Villain heal chapter 59

Summer, Rainy season, Winter…

There’s a saying that the life of a teenager was very short. When a term started, everyone was coming back and getting together again. We spend time studying and playing. Luler and I also hadn’t changed much. If I had to say it…

it would be a distance between us had shortened…?

The time passed by as if the thing that I had faced was just a dream. I hadn’t reappeared at the afterworld again which was a good thing. I didn’t think any living normal person would want to go there.

Two years passed by, we were already a high-school student. Everyone grew up, but it was still the same inside. How could I say it? They looked just like ‘them’ in the game as years passed. No…I had to say they were a carbon-copy of ‘them’, but why…

Why did I feel like I wasn’t the ‘Shiwa’ in the game?

“Is it because of my hairstyle?”

I stood in front of the mirror in my room. Today was the first day of the term for us, a high-school student. I was excited so much that I lost some sleep last night.

Well, today was the day I finally had the chance to meet with the heroine of this game. Even if I shouldn’t think too much, I couldn’t help myself to feel nervous.

If I didn’t have to concern myself with her then it would be fine, but this feeling of not wanting to let anyone stealing my thing was beginning to bug me all night.

What was she going to steal!!? I wasn’t the owner of Luler!!

I was starting to become loony more and more…

I woke up earlier than normal and also woke Luler up to go back to prepare himself in his room. Today, I would have to be strict with his timing because he had to give a welcome speech to new students as a representative student. Our grade was just about the same, but he was the prince. I thought it would be better if he were the one who gave it. No matter what, I would work in the backstage anyways.

I studied the sight in front of me again. Maybe It was really a hairstyle that’s the cause of the difference between me and ‘Shiwa’ in the game. Because ‘Shiwa’ in the game wore a super cute twin-tailed, but I was only wearing a high ponytail. ‘Shiwa’ in the game also wore a makeup too, but I still hadn’t done that yet. Anyway, today was the start of the term so I should try the makeup that I made during the break.

I started with putting on a light makeup, brushing my cheek and using a strawberry pink lip balm on my lips. I also tied my hair to a twin-tailed. Umm…This was it…Did I also look cute too?

Don’t be like that… even if your mind was a working woman but your body was only a teenager, I should act like one too!


“Shiwa…eat breakfast…that…What are you doing?”

“L-Luler!! Why don’t you knock first before come in!!?”

While I was posing in front of the mirror, Luler suddenly opened the door and came inside without me noticing it. It was a good thing I was able to prepare myself just in time.

“A new hair-style?” He closed the door and walked up to me. He stopped behind my back.

“Yes, I-I just want to try something new.”

“You have a makeup on…?”

“T-today was the start of the term.”



Why did I feel like I gave him an excuse!!? I didn’t even do anything wrong!!

“Wipe it off.”

“What? Hey! Don’t wipe it!! it will become a mess!!”

Luler brought out a handkerchief and wiped at my face with a seriousness on his face. Who taught you to wipe at a woman’s face like this!!? I tried to push his hand away. I tried hard to put that on and you would wipe all of that away in just three seconds!! It would be a waste!!

“Stop it!! If you dare to wipe it again, don’t think of sleeping here tonight!!”


Oh…this was still working just as always. He stood still and made a displeased face at me.

You were already sixteen so stop acting like a thirteen years old child!! If you want to pout or anything, you have to do it within a boundary!

“Why does your hair still getting messy like that? Bend your head down, I will fix it for you.”

I pressed at his shoulder to make him stood at my height so I could reach over to fix his hair. His hair was soft just like a cat’s fur so I tried to pat it and place his hair behind his left ear.

“Umm…you look good…Let’s go.”


It seemed like his mood was good again. We held hand while walking to the cafeteria. Normally, I would be the one who came first, but I had to prepare for many things today so I was the last one who reached our table. When I reach the table, everyone had already sat in their seat.

“Good morning, everyone.” I walked up and greeted them.

“You are late today! Did you change your hairstyle? It looks different!” Akane stood up and commented on my hairstyle.

“It looks different?” When you spoke like this, it made me lose my confidence, you know. Maybe it didn’t suit me at all.

“It isn’t like that. It’s very cute.” Bella smiled at me.

“Shiwa looks vibrate much more than normal today…” It seemed a little bit too much to hear Shelyn said it like that. I was beginning to get shy from her praise.

We ate breakfast together just like every day. After we finished eating, we had to separate our ways as Luler and I had to go to the back of the stage, others had to go sit in front of the stage. My duty was to help the student council and arrange things behind the stage. Even if I hadn’t entered the student council yet, but I also had a duty to do as the headmistress’s daughter.

“Oh…Shiwa-sama, you look beautiful than normal today.”

“Ara~ Thank you for your compliment, president-sama.”

When I went to the back of the stage, the first person who came to greet me was the new president. His name was Novis. He was a snow demon who studied here for a long time. He had a light blue neck-length hair, white eyes, and pale skin just like a snow. But he had a friendly personality that’s why he could win over everyone’s heart and got this position.

“Hmm…Don’t call me ‘President-sama’. You can call me ‘President’.”

“Then you have to call me ‘Shiwa’ too. I’m only a first-year student.”

“If that’s the case then…”



It seemed like I completely forgot there’s someone else too. When I looked behind my back, there’s Luler who glared at me.

“U-umm, I came here to send Prince Luler to prepare himself for the upcoming speech.”

“Yes…If that’s the case then please come this way, Luler-sama.”

Novis gestured for Luler to come into the room, but…

“I don’t want to do it anymore.”

“What?” “Yes??”

the president and I both said at the same time before looked in Luler direction with the same expression on our faces.

“I don’t want to speak on the stage anymore. I don’t have a feeling.” He said just that and turned back to walk in the opposite direction.


What did you mean when you said that you didn’t want to give a speech anymore!!?

“I have to apologize, president. I will get him back here!!”

“I understand…I will wait for you here.”

I bow down to give an apology to him and ran after Luler.

“Luler! Stop this instance!”


What!? ํYou ignored me, huh. I grabbed his wrist to make him stop. We were standing in front of a storage room right now. Everybody was still busy preparing around the stage so this area was empty.

“Luler! This’s your duty! Go back to the stage right now!”



“If I’m on the stage then you have to be with him, right?”

“Ahh…That’s right. He’s the president. You can’t let a personal matter and a work to…”

“I won’t do it.”

I could deal with his stubbornness anytime, but in this crucial time like this, If he persisted to be like this then the outcome of this day wouldn’t be good for sure.

Sigh…It couldn’t be helped.

“Luler, do you understand how much important this event is?”


“If you don’t seriously do it…”


“I won’t give you a reward.”


When I spoke about a reward, he instantly turned back to face me. In the end, I had nothing else to bribe him into doing this.

“What’s the reward?” He suddenly looked very interested.

“Whatever you want. How about it?”

“Whatever I want?”

“That’s right.”

“Then I want to kiss you three times.”

“What!? Three times were too much.”

“Three times.”

“No, one is enough.”

“Three times.”


His eyes contained a determination in them more than it should be. I could only look towards the stage where everyone should be busy right now. The ceremony would be starting soon. It would be too late if I had to lose a time over bickering with him.

“Fine, Three times.”

“I will try…”

Luler used his arms to encircle me and pulled me to his body…

“Stop!! This’s outside!!”

“It doesn’t matter, isn’t it.”

Even if nobody was here, but there’s a possibility that there would be…!!!

“A-hem!! I have to apologize for interrupting you two like this, but the ceremony is about to start.”

The president, who I didn’t notice when he came, looked at us with a worried expression on his face.

He…saw all of it.

“I understand…”

Luler nodded and obediently walked to the stage. Hmph! you were willing to go once you got a reward, huh. That’s when I felt a strange gaze from the president ho gave me a weird signal.


“Umm…President…What is it?”

“It’s nothing. It just…”


“You two are a very sweet couple.”

His words made my face heated up.

“It’s not that much…”


Why did you give me a smile like that, president!? it’s as if you have a secret motive under that smile!

But it’s not that strange at all if I didn’t talk back, It…really looked like that anyway.

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