Villain heal chapter 58 Bella and Lookz special

When we’re on the long break from our school in the demon world, Lookz-sama and I had a chance to came back to heaven. The trip to this place wasn’t that difficult because we used Lookz’s Pegasus. It wasn’t that long that we safely reached heaven.


When we stopped in front of Lookz’sama mansion, It’s my duty to pick up our stuff. They weren’t that heavy. If we counted the first time that we went to the demon world then these were lighter compared to that one. It’s only two big suitcases so I thought that only one trip should be enough.

But before I could grab them down from the pegasus’s back, Lookz-sama quickly grabbed the bigger one out of my hand.

“Lookz-sama, I think I should be the one who holds it.”

“Do you think I can’t hold this?”

“No!! It’s not like that!!”

Wasn’t I always the one who held them?

Even if I want to tell him that…It seemed like Lookz-sama was in a very good mood today, so he wants to hold the suitcase himself.

“Fufu~” I couldn’t help myself as I unintentionally laugh.

“What are you laughing at?”

“It’s nothing. I only think that Looka-sama looks really cool.”

“Humph! Isn’t I always like that?”

He told me and then turned his head to the side. Did I make him angry? But I thought he looked very cool! Well, more than normal anyway…

When we reached the entrance, a group of maids was already waiting for us. They quickly arranged our stuff. My duty was to serve Lookz-sama full-time. It was like that normally. I guessed I had been staying at the demon world, so I wasn’t used to it at all when I came back here. Was it because this place didn’t have Shiwa, Akane and Shelyn?

Lookz-sama would go to give his greeting to all of his elders without resting. Would he get tired? At least, He should get some rest before going out.

“Umm…” I tried to tell him when we were on the carriage.

“What is it?”

“Ah…I think that Lookz-sama has already traveled all day so It will be good if Lookz-sama gets some rest.”


“But…If you aren’t tired then it’s alright! I apologize for making you worried over this.”

“Go back to the mansion. I want to get some rest.”
Lookz-sama suddenly told the driver to turn the carriage back. I wasn’t even sure now that he was really tired or was it because I told him to get some rest?

“I will go to the palace tomorrow. You have to prepare yourself too.”


Why did Lookz-sama have to go to the palace? There wasn’t any banquet held there.

“You are making a face like you want to know the reason why I have to go there.”

“Ah..!? I-i apologize.”

I felt like I wasn’t very good at concealing my emotion and hiding my curiosity.

I could only lower my head down and apologized to him.

“You don’t have to apologize to me. I only…want to go there to deal something about the princess and be done with it.”

“The princess…?”


“T-that’s a very good thing!”

If their relationship improved for the better then It wouldn’t be too far for them to get engaged. After that, Lookz-sama’s family would have a connection to the royal family. You could see it clearly that would only bring many good things to Lookz-sama. They both were of a high status and would be a match made in a heaven. No…using that words would be an understatement!

I should be happier than this…

“What happened, Bella?” Lookz-sama moved his face towards me.

“Oh…It’s nothing…Ah…Which type of tea do you want after we reach the mansion?” How could I muster enough courage to voice my opinion about this matter to him? Instead, I tried to change the subject.


“If that’s the case then a rose tea from the north was very popular in this season, do you want to try it?”


“As your wish.”

“Stop…stop the carriage!!”



Lookz-sama suddenly told the driver to stop driving. The carriage stopped before a women’s cloth store. There’re many white dresses lined up in front of the shop. It’s very clear that he wanted to buy it as a gift for the princess to make up for his mistake and he probably wanted to please her.

“I will go with you to carry your stuff!”

“No…you stay here.”

When I tried to tell him that I will help him, he immediately rejected my offer. Maybe he wanted to keep it as a surprise to the princess. It was almost to the point that…

It’s weird…

Lookz-sama was going to have a bright future…I should be happier than this.
This feeling…was very weird.

In the middle of the night, I woke up to find a servant’s toilet with a stomachache. Even if I had the privilege to stay inside the servant’s bedroom alone, a toilet was something I had to use with others. That’s the time that…

I saw Lookz-sama walked in a corridor. I follow him along with a curiosity in my mind.

It’s strange…that Lookz-sama went out of his bedroom in the middle of the night. His bedroom also included a toilet. Oh…Was he hungry? If that’s the case then It’s my duty to prepare a food that suited to his stomach considered what time it was right now!!

I hurriedly walk up to him, but he abruptly stopped in front of a room that still had a light on. It was the master’s room, the owner of this mansion or the father of Lookz-sama.

Knock knock…

“Come in…”

A deep voice from a man could be heard from the inside of that room. Lookz-sama opened the door and went inside. Ah…He only wanted to speak with the master but what did he want to talk about at a time like this? It should be a very important matter…The matter that I shouldn’t know…

“Father!! I want to marry her!!”


They even had an argument!!!

I tried to back myself away from that spot, but a shout was what made me stop on my track.

L-lookz-sama wanted to marry the princess that much!!?

To have a quarrel with the master like this, the desire to marry the princess must be extraordinary. Even when he had a strong yearning like this, I only thought about myself.

I failed at my duty, huh.

I’d decided!! I would support him and the princess to the best of my ability!!

No matter what happened!!


“Hmm…Who’s there!!?”

While I was fighting with myself inside of my head, the shouting from Lookz-sama made me snapped out of my thought. My wing…was poking out. I didn’t have other choices than revealing myself to him. I didn’t know how heavy a punishment would be for eavesdropping like this? If I told him the truth, would he get angry at me?

“Bell, what are you doing here? D-don’t tell me that you heard everything!!?”

“Ah…Umm…I only heard a little bit, but I didn’t have any intention to eavesdropping you!! I only…”

“Ah…you don’t have to speak any more!”

“I really have to apologize to you, Lookz-sama.”

I bent my head down to apologize him. What should I do? He must be very angry at me…I tried to look up at his face with a fear in my heart, but his face right now wasn’t showed any hint of angry expression. It was the face that had a redness all over, even to the tip of his ears.
Did he get embarrassed?

“Come over here…”

“Where are we going?”

He didn’t answer me. He only grabbed my arm and pulled me to walk along until we stopped in front of Lookz-sama’s room

Why did he bring me here?


“You sleep here tonight.”


He only wanted me to guard this room and I just thought things would be complicated than this. I slowed my breath down and that’s when my stomach was beginning to ache again!


“Bell, what’s happened!?”

“I-i want to use a toilet…” Ah!! How embarrassed!!

“Why don’t you use it then? My toilet is over there.”

“Thank you very much”

I bolted to the toilet in a flash. I had never imagined before that I would have a chance to use his toilet. It’s very embarrassing, but if I didn’t hurry then it will surely become a tragedy!!

When I finished doing my business, I saw Lookz-sama leaned against his headboard reading some book.

Lookz-sama looked even more handsome when he’s like this. The indigo blue eyes which were basked in the light from a lamp were really charming. His gold hair was also glittering in the midst of the night time like this.

Ah…There are no women on this land who wouldn’t have a crush on him. That’s included the princess. If she accepts his apology and his gift for her then her heart would melt for sure. Lookz-sama…were going to get together a good woman like the princess. I really glad for him.

No…I couldn’t look at him anymore than this. I have to keep an eye on him…
But when I sat on the sofa, a sharping glare from Lookz-sama was instantly on me.

“What are doing there?”

“I…have to keep an eye for you.”

“You don’t have to do that. I told you to sleep…so just come here.”


He patted a space beside him and called me to sleep there, right?

Oh…It would be better if I stay beside him when keeping an eye on him! Lookz-sama really had a sharp-witted!

But when my back touched the softness from his bed just like a bed at the school, I felt my eyes slowly shut down. You couldn’t do that!! If I slept, nobody would be here to guard him!!

“Go…to sleep right now. You have to wake up early tomorrow.” Lookz-sama lie down on his side towards my direction and closed his eyes.




If he spoke like this then It couldn’t be helped. I should sleep just like him told me to.

I…slept in…It seemed I really slept too much this time.

At first, I intended to wake up at the first ray of light as I would have time to back to my room and get prepared…but it’s already 7 AM!!!

I even woke up later than Lookz-sama!!!

“I apologize! I will hurry up and bring a breakfast and…!”

“You don’t have to hurry. I’m not that hurry.”

“If that’s the case then what will you like for breakfast?”

“Whatever in the kitchen.”

“I understand! I will hurry up…!!”

“Wait for a minute, Bell.”


He called me so I stopped myself for a moment. He brought out a white paper bag and handed it to me. I received it and looked inside but isn’t this…a white dress? It’s gorgeous. Was he intended to give this to the princess? Was this dress had a defect? Did he want me to sew it?

“Do you want me to sew this?”

“What? You idiot, this’s a new dress. Why should I want you to sew it?”


“I want you to wear this when we go to the palace.”

“I can’t wear this, Lookz-sama!”

“I’ve already measured the size. You can wear it.

“But…it…!!”It looks very expensive!! Wasn’t this your gift to the princess!?

“I told you to wear it so you have to wear it.”


So he didn’t buy this for the princess? What did he buy for her then?

I could only store that question in my heart and exited the room. All the maids quickly asked me what was I doing in Lookz-sama’s room. I only told them that I guard his room…even though I wasn’t doing anything other than sleeping in there.

When I finished my bath, I tried to wear the white dress…and found that it’s really fit my body. The white knee-length dress which also had a lace at the end and a white stocking that looked very expensive. I was only his servant…Did I have to wear something like this too?

It’s weird…My heart was beating fast…

Was this feeling…called a happiness?

Inside a big guest room, Lookz and princess Elena were quietly sipping a tea. He and Bella both came to the palace together but Bella had to split up and went to stay inside another guest room. Both of them had something to discuss in private.

“It’s unbelievable that you could break the curse. It’s a popular topic right now, you know.”

“The curse like that can’t do anything to me.”

The graceful princess Elena was slowly sipping her tea. She had light brown hair and a pair of blue-green or the color of the deep sea eyes. Her skin was also flawless. In conclusion, she was list as a top beautiful woman on this land.

“Oh…Why do you brag like that? Don’t you want to give an apology to me today?”

“I’m doing just that and I’ve already said it.”

“When was that?”

“Just a moment ago.”

“Hmm…rude as always. With an attitude like this, you will have a hard time finding a wife.”

“I don’t want a person like you to judge me. I know that you don’t want to get engaged with me in the first place. You want to use me as a tool, right? Erase that from your thought now.”

The atmosphere inside was beginning to get tense to the point that the princess Elena exhaled a long sigh. Her last mask was crack and broken now so…
The princess Elena had a secret. Something that she couldn’t tell anyone.

“Sigh…This’s why I hate men who only have a muscle.”

“Humph…You don’t have a right to say that…You are the one who’s a gay!”

“How rude. I only ‘love’ woman with my pure intention. I only determined to get engaged with you to trick my father, but you were the one who humiliated me at that banquet. You are the one who’s cruel.”

“You are the cruel one too. Using me to trick your father like that.”

“Ara~ Count this as an even. If you really want to apologize to me then why don’t you send Bella to me? I promise that I will take very good care of her. Fufu”

“No way!!”

The princess loved…a person of the same gender!!

The truth was that she didn’t really want to get engaged with Lookz in the first place. She only did it because this would give a benefit to her!! But her plan fell even before she had a chance to start!

“Ara~…How possessive. I never see Lookz-sama getting possessive over anyone this much before. I really want to know what your relationship toward her, I mean that little cute angel~” She squinted her eyes into a slit waiting for his answer.

“Humph…I will engage with her and marry her after we graduate from the school.”

“Oh my god! If you can say it with this much confidence then that’s mean you already asked her, right?”


“Ara~ if you are silent like this then you still haven’t asked her. What a pity, little Bella is about to get capture inside a golden cage by a demon who has white wings…”

“Shut your mouth this instant.”

“Ufufu, I will wait for something fun from now on. Ara~ It’s time for me to have a piano class so we have to say a goodbye for now. I will accept your cute apology, Goodbye.”

“Goodbye, I wish we don’t have to see each other face again.”

“Ara~ that would be difficult. But if we are going to see each other again next time, would you bring Bella to this room too? I would be very happy to see her.”

“Don’t even wish to touch her hair.”

“How scary~ Fufu~”

The princess Elena laughed out loud before going back to wear a mask of a perfect princess and went away from the guest room. He slowly exhaled because this way, the problem that was on his mind finally disappeared.

The princess Elena had a good reputation and all of the citizen on this land also respected her and that’s included many nobles too. That’s why nobody knew she hid her true malicious nature behind her mask, but her malicious nature was one that benefits this land. In fact, She hated men to the bones. She also had a plan to get rid of a man, who she deemed as an annoyance, out of her life. On the other hand, If that person was a woman, her personality would do a complete 180-degree change.

Knock knock.

“Come in.”

“Lookz-sama, I heard you finished discussing something with the princess so I come here.”

Bella opened the door of the guest room when she got the permission to do so. She came inside and went to stand beside him just like always.
Lookz glanced at Bella who wore the beautiful white dress that he chose it himself with a red face.

He hadn’t thought anything wrong…It really suited her.

He hid his thought in his heart. The truth was that he wanted her to wear a beautiful dress every day. He wanted her to come sleep inside his room and he wanted to stay with her even more than this. Even if he had to use an excuse such as visiting an elder’s house. But the pride in his heart was higher than a mountain, he didn’t dare to tell his intention to her.

“Lookz-sama, please…stay still.”

“What? Why…Bell?”

Suddenly, It looked as if she could read his thought. Her face was moving towards him. The gap between their face was narrow down dangerously. Her face was really close to him right now. His heart was beating hard as though it would explode when the face of the girl he liked coming towards him.

No…you couldn’t do that, Bell…this ‘s…

This place wasn’t his mansion, but rather the palace. But…Nobody was here to see it anyway… He slowly closed his eyes down waiting for the sensation that would come after this…

“Ah…There is it. There’s a dust at your collar. I think it’s from outside.”


Bella lightly wiped the dust away from his collar using her handkerchief.

“O-oh…That’s right. What’s about your talk with the princess? Didn’t you talk to her about your marriage with her?”


“The thing that you talked with the master last night, wasn’t Lookz-sama want to marry the princess?”


He could only gasp at Bella’s sparkling eyes. She looked at him with a hopeful look on her face while he recalled what happened last night. He even had a quarrel with his father for a long time because he wanted to get engaged with her. He even thought that…she heard all of that so he brought her to sleep in his room!!

I…What did I do this for…?

“Lookz-sama, why do you make such a sad face like that…Did the princess reject you!?”

“Go away…”

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