O.V.E.R.L.O.A.D chapter 4 We become a…new friend?

I had my own bedroom in the ‘De Segal’ research center. The number of my room was ‘003’, and that made me thought they were serious about taking care of me.


It’s not like that because my bedroom only had a bed, a closet, a drawing table, a bookcase, and a CCTV in this small rectangular room. My bathroom was next to this room.

My new room at a glance was like a prison for a criminal or a guinea pig in a movie. Although my room was greater than that because my wall wasn’t all plain white, it was orange with cute stickers pasting all over. The color of the furniture was matched with each other.

In conclusion, this was a prison for a child.

Lookz saw my uncomfortable face. He lifted me up to the bed and told me everything would be alright. He would take care of me, and this place would be my home from now on. That’s why I should feel happy.

“It will be hard at first, but Carina should be able to fit in with this place.”

I stared at him with all my cuteness and nodded.

Lookz, he was suited to be a hero in the game, but it’s a pity that he’s not. Although he wasn’t a hero in it, he would be the hero in my heart from today onward.

Oh, I really was a sweet-talker, wasn’t I?


Since I had been living here, it was uncomfortable just like what’s Lookz said at first. I was under their observation all the time, but Lookz really did take care of me. He stayed true to his words, and he acted as the best father-figure towards me.

He took good care of me. He would wake me up in the morning to go to the lab. When it’s time for a meal, he would always ask me what I would like to eat.

I couldn’t suppress my inner troll so…

One day, I told him in my utmost sweet tone. Lookz, I want to eat a spicy Thai salad made with blood cockles, an oyster soup, strawberry milk, a noodle, a pot-stewed duck, a Thai pudding with coconut topping, sweet rice gnocchi in coconut milk etc.

What surprised me more was that he brought all of that to me, and I didn’t even want to eat it.

He really took good care of me to the point that, I wanted to cry because I shouldn’t troll him at all. More importantly, he made me feel like I really had a family, even when I didn’t have a family in my real life. I couldn’t remember my parent’s face, but I felt deja vu when I saw the disgust expression on the faces of Carina’s parent.

Was I also drove out of the house just like Carina?

I could only sigh before eating the pot-stewed duck which Lookz had brought it. When I was packed full, I fed some of it to Lookz. Acting innocently like an adult in a child body that I was.

In these days, those scientists liked to ask all kinds of question to me in the glass room. Sometimes, I also saw Ansel whose power was growing strongly by the days. The proof of this was when I went into a toilet, a light suddenly went off, and I slipped. My head was knocked against the toilet seat, so I cried. Everything around me was frozen after that.

In the end, I couldn’t use it because the toilet had become shave ice readied to serve!

I knew it was Ansel’s power. There’s nobody other than him. Because when I walked out with a dejected face, he looked really smug. I was tempted to kiss him many times to put an end to his behavior.

A villain was really a villain even when they were only a child!

Sometimes, I also felt sympathize with the scientists for they had to face something like this. Other than the fact that we had a supernatural power, the owner of this power was only a child too.

There’re many troubles happened since they brought Ansel and I here, so the scientists held a meeting to find a solution. Lookz came to tell me one night that they decided to let me and Ansel acquainted with each other.

I mentally frowned because I always thought the scientists had to be smart, right? They should have logic and systematic thinking.


They decided to let two weird kids got close together, even though there’s already trouble happened on the first day when these two met.

“They spoke of how Ansel seemed to be lonely before. But when he met Carina, he was livelier than before. Although he can’t control his power right now, he must be thinking of you. We want the two of you to meet with each other.”

The matter about Ansel couldn’t control his power must be because he was only a child. If he grew up, he would be on his way to becoming a villain…

“I also miss him, but I’m not lonely. That’s because I have Lookz.”

Damn it, my mouth…I was such a sweet talker. It’s far too good for a child, I was supposed to be.

Not only I was quick with my mouth, but my hand was quick too. I hugged my handsome adoptive father who had been taking good care of me. He tenderly patted my head and put me on his laps. Opening a children’s story about a rabbit and a duck, he narrated the story until I fell asleep.

Some moment passed by, I began to feel sleepy, so I yawned.

This DLC was really good. It was as though I came back to my childhood day for real.

I thought and fell asleep in the warm embrace of my adoptive father.


In the next morning, Lookz brought me to take a bath early to check my power in the glass room just like every day. I sat there yawning, but when I became aware of my surrounding, my ice had already covered the room.                                                       

It looked like there’s not only Lookz who couldn’t control his power because I couldn’t control it too…

I didn’t know what the scientists did in other room, but if I had to guess, they must be busy jotting a note down for sure. My power test ended, and Lookz brought me to the nursery next.

I was going to meet Ansel…

When Lookz opened the door, I was met with a white room filled with many toys. They even paved rubber mats on the floor, so this room would be safe for children. Lookz smiled before nodding at me in what seemed like to be: Go in, it won’t be a wolf’s den. Well, I added that last sentence myself.

I was a mix of hesitation and excited while my hand grabbed a bag filled with toys. This would be the first time that I would be alone with Ansel without any glass separating us, and that made me a little nervous. I didn’t know my beloved-in-a-child-form would do whether he would act good or bad towards me. The most important thing was he hugged me tightly.

I got embarrassed just by thinking it every time.

“Go, Carina, You will find a new friend who understands you the most.”

I grinned widely before walking into the room. When I stepped into the room, I saw a boy who was playing a remote control car, but he didn’t control it with a remote or his hand. He only stared at it. He turned to look at me walking into the room, and then the car, which he had been playing, came flying into her forehead.


The attack was a critical hit, and I didn’t even have the time to brace myself. My tiny body fell to the floor. Lookz wasn’t here anymore because he had already gone to work. There’s nobody else other than my beloved and I in this room.

I didn’t know him that much, but I had to say I could see a villain in him from far away.

“Why did you block me?” He said while crossing his arms. He turned to look at his toys before pulling it back to him with his cool power.

I became stronger now, so I tried to hold my tear. I didn’t want to freeze this room so I went into another corner and sat there playing alone. Showing the villain I was sulking very hard. Ansel, who played in another corner, didn’t think to make up to me or anything.

Looked like…We couldn’t get along, huh.

I played playing house with my doll just like another normal girl alone. But what suspicious was that every time I looked at the little villain, it seemed he scooted closer to me every time I glanced at him.

It wasn’t all in my head, right?

I frowned before turning back to play with my doll. But my peace wasn’t that long, I heard the sound of car’s wheels which was coming towards me. When I turned to look at it, a purple Lamborghini came flying into my dollhouse.


My Lego house which I had been spending my time on it for a past few days collapsing down in front of my eyes, and that’s when I turned abruptly to him with a ferocious expression. This tiny villain didn’t seem to feel guilty his mistake at all, he even sent an army of cars towards me.

A red Maserati, a black Audi, a yellow Ferrari, and a green Aston Martin…It was as if I was in a supercar show at Dubai.

I widened my eyes, but I couldn’t do anything now. All the cars were very fast. They collided into my Lego house and the pieces were flown away in every direction.

I could only stare dumbfounded at what happened before something was forming inside my chest.

Ansel was mean.

He was a jerk!

I found myself standing there with a hand clenched at my side before I cried. My ice started to creep all around the room. There’re columns of ice forming on the ceiling, and they were ready to fall down on a person who made me angry. The temperature suddenly dropped down as if we were in a blizzard, even though this was a closed-room.

Normally, others would be scared when something like this happened, but it wasn’t like that with Ansel. He crossed his arms while stared at me before laughing aloud. Suddenly, there’s some power which made everything in the room blown away, lights went flickering as though a ghost was about to come.

I was angry enough to grab his cars and flung all of them back to him. However, the cars just stopped in front of him and hovered in the air.

When I saw it, I acted wildly even more, and when Ansel looked at me, he became even more conceited. His power was overflowing and felt as strong as my ice, which successfully covered half of this room. Lights went flickering, and all kinds of stuff in this room were blowing as though there’s a tornado in this room.

A bad omen was about to happen…

I didn’t know whatever the scientists thought in their head. But to let Carina stayed with Ansel was absolutely a bad idea because Ansel was a bully. He didn’t have any mercy at all, and Carina, as a child, was a sensible child, a little thing could make her cry her heart out. That’s why a calamity was about to begin again.

We were like a cat and a dog!

But before the situation could get any worse than this, a boy with a light blonde hair strode in. He must be around 13 years old. He walked into the room not minding the state of the room at all. He came to grab my hand, grabbed Ansel’s hand, and made us stood in front of each other.

When our eyes met, we stopped our power. The cold went away, and all kinds of the stuff fell down to the floor.

I couldn’t see anything clearly because of the tears. I only saw that the person who came to stop us was good-looking. He kneeled down near Ansel and me, and then he gently patted our head.

“Why don’t you stop quarreling?”

I sobbed and sniffed the mucus into my nose before used my sleeve to wipe my tears away. After that, I looked at this person, and this made me instantly shut my mouth.

Why was that?


The person who came to stop the argument was the greatest villain boss ‘Oran’ or ‘The cold-blood emperor’. In conclusion, he was the greatest of the greatest of the greatest villain!

I suddenly couldn’t cry anymore.

“Don’t cry anymore, ah, that’s better, kid.” Oran said with a kind expression on his face. He smiled as though he was a big brother who came to stop his younger sibling from quarreling. When I saw this look at his face, I couldn’t imagine him to change into the greatest villain anymore.

I don’t understand!!!?

“You don’t have to be sad about those broken toys. Why don’t you play with this toy?” He said and held something out to us. It made me immediately looked up to see his face again because the thing that was in his hand was…

A gun…

Did you really want us to kill each other?

Were you for real!?

Ansel’s eyes brightened up when he saw the gun. He picked it up before aimed at my head. This scene was a little similar. Didn’t I do this to him before?

There’s a little different in that because I was hesitating at that time, but he wasn’t. He looked absolutely serious right now. Should I hug him too?

I shut my eyes tightly, and then he, who had a cruel smile on his face, pulled the trigger.

I would die for sure.

“I love you” a small voice spoke up instead of a sound of a bullet.


I opened my eyes and saw it was a fake gun. When someone pulled the trigger, ‘I love you’ would come up. It was like those fake toys that you could see at the market.

When Ansel saw it, he instantly went berserk and threw the gun to the ground. He even stomped on it many times.

“It’s not ‘love’!” He shouted.

I was confused as to what happened in the last few minutes. The first thing was the greatest villain came to console me. My tears instantly stopped because I feared I would be killed by him. I was stunned when he held the gun out for us, and I admitted my heart had already flown away.

Were there other things even more surprising than this?

Oran or the greatest villain, who was 13 years old boy right now, winked at me before saying. “There is a saying that if a boy teases you then that means he loves you.”

I blinked.

That’s it…This was the most shocking thing of the day.

If this was love then it must be something very hardcore. Don’t forget we were only six years old. If we were older than this, wouldn’t we use a real gun to kill each other!?

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