Villain Heal chapter 60

“Today is the day that you all will take another step to your adulthood. As the headmistress, I hope that you will continue this path with confidence…”

This was the speech from my mother. My duty right now was to organize a timing for each teacher to introduce themselves on the stage. This looked like an opening ceremony in my old world. After these teachers finished introducing themselves, It would be Luler’s turn to give a speech as the representative student.

It…felt weird.

I unconsciously peeked out to see where the heroine sat. She was human so she would sit in the middle of the hall as we’d already arranged the seating. I only caught a glimpse of her light brown hair but I was called back to do my work.

“Shiwa, you seem a little bit dazed today.” The president told me with a worrying in his tone.

“It’s nothing, president. Maybe I’m feeling excited today.”

“Oh, it’s pretty rare that you feel like this.”

“Ara~ Is it that strange that I feel excited?”

“Because Shiwa looks like a cool-headed person.”

“That thing is only an outward appearance.”

“That’s right.”

When the president turned back to other members in the council, my mother and other teachers were also coming down from the stage. The introduction must have ended after this would be a speech from the representative student.

“Mother.” I walked towards her first and offered her a tray full of glass of water.

“Thank you, Shiwa. I’m feeling thirty right now.” My mother took one of them before a group of teachers also came to take them one by one.

“Where is father? Doesn’t he come with you?”

“He has a work outside of the town. He must be very busy now.”

“it’s rare to see him accepting a work outside of the town.”

“Sigh…This is a request from the king.”

Ara~…Father was the person who loved to spend his time with his family so even if it’s the request from the king, he would be likely rejecting this request unless…

“I feel very honor to be on the stage today…”

It was that moment that I heard Luler’s speech from the stage. I automatically peeked out to see him. His image completely changed as I couldn’t see a track of what he normally behaved when he’s around me. He looked like a resolute and fearful prince.

“Your eyes are burning hole, you know.”

“Oh…It’s not like that, mother.”

“How’s it going with you and the prince lately?”

“Nothing has changed, mother.”

I could only give her an awkward smile. If I said nothing, then It’s like I was lying to her straight to the face. Even though today was the start of the term, my mother already had a pile of work to do so she excused herself to go back first. She entrusted her work to the deputy director.

When the student representative’s speech ended, the clasping noise sounded throughout the room. Luler gracefully bowed and came down from the stage and made a beeline to me.

“You can do it if your mind put your mind to it, huh.”


“Can’t you wait until the ceremony end?”

“I want it now.”

“But I still have to work!”

“It’s time for a break, Shiwa. Do you to come eat lunch with us?”

Suddenly, It’s as if he planned this all along, the student president spoke up with a smile but…If he invited me in another time then I would be very grateful for him!!

“Shiwa will be going with me. You won’t mind this, right?”

“Is that so? Then I will have to excuse myself first.”

The student president waved at us with a smile while I was dragged by Luler to a corridor and walked into a narrow corner.  He used his body to entirely hide me from the outside. Even if nobody was passed by here, but this spot was really easy to spot, wasn’t it!?

“Luler, I will have to warn you…I will get angry if you do it here.”

“You will get angry at me but you won’t hate me, right?”

“What? That…”

“Then I will…readily accept any punishment as your command.”

You should change ‘readily accepting’ to ‘want to be punished’. The latter was what you wished for, right!!?

“You are cunning.”

“You can say that I have a right to bargain with you.” Luler pulled my waist towards him until my body was pressed against his body…

“The government class, huh. How can you use that in a situation like this?”

“If I get a chance to learn it then I will have to practice it too.”


The handsome face just like a statue was slowly moving in. A second later and our lips would touch…

I unconsciously held my breath when his tongue was slid into my mouth. My palm was moving toward the middle of his back to grasp his shirt. I couldn’t say that I wasn’t into this too.

I tilted my head up because of our height difference. When did he become so tall? He wasn’t a little kid from when we first met anymore…?




“Your cheeks are red…just like a strawberry…”

“Shut up. If you don’t want to kiss, then release me…Oop!”

He didn’t wait for me to finish my sentence as he tilted his head down to kiss me again. It wasn’t a feather-light kiss just like the first time, but he forcefully pressed his lips down making me feel as though my body would melt. That’s crazy…I didn’t feel light-headed because of this kiss!

I didn’t know whether it was my personality that I didn’t want to lose to anyone or anything else. I touched his cheeks and pressed my tongue into him even more…!!!



While I was careless, I completely forget that this wasn’t my room or my private space. The sound of something falling to the ground was enough to break me out from the kiss. I pushed my body off from him and peeked out to see what happened…

I saw a girl who was staring straight at us. She had mid-back-length light brown hair, a pair of dark brown eyes, a cute face, but her eyes were a little shaky at this moment. She had the face of someone who saw something very frightful as she seemed scared to the point that she dropped her stuff.

She was the heroine of this game for sure…


She looked at us and then…


She fell to the ground…like she was unconscious.

I couldn’t use the word ‘look like’…She was really unconscious!!

“You!! Are you alright!?”

I hurriedly ran toward her and supported her up. She looked weak and pale. Maybe It was because of the difference between the demon world’s environment and human’s environment that affected her to reduce to this state. But why…did she have to be unconscious at this place!?

“Luler, help me carry her to the infirmary!” I couldn’t carry her with my strength so I turned to the gentleman who stood near me.

“Maybe she suddenly feels a little bit drowsy…she will wake up…”

“Carry her right now. I won’t talk to you tonight if you won’t do it.”


Even if he showed a displeased face, but he obediently did just as I said. He carried her in a princess carry. Even though that was the way that a gentleman should act to a woman but…

I felt bad having to see a scene like this.

Luler, I and a conscience person came to the infirmary. I didn’t have to be the infirmary’s doctor anymore as my mother said she’d finally filled in this spot not too long ago.


“Doctor, a new human student is unconscious.”

I opened the door to see a back of a man. His height was around my height with a chin-length hair. I couldn’t see his face clearly when he turned to us because of the thickness of his glasses and he was also sloppily wearing a white coat. Was it too big for him? It looked really loose.

But…he looked familiar…

“Thank you, Shiwa ojou-sama. You even bring her here.” He said as he was walking toward me. His voice was just like…

“Umm…Do we meet before, doctor?”

“Ara~, we haven’t met for two years and you have already forgotten about me? I really sad, you know.”

An annoying voice like this…

He slowly took off his glasses, so I could get a better look at his face now.


“I’m glad that you can still remember my name.”

Noir grinned until his smile was ear to ear. His annoying attitude was the same just like how it was two years ago…Wait a minute…

He was a doctor!!?

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