methyst-sama, please use this towel.”

“Methyst-sama, please take a bath to clean your body.”

a group of maid walked out and handed him a towel.

“It’s alright. I want to place these flowers down first before taking a bath. You don’t have to follow me.”

He rejected their concernedness and walked away while carried those flowers in his arms.

The maids could only look at him with a worry in their eyes. He could order them to pick flowers, but he had a tendency to be stubborn.

When he reached his destination, he only felt shocked when he saw that the door was opened. This was the deepest room inside this castle and nobody was permitted to be near except for him and…


The god of the underworld…Hades.

“You wake up early today…” Hades said while he stood in the middle of the room.

“Y-yes, I heard that there’re beautiful flowers blossoming inside the forest so…I thought that if I went there early it will still have sweet-scented and Mother…”

He walked towards the middle of the room. This room was just an empty room except for a glass coffin which filling with many beautiful flowers. It’s placed in the middle of this room. There’s a body of a sleeping woman lying inside it. But…the body that was still in a slumber…

A tear was falling down from her left eye.

“Look like a nightmare, huh.”

Hades gently wiped her tear away before he sat on the edge of the coffin.


“You don’t have to worry…It won’t be long before she wakes up again…”
from these endless nightmares…

‘She’ would come back.

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