O.V.E.R.L.O.A.D chapter 5 One year has already passed by, time flies…

Oran took care of us since that day. He was also one of the children at this research center. His specialty was psychology and technology. His power was excessively powerful. Oran is the character with the biggest fan base making him No.1 in the polls. The number of his fan club had easily surpassed fan club of other heroes.

He was awfully good-looking too, even the protagonist had to step aside for him.

His specialty was also very cool. He was super intelligent, so he could invent many things, even that blue cat robot had to raise the white flag. His invention could destroy the world in just a few seconds. There’s a reason why he wasn’t captured yet. He could hack into the government’s database to read a police’s movement every time. That’s why he could get away with it for these past ten years.

Furthermore, he was extremely good with psychology. He knew how to approach other people, and how to gain people’s trust. For instance, I could give this situation as an example.

He was a very good babysitter…

I hadn’t even thought before that the deadly criminal would love a troublemaker like me and Ansel. When I saw him building a Lego with me, I always saw his laughing image when he beatdown those heroes overlapping with this current him.

Could you swear this was the same person?

I couldn’t imagine the kind-hearted Oran to turn into that wickedly criminal. People always said ‘There are two sides of the same coin, so we can’t use outward appearance to judge anyone’

Oran was very good at telling a joke story. He wasn’t like that villain who often spoke about destroying the world at all. He liked to teach me and Ansel to build a basic robot, so we could upgrade our normal toys to hi-tech toys which looked so much better than our old ones. (Even if those toys ended up getting destroyed because of Ansel.)

Also, oh…my…god…I had just known Carina’s technology ability came from this villain.

The ability of ‘Carina De Segal’ wasn’t only her earth-shattering punch or her ice power. She was also the best in technology, spying, hacking, and building a weapon from a scrap. It seemed this ability came from all these wickedly criminals.

The scientists saw that Oran could get along with us very well, so he let Oran acted as our babysitter every day. Although, we still bickered sometimes. Ansel was a child who had too much power in his body, and he also used that power in a bad way such as bullying me. I was like those ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’ and Carina also believed in the motto ‘Don’t play with fire’. That’s why there was always a mishap happening around here.

However, Oran could end our dispute effortlessly.

Ansel seemed to like Oran pretty much because Oran liked to upgrade his car toys for him. His toys went from a supercar to a transformer which could be both a car and a robot. My dolls and a Lego house were on the receiving end of an attack from his toys every moment possible.

I was bullied by him every day. Yes, we had a quarrel, but I could feel the bond was forming between us. If he didn’t start the fight, I would be the one who started it myself. In the end, we didn’t play like any normal child because our game was a war toy. We had to plan both in defense and attacking so it ended up being a war which we had to defend our fortress.

We had been spending time like this. One year had already passed by quickly, we became close to each other. I was in Carina’s body which would turn seven soon. Although, only forty-five minutes had passed by in the real world.

The game made me felt everything happened gradually. It didn’t just pass by in a flash which would make me lost a grip on myself. I was beginning to feel like I was Carina.

The game was very good…

As we grew older, we had to undertake more duty than before. Normally, we would go straight to the nursery after our examination. Now, we had to go to the examination room early in the morning, and then divided our time to study. exercise and play.

For studying, we had Oran teaching us as our teacher. He was a genius who liked to teach us many things. Even though those topics would lead us to the theory of relativity. I didn’t even know how was it possible to link them together. Well, he taught all of these to seven years old child, so a normal reaction would be a child who sat in a dazed like me. However, Ansel only sat there with bright eyes and looked like someone who understood everything.

Did all villains have to be a genius!?

Not too long after that, a ruckus sound from the war of toy in the nursery room had changed into Oran’s voice because he was the one who had been teaching us an intensive curriculum. At this rate, even a college student wanted to ask him for mercy. That college student was me though.

Please…had mercy on me.

Even if the atmosphere in here had completely changed, but Ansel still liked to bully me, as always. He always stole my stationary from me. For example, I wouldn’t have my notebook to take a note, or when I was starting to feel sleepy, I would open my eyes to see a dog-piss-at -a-wall doodle on my page. I wouldn’t complain about it if it was only on a paper, but he even drew on my face.

My beloved…you were being too mischievous!

Wait until I understood the theory of relativity, I would go and make a nuclear bomb to fight against Ansel. I vowed to win against him because that would make Oran happy.

Even if Ansel was acting like this, I couldn’t see how had he turned into the most wanted criminal. He only bullied me for fun, and he didn’t want me to die or anything. That’s the case for Oran too. Since we had been together, he was always a kind-hearted person. His smile would always be warm and affectionate.

Were they really a villain?

I thought mentally before going back into my own world because Oran’s lesson was too hard!

I had to give up for a moment. I really wanted to excuse myself, and go buy a gift card to increase my knowledge of the theory of relativity (If that’s possible)

After finished studying in the afternoon, we had to exercise. Even if they used the word ‘exercise’, they only wanted us to prepare our physical ability for the unforeseeable in the future.

I didn’t know what the organizer wanted with us. But if they took very good care of us, studied our supernatural power, and made us train like this, there’s a possibility they want us to be a commando or a soldier.

I had to train to jump past obstacles, climb a mountain, crawl under barbed wire, and run running around the field. I was always followed by a small villain who ran after me every time. I had to run as fast as possible because of my fear towards him.

Ansel never left me alone.

I mentally cried a little while the cute boy chased after me again just like every other day. I was exhausted enough because of the training earlier, but he still chose to follow me.

“Carina, fight me!” He shouted. After that, I felt there’s a shadow hovering above me, so I looked up. I saw the small body of Ansel floating in the air. There’s a cruel look in his eyes, and he was going to punch me.

My beloved!

Well, I was Carina right now, even if this body still hadn’t had big boobs. I didn’t know why but when I saw this battle scene, I felt Adrenaline rushing through my body. It could be my instinct to defend myself, but I instantly went to charge my power. My fist was coated in my ice as though it was a gauntlet, then I punched straight at him.

When our fist collided, an explosion occurred, and the blast sent the shock wave which extended out far more than one hundred meters in radius. The sound wave was pushed away, that’s why this place became eerily silent. It felt as if the time had completely stopped. There’s only a smile which we gave to each other, so we knew the time hadn’t stopped yet.

I looked at what I was doing before I widened my eyes.

Frozen punch!

Her special skill was unlocked because of Ansel’s attack!

“That’s a good one, Carina.” Ansel said.

I smiled at that before taking a glance at our training ground. It wasn’t a beautiful sight to see at all. The wall was destroyed by our shock wave, and the lights were shattered into pieces. The scientists were also speechless by our stunt.

I could only sigh.

I knew it…There’s always trouble when we were together.


After what happened at the training ground, we had more time to play now because they had to repair it to be suitable for these two weird kids who liked to fight each other.

The scientists seemed to notice something after Ansel and I unconsciously caused trouble so often for them. One day, before I was preparing to sleep, Lookz came in holding a present in his hand.

He normally came here to see me, but he would come here to tell a story before my bedtime, not to give me a present.

“What is that?” I asked him with a sparkle in my eyes.

Lookz smiled and gently patted my head. “Open it, Carina.”

I received it before felt something jumping inside the box. My heart was filled with curiosity. I held my breath and opened it. In that instant, I was met with a pair of big black round eyes.

A small frog…

A small frog!

I had to bite my lip because of its cuteness.

There’s another thing that Carina and I shared other than the name, and that was our fondness towards animals such as frogs, lizards, geckos, chameleons, iguanas, alligators, and crocodiles. Therefore, I couldn’t help to look at Lookz with my sparkling eyes.

“Do you want me to keep it as a pet?”

“Yes, we think that if we find a fragile pet for you, it will make you become gentle.”

That’s it.

It was an understandable logic. It was up to his/her mind for a child who had a dangerous power to become a good or bad person. It was counted as training to our mental state when they provided us with a pet.

“I will take good care of it, Lookz. Is there a glass cabinet for it?”

Lookz grinned before he patted my head again. He brought me to the glass cabinet which he had prepared it beforehand.

“Do you want to name it?” He asked.

I looked at the frog which was clinging to a branch inside the glass cabinet before I chose the name of Carina’s chameleon, her personal pet. I answered. “Jackson.”

“It suits him.”

After that, I talked with my handsome father while Jackson was looking at us the whole time with its round eyes.


In the next morning, I, who just received Jackson as a pet, ran to show it off to Oran and Ansel. I asked Ansel whether he received a per like me or not.

Ansel nodded. “Yes.”

“Is that so? Where is it then? Show me.”

He shrugged. “It died.”


Were you for real?

“What? Why are you so cruel? Did you kill it?”

“To hell with it! That damn goldfish jumped off the cabinet by itself and died from suffocating. I just noticed its death after I had woke up.”

I was stunted by his story for a moment.

Who thought it would be good to let the villain Ansel kept a goldfish as a pet?

I smirked at him. I told him he couldn’t even keep a small animal like this and that was so terrible. After that, I had to run away from him because he intended to kill my Jackson.

At that time, I thought I was lucky that Jackson was alive, but it seemed like I was too optimistic. 

One morning, I went into the glass room to answer many kinds of question from scientists like every normal day, but it was different today. I had to sit in a weird chair which looked similar to an electric chair. Moreover, there’re only psychopathic questions such as: how would I kill a person? Did I like blood? Did I have a thirst to kill people? etc.

That was too psychopathic!

I was beginning to sense something was wrong. In the end, they showed their last card, these scientists forced me to do something.

I have to kill Jackson…my small pet.

“Well, little kid, do just as we said.”

I widened my eyes. I didn’t understand at all about this, so I sat there motionlessly to give them a warning: I won’t kill the frog, but I will kill the person who ordered me to.

“Why don’t you do it, Carina?”



“Because that’s Jackson.”

“Do you love it?”

I nodded.

“But if you don’t do it, I will give you a punishment.”

“I won’t kill Jackson ever.” I was shocked after that, and I jolted a little from the pain. I was a little perplex. Would I feel this much pain when I was in the game? However, I didn’t think far more than that. They forced me to kill Jackson again, but I still insisted on my answer. They shocked me again, but it was long enough to make me felt numb all over.

“This is the last time…”

“My answer is no.”

They instantly shocked me again after that, and that made me lost my mind. I screamed in agony before unleashing all my power. I only intended on intimidating them.


My power was too strong because there didn’t only freeze these scientists, but I also froze Jackson too.

My small frog had become shaved ice.

My eyes widened again. The power which I had just released was far over my body’s capability, and the scene in front of me was too much to take in. In the end, my surrounding was beginning to darken.

then I fell into nothingness…


I opened my eyes to see that I was on my bed, and someone was climbing on it.

I thought it was Lookz at first, but it’s not.

This person had a pair of bright blue eyes. Even when they were in the dark, it was still clear to see them.


Did Ansel come barking into my room!?

“Shh!” He told me to keep quiet before looking around. It was as if he wanted to check whether there’s someone around here or not. He had already used his sock to cover the CCTV in my room.

My beloved…Did you want to assault me?

I knew Carina was super sexy, but she was only seven years old right now. She hadn’t had big boobs either. Was Ansel a pervert?

He shifted his head towards her before whispering something. “Why don’t we do something fun?”

That’s it…

This was really a 18+ DLC.


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