O.V.E.R.L.O.A.D chp.1 : Winning the boss by…hugging?

“Why haven’t you shot me yet? You still have a chance to do that now.”

A deep voice, which was very pleasing to the ears, came from the young man who was sitting on the blood throne. He was a rank-S boss named ‘Ansel’ or ‘The nightmare of Asei’.

His light blue eyes were coldly staring at me. With his handsomeness that I almost want to worship him, my hands, which I used to point a gun to his head, shook a little because I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger.

If I shot his head. That would be too wasteful…

Oh, I wasn’t in a real near-dead situation because I was only playing a virtual reality game.

Back to the situation in front of me, I had three reasons not to kill this villain.

First, I was ‘Carina de Segol’ right now. She had a beautiful face, big busts, blonde hair and she was very brutal. Nobody could do anything to her when she could kick a tile to shatter in pieces and freeze everything in hundreds meter radius when she was angry.

Second, the villain was so stunningly handsome. He was so handsome to the point that I didn’t want to kill him. To the point that I want him to be my husban…volunteer for protecting one’s heart. The kind that let him stirring up a crime frequently. I would free my schedule to subdue him every time so I could see him laughing maniacally. That was…really my mental nourishment!

I got embarrassed just by thinking about it…

Sobbbb…My love~

Well, I knew my second reason sounded really weird, but I really thought I was crazy myself too. Anyway, you didn’t have to mind what I’d just said. All of that was nonsense so you should ignore it.

Now, getting back to the serious mode(which was rare to find in me).

The third reason was the main reason that I couldn’t pull the trigger and that was the reaction of this character. This body was trembling all over and I also couldn’t control it too.

I didn’t know whether Carina was falling in love with this villain or not. Maybe she was in the military for far too long so she got tired of seeing a man who only had a muscle. When she saw the young villain, a handsome one at that, she might fell in love with him.

Hold on!!

You already had a fiance. He was also the main hero of this game so you couldn’t be unfaithful and fell in love with this man!

Really, I didn’t know what happened right now. I only knew I couldn’t control this character. I could only stare at his handsome face.

When I looked into his eyes, I was met with a pair of light blue eyes which concealing a deadly aura in them. This made my heart fluttered and I really wanted to confine him in a bedroom…No! I meant in a prison!

I would do that to this young man if he wasn’t the villain or he hadn’t had nine digits price on his head as he was a wanted criminal. 

He looked up before slowly speaking something as if he was indifferent to the gun pointing at his head. “If you don’t hurry up and kill me. Don’t call me heartless, Carina.”

He stood up from the throne when he’d finished speaking. My hand was shaking harder than before. I took a step back everytime he was stepping towards me. My finger was also freezing and I couldn’t use it to pull the trigger anymore. More importantly, it seemed all of my power was locked.


I took a deep breath.

After this, it would be a battle scene, right!

I readied my battle stance because I knew this was the boss battle. If I could finish this, Carina would go back to the military to have the ending scene, and that would be a special marriage scene.

While I was happily thinking about that ending scene, the villain dashed into me in a flash and then…!

He was hugging me so close

that I could feel his breath on my neck.

I blinked as I was perplexed about this kind of attack. Could he read my mind that doing this would make me lose a large amount of my blood from a nosebleed?


I could only let this handsome villain hugged me…No! I meant let everything went by just like in a script.

A few moments later, he whispered lowly into my ear. “I know you won’t shoot me. I know…”


Although I really liked his handsome face, if I had to win this stage, I would fight him.

He held me firmly than before. My body was pushed into his. I could feel his warmth, smell a scent of his soft blonde hair, and his heartbeat. Everything was strangely made me relaxed and familiar. While I was lost in the moment, he whispered again.

“Finally, we meet again…Carin.”

I frowned when I heard him saying this name.

Since I had been playing this character, I remembered the name ‘Carin’ was something crucial to this character, Carina. From what I guessed, there’s only a handful of characters who would call her ‘Carin’. They were important to her. Unfortunately, the detail about this and the identities of those people who called her ‘Carin’ wasn’t out yet.

In the end, I didn’t completely know her background because DLC of her background wasn’t released for players.

In conclusion, the villain in front of me had something in the past with Carina, right?

While my character was shaking all over, it was that moment everything suddenly changed to darkness. Followed by a message and an announcement.


You have cleared the fifth stage.

Unlocked ‘The ending’


I didn’t do anything other than let him hugged me. It should be another way around because this was like he took liberties with me.

That was confusing.

I thought hard and then came back to the real world to calm myself down after facing this strange scene. I had been playing this game for almost ten sequels and I was also a hardcore fan club for ten years.

There’s not even once that I won against a boss by letting the boss hugged me!

But that was really good to my heart

so I would let this passed by…

This was a fighting game named “O.V.E.R.L.O.A.D”. It was about fighting between heroes and villains in a world where humans could have supernatural power. The plot was like those of a movie or a comic about a superhero out there, but the main feature of this game was its characters. The number of a hero and a villain character was almost up to fifty characters. Every character also had a detailed background. The characters were also good-looking too. The producer of this game ้had once said in an interview that they wanted this game to target a teenager who liked good-looking characters. The outcome was beyond expectation because the sales had never gone down. That’s why they released a new sequel every year.
All in all, this was one of the few games that didn’t have an uncle character, an aunt character, and a muscled old chap character as there were only young characters. There were many kinds such as sexy, bad boy, bad girl, kawaii, moe, shota, lolita, BL, yuri etc. This made every player addicted to this game because it fulfilled their own preference.

Another thing, the system of this game was exceptional because the producer used the virtual reality system that was renowned these days to develop this game. Using this system, the player could role-playing as a character in the game. This made the game a hundred times better.

When we could punch and kick for real while we had power…That was made it enjoyable!

I should introduce myself. My name was ‘Carina Medishe’. A normal college student who had godlike skill in playing ‘O.V.E.R.L.O.A.D’ game. Well, I made a name when I had been winning a tournament in online mode every month (If I participate in one) and I was the one who, everyone expected to win in every competition for a trophy too.

I didn’t really want to boast, but I was really that good, you know.

Oh…I unintentionally said it.

How embarrassing~

I chose to play as an anti-hero character named ‘Carina de Segal’ or ‘The queen of blood snow’ in every sequel. I didn’t even think of playing other characters because I felt clicked with this character as we had the same name. Her moral was also a little bit on a grey side.

Other than that, I liked ‘Carina’ designed and she also had a kicking power to make the floor split in half. Her punch easily went through the wall and her snow power, just like the queen in Frozen, was incredibly cool.

I didn’t know why she was so ruthless, but I felt that I was myself the most when I played as her.

Back to the unlocked scene, I was still puzzling right now about what happened before. I couldn’t stand my curiosity so I hurriedly went to find an answer. I tried to find the result from another player who’d already gone through this stage. Was there anyone who felt confused like me? To my surprise, nobody felt confused at all.

In that stage, your character had to fight the boss just as another stage before and this included players who played ‘Carina’ too. They had to fight the boss ‘Ansel’, not to have him touched her like that.

Was it a bug?

I thought while scratching my head because which bug would be that good.

Still perplexing, I opened the page ‘Carina de Segal’ that I was the admin because I saw a message from somebody who would like to ask about the character’s information. After that, I found that the person who sent the message was having the same problem as me. A moment later, we concluded that the scene before was the special scene for those who played as ‘Carina’ and hesitating to pull the trigger to shot the villain ‘Ansel’.

‘Admin, It seemed like I have unlocked some achievement so the company sent the DLC, which they hadn’t placed on sale yet, to me for free. Do you get it too?’

I read the message before going to check my achievement page. Only to find that it was empty. I didn’t get it like him.

‘I didn’t get it…Congratulation.’

I envied you!

“Then I will send it to you. I’m not brave enough to play it so I would like someone who’s the best to play it first.”

My eyes instantly brighten up. If it’s concerned a game then I wouldn’t be courteous for sure. I typed ‘Thank you very much’ in a high-speed.

‘Give me your ID and I will send it to you. You have to play it fast and give a review to other players. That way we can spread the ‘Carina’ cult’

Meh…what kind of cult was that? Told me straight away if you liked her big boobs!

I thought before sending my ID with the message ‘Thank you’ coupled with the bowing sticker. Not long after, there’s a notification from my ID. When I went to check it, there’s a present in my box.


Kyaaaa…He didn’t lie to me.

I screamed in happiness before going straight to take a bath readied to tackle this DLC. I wouldn’t let anything disturbed me, not even the smell from my body.
In another place, the person who sent the game was smiling in front of the computer. His face was hidden behind a mask which covered half of his face. It looked like he was smiling and then that mouth moved to form words.

“See you later…”

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