Villain heal chapter 57

When I waked again later that day, I could see from the window that it’s already night. How long did I sleep for? Maybe it’s because of the medicine that I felt tired like this.


I turned my head to the side and saw Luler, who sat on a chair near my bed, slept with his head on my bed.

Did he look after me after Noir went back?

Sigh…What was I doing right now?

I began to think that I was an irrational person who used emotion to decide everything. Why did I doubt our relationship?

That was like I…

No, It wasn’t like that.

It didn’t matter anyway but right now…I was hungry. I still hadn’t eaten anything since the afternoon. I hadn’t even drunk blood yet today. Did they still have anything left in the cafeteria? I didn’t even know whatever the cook was still there.

It couldn’t be helped…I had to to go there myself.


When I tried to move, Luler jolted out of his sleep as though a warning bell in his body alarmed him. He rubbed his eyes and looked at me. I could tell that he’s worried about me right now.

“Shiwa, Are you okay? Do you feel hurt anywhere? I’m sorry that I didn’t notice you’re sick. Can you tell me what are you feeling right now?” he touches my cheeks trying to check my body’s temperature.

“I’ve already eaten the medicine…but…how did you know that I’m sick?”

“…Shiwa, you were acting weird somehow…I couldn’t study anyways.”

“You skipped a class, right? Do you want to make me angry?”

“I can say the same about you, Shiwa! Why did I see him walking out from Shiwa’s room when I came back?!”


I had told him many times that he shouldn’t skip a class if it wasn’t necessary because I worried about his image as a prince. He would be seen as the prince who hated studying and that would be bad for him. Instead, it was he that glare at me with a hardening look in his eyes.

“Did you meet Noir?”

“I walked passed him.”

“He..came with Sera.”


“Urg…” Why did he suddenly use a voice like that?

“Shiwa told me…that you wouldn’t let other men came in here.”

“Wasn’t he the one who appeared on my bed?”

“That wasn’t different.”



Under the tension that hunged between us, the thing that interrupted us without minding its business was the sound from my starving stomach. My face instantly heated up. That wasn’t intentional, you know…I didn’t want it to growl at a time like this!!

“Shiwa, Are you hungry?”

“That’s right! I haven’t eaten anything yet since I slept so It’s normal to be hungry!”

“The cafeteria had already closed.”

“You don’t have to tell me that because I’ve already known it. But…where is
the kitchen’s key? I want to find something to eat?”


I hadn’t even finished my sentence when Luler suddenly stood up and…
took his shirt off!!!

His naked upper-body was under the moonlight. His snow-white skin was reflected under this moonlight. From this situation, It wasn’t hard to guess what was he going to do next when he’d already prepared himself to this state.

“Bite me, Shiwa”


I swallowed down my saliva. His naked body was making my urge for blood to intensify. Even if I tried to tell myself not to fall under this feeling, but It’s hard to not to.

“You can’t do that, Luler.”

“I will be alright…and…”


“I want Shiwa to…drink from me…a lot…Can you do it?”

Ah…he was such a very spoiled child.


I could only sigh with… No matter what, I couldn’t win against his plea even once. Even if it’s a very strange plea.

“Come here…I can’t move too much.” I leaned into my headboard and stretch my hand to him.


And then he slowly shifts his body to make it easier for me to bite his neck. When he was finished, his white neck was only a centimeter from my mouth. It’d been a long time that I had the chance to drink blood from him like this.



I bit down using my full-strength. His blood, which tasted like an alcohol, slowly flowed through my neck. Ahh…this’s better than a prepared blood. But at that moment, I tried to rein my mind to keep myself from drinking too much. I should only drink the only amount that I needed…even though in my mind, I want to drink it more.

“Shiwa, I think…you are using more force than normal…today?” Luler slowly exhaled and told me.

“Do you don’t like it?”

“I like it…I absolutely like it.”

In the end, he was a hardcore masochism…

“I’m fulled…”

“You can drink more.”

“It enough for me.”

“But I haven’t forgotten ‘that’ yet, Shiwa. You can’t let other men come in here anymore.”

“Are you my father, Luler?”

“I am your fiance, Shiwa.”

“Yes, sir!! Fiance-sama!!”

I intentionally stressed the word ‘Fiance’ than I normally did. On the other hands, Luler smiled back at me and nuzzling against her shoulder. His hand was tightly hugged my waist.


“Hmm? What is it? Do you feel tired…or hungry?”



“It’s nothing.”



“Go take a bath first.”

“Why don’t we bath together?”



Luler looked up at me under his eyelash… Ahh…I have weakened against him after all when he looked at me like that. I had to…



I bit my finger to make a blood dripped out. That blood instantly transforms into a rope binding Luler in a tortoise’s knot…

“Be a good boy and stay like that until I’m finishing my bath.”

I stood up from my bed and walked to the bathroom without looking back.
Even if I didn’t look back, I know that…his face must have a happy expression on.

Never mind…If it had to start from the weird beginning like this…

…We should be weird together then…!

Oh! but I wasn’t a mental patient who was fonded of using violence!

I came back to study in the next day. During this time, every activity was prohibited. They were stopped because of the final exam was coming up. If your score hadn’t reached half of the overall point then the students who failed their exam had to study here until the next term.

I didn’t have a problem concerning that because examed was my forth. Even if you saw Luler acting like that, he was very smart. Akane was also the top student and that’s included Teo too. Shelyn was very quick to learn and Ren has also helped her study. Lookz was also one of the top student but…

There’s only one person that I worried…

“What…This…you have to study from the basic again!!” Akene yelled after she saw the exercise which we did before the exam. There’re red marks circled all over them.

“I’m sorry…”

Bella sat with her head down in her seat at our classroom. She looked depressed after doing the exercise before the exam. I was sure that everyone didn’t want to know what her score was…It’s totally a disaster from my perspective.

“You have to study hard instead of saying sorry like this!! If this keeps on going down, you will be held to repeat a grade, you know.” Akane continued to complain.

“But…Bella is excellent at music…” Shelyn tried to speak for Bella. This time, I was on Akane’s side.

“You can’t pass with only that subject,” I told her with a sigh.

“I understand…Maybe I don’t have a chance to go back together with Lookz-sama. Ah…I was a bad servant.”

Bella flopped down on her desk and continued to sob voicelessly. Hmm…Did she say go back?

“Will you go back to the heaven this break?”

“Yes, the truth is we want to go back for some time in the past but Lookz-sama wants to stay here till the end of term and he wants to go back to tell others that his curse was already broken.”

“Hmm…It would be bad if you can’t go back with him.”

“That’s right…”

“Don’t tell me ‘That’s right’!!!” Akene started to yell again. This time, her pair of ears was peaked up than before and she had a determined look in her eyes.

“I’ve decided now!! You will have to study very hard this week!!”

“What are you meaning?” Bella looked up from her desk to Akene with a curious expression on her face.

“I, Shelyn and Shiwa…!!!”

Ara~…There’s me in that list too?

“will teach you until you can score more than half of this test.!!”

“I think that’s…”

“Bella…I don’t think you will reject my goodwill, right? If you don’t want to then I won’t care about it. I give my word as the princess, I will make you passed this test. This is my pride, I hope that you will try hard and passed this test. Do you understand?” Akane firmly grabbed at Bella’s shoulder and looked straight into her eyes.


Even if she was scared, she nodded her head implying that she will try hard.
After that days, we would come and tutor her until the light out. In the end, she passed the exam with an acceptable score.

I wouldn’t forget her teary eyes with a happiness looks on her face that day after knowing her score.

Even though that day we all had a little bit of a dark circle under our eyes…

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