O.V.E.R.L.O.A.D chapter 3: when we met, a catastrophe was sure to happen…

“I can change the ending?” I muttered to myself before went into checking if this was really possible. At that moment, there’s a message from the one who sent the game to me.

“Ad, have you played it yet?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“You have to play it quickly. I played to the ending scene a moment ago, and it told me I can change the ending. But we have to understand the reason why Dasia decided to reveal Carina’s secret, the reason why Evan chose to drive her out, and who was the one hugging Carina at the end. It seems these are all things related to Carina.”

My eyes began to sparkle when I saw the message.

That’s it…

Maybe if I understood those things, I could reset the game, and prevent this ending to happen again.

I smiled because now, I had found a way to save Carina. I sent a message back to him. “Thank you. I will go play it now.”

I clicked another icon on my desktop and readied to go into another game. The device tuned its wave to match with my brainwave, and I closed my eyes.

I’m ready to solve this case!

In another place, the person, who sent the message to chat with Carina, could only sigh.

He didn’t think Carina would go into playing that ending.


It’s alright because everything would change back to normal. He believed in Carina, and he also believed in his past self to change what’s happened right now. The situation right now was extremely bad.

Everything would change…

When I opened my eyes, I found myself lying on the floor of a child bedroom. How did I know? It was because I saw some messily drawing hung at the door. The ceiling had a beautiful piece of ice grown out of it, but the image in front of me looked rather like a freezing compartment which hadn’t been cleaned for years. The most important thing was I hadn’t felt cold at all.

I looked down at myself and saw that I was in Carina’s body when she was a child. Even if this body didn’t have big boobs, but I could remember the golden locks and her pale skin.

Looked like the game went back to when she was a child.

I thought and sat up before turning to see a mirror in front of me. Her face was lovely, but there’s only a tear-stained on her face. Although the DLC had never come out, I had read all the detail of her background so I could guess what just happened.

This must be when Carina had just finished throwing her tantrum.

The tantrum, that I meant, was to cry just like every normal child out there. But what made her different from other children was, when she blew a fuse, her supernatural would instantly become active. That’s why the room was in this state. Because Carina was very fearful, her parents couldn’t look after her. In fact, they were scared by their child, so they had to contact the ‘De Segal’ organization to take their child away. It was the beginning before she would be in the ‘OVERLORD’ group.

Not too long after, the door opened, and a man went into my room. He had a face that was up to the standard of this game. The meaning was he was good-looking. He wore a white attire as though he was a scientist. I immediately knew he was the one who came to pick me up.

I blinked at him. I didn’t think to act silly because my feeling hadn’t reached that point yet, and I also didn’t any reason to do it too.
I sat there, and let that stranger came to pat on my head. He spoke with me a little until I trusted him. After that, I was lifted up in a bridal style, and that made me freeze in embarrassment.

I hadn’t been carried in this way before.

I lean more into his chest and obediently let him carried me to a luxurious car parked in front of the house. I noticed the house was freeze as if it was placed in a freezing compartment. My parents were trembling because of the chill, and they were standing in front of the house. They looked at me as though I was a devil.

When I saw that, it seemed like ‘the feeling’ had come. The feeling, that I mentioned, was something the game wanted us to feel. This made the player stayed in the role easily, but the feeling wouldn’t come that often. Because this game didn’t want the player to act exactly in the role, it wanted to give freedom to the player. However, there had to be a moment where the game forced the player to stay in the role. If not the story would be out of control.

I could feel ‘the feeling’ now, and I really wanted to cry.

I began to sob. My parents were shocked when they saw me crying and scurrying away from me in a flash, but the man, who held me, didn’t show any hint of fearing me at all. He smiled at me gently, and that made my heart melt into a puddle.

Why did he seem so warm?

Well, I didn’t want to cry anymore.

I suppressed my tear, and obediently sat on the passenger seat which he had already prepared for a child. I let him fasten my seat belt, and then he went back to sit on the driver seat. After that, he quickly drove away from the frozen house.

On the way, the man, who looked like a scientist, held out a lollipop to me. “Carina, do you want to eat it?”

I looked at him and pretended to hesitate.

I once heard there’s this saying: ‘A child shouldn’t receive something from a stranger’ What about a handsome stranger then?

I took it from him. Well, I didn’t have any reason not to, right? I also felt pity for this good-looking man too. Would he felt like he lost a face because a child didn’t accept his candy? More importantly, this was a game, that’s why I could play however I wanted.

It would be fine if I played at a slow-paced.

The car drove past a small village which was Carina’s hometown, after some moment, it went into the capital named ‘Light city’. ‘Light city’ was massive in its size. We continued our drive through a suburb which had a few residents in it.

When we were near the destination, I saw the ‘De Segal’ from afar. The car drove past tight security. It was as if this place would get attacked, or broken out?

I saw an iron fence which had a warning sign: Beware of electricity. After that, I looked around with excitement in my eyes as the fan club of this game. The man turned to smile at me before parking the car in front of a building. When we reached the destination, he turned to look at me and spoke in a gentle voice. “It seems you aren’t scared anymore, Carina.”

I nodded with an expression of a normal child.

“Then we are readied to know each other, right?”

“I think so.”

He gently patted my head in what seemed like a consolation. What he had done was the right thing because if Carina began to get angry then everything would be doom.

“My name is Lookz. I will be your new father, Carina.”

“Err…My father…Who is my mother then?”

Please tell me I wasn’t a troll…

Lookz laughed before lightly patted my head. He didn’t answer my question but got out of the car to open the door to me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me along to the white building.

I walked past many rooms, many sections. Each section had tight security as they didn’t let anyone walked past by freely. Even Lookz, who dressed fully in his attire, had to show his ID to every guard in here. It took almost an hour to reach the ‘Supernatural’ division.

It wasn’t far at all, but the security was too tight.

I thought and looked around for a child who had a supernatural power before I saw one room in particular. That room was separated by glass so we could clearly see everything happened inside. It looked like a person inside couldn’t see me.

Lookz saw me looked at that room, so he stopped. He kneeled down to her level and explained to her.”They are doing a daily test.”

“A daily test?”

Lookz lightly patted my head while speaking.”To take care all of you. We will have to understand this power, so we can help you.”

I listened and nodded while my eyes turned to look at a child in the glass room.

That boy was the villain ‘Ansel’, her new beloved!

He looked this cute even as a child.

He had light blond to almost white hair and light blue eyes which I was familiar with. He was sitting at the corner of the room alone before scientists, who stayed in a different room, asking him all kinds of question.

“Are you still feeling your power right now?”

Little Ansel nodded before answering. “My power hasn’t gone anywhere. It was born from me, so It’s within me.”

“Can you control them?”

Ansel shook his head.

“You can’t control it, right?” The scientist asked again.

“No, I meant, I can control it sometimes, but there’s a moment when I can’t control it too…”

After he finished speaking, the light within the room went flickering on and off as though there’s a ghost inside. I widened my eyes in excitement just like those scientists who were panic at this moment.

Ansel’s power was very terrifying. It was suitable for the s-ranked boss villain like him, and he was handsome too.

His power was devil energy. This was similar to a poltergeist in science, but the difference was that Ansel could control it if he had a practice. He couldn’t control it right now as he was only a child. But that’s a good thing if he managed to control it, it meant there’s a godlike villain born in this world.

What’s more, his body could absorb the devil energy to use it himself, and change into the devil’s form that was super cool. His devil form was a handsome devil who had a pair of black wings, like a pair of bird wings, sprouted from his back.

My beloved Ansel…

I remembered the scene in the teaser and looked at the child. Suddenly, he turned to look at me even when he supported to be oblivious of me because this glass could only be seen from the outside. Now, the lights in the room I was in and the glass room went completely off.

I turned around in surprise, but not too long after that, the lights became normal again. I exhaled in relieved because I feared I would have to see a horror scene just now. However, I noticed in the glass room…Ansel was standing there, and I didn’t know when he came to stand here.

He stretched his hand out to lay over the glass as though he could see me, and that action made me saw something in his eyes.

He was lonely…

I was soft-heartened at this sight, and from the cuteness of the blonde boy in front of me. I stepped closer to the glass before placing my hand on the area where his hand was. This made the scientist around there bewildered. Some of them even began to write down a note to send to their superior.

When our hands joined together, even when there’s the glass between us, the lights were beginning to flicker again. That must be from Ansel’s power wherever the clean glass began to form a cube of ice from my power.

When two weird children met each other, it was normal for a supernatural thing to happen.

I saw Ansel through the glass in puzzlement. Did he have something in the past with Carina? Something that made him hugged right that. But his cute face also made me thought this would be the start of a love that I had never known.

It would be good if it was like that. This DLC would change into an otome game.

Before my ice was going to cover my view of his face, he smiled at me. The lights went off again, and when the light went on, I found him sticking his tongue out as though he wanted to tease me.

I startled and acted like how any child would be. I fell to the ground and starting to cry.

I swore that it was unintentional, but this was my role. A child was a very fragile thing. Well, I fell a little, but it was too painful.

When my tears were beginning to fall, the calamity would start for sure. The coolness came rushing from where I sat to the area around me. Lookz immediately lifted me up and rocked me to make me stopped crying. My ice, that was almost freezing other people, slowly disappeared away.

I turned to look at the villain. He really did act like one even when he was a child. After that, I saw him sticking his tongue out to me.

My loved…

Why were you a troublemaker like this!? 

But that’s alright, I was going to tame your mischievous behavior myself…Fufufu.

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