Villain heal chapter 61

I let Luler laid the heroine down on an infirmary’s bed. She was still unconscious even when she was being carried to this place. Noir brought me to sit on a chair and even poured me a cup of tea.


“Where is your cat ears?”

“Oh…Do you mean this?”

Right now, Noir was just like a normal person much more than a cat demon in our first meeting. Both of his black cat’s ears and his tail had disappeared as though they didn’t exist before.

“They are in my way when I’m working. Moreover, If the infirmary has a cat’s fur, it will only make this place unclean. That’s why I used magic to hide them.”

“Is that so? Do you really have a medical license?”

“Are you curious?”

“No…Yes, just a little bit.”

“If you want to see it then come to my room. I will let you see it.”

“You don’t have to, thank you.”

You wouldn’t really stop at letting me see the medical license for sure. Don’t forget that…even if he looked young but the soul inside him was a 2xx years old man. He even older than my grandfather and he’s also single too!


“We can’t do that, teacher. Shiwa’s free time was mine.” Luler hugged me from behind and pulled my chair back a little.

“Ara~ You are really possessive of her, prince Luler.”

“That’s to be expected. Shiwa’s is my fiancee.”

“You two…are still…engaged?”

He cunningly looked to me with a grin placed on his face. This man…wasn’t think anything just like what I thought right now, right? He was really an untrustworthy old man.

“I-i will have to go eat lunch. Let’s go, Luler.”

I pushed his back to make him walk out of this room. At that moment, my line of sight fell onto the unconscious heroine who was still lying on the bed.
Doing something like this…Was I doing the right thing?

When I walked out, I held his hand to the cafeteria to meet our friend. They were already sat down in their seat.

“Luler-sama is truly dignified today!” While we ate our lunch, Bella suddenly praised Luler in admiration.

“Thank you…” He accepted that statement with a calm face.

“I haven’t thought before that you could make a face like that.” Teo spoke before scooped a portion of food into his mouth.

“Because Shiwa will give me a reward.”

“What? A reward?” Lookz looked up and frown.

“The reward for…Oop!”

“I only promised that I will help him with his work! It’s nothing!”

I used my hand to cover his mouth from saying anything other than that. The atmosphere around here was still the same. It wasn’t different from when we were a child at all.

But when we were going to the class, we were put in the different class from the boys again. We were assigned to class two this time while the boys were assigned class one.

Akane cheerfully ran to the four seats near a window. After that, we started to chat together because we didn’t have any lesson this morning anyway.

We chose a seat in the middle of the room near the window. Bella and I sat in the front while Akane and Shelyn sat in the back.

“Bella, how it’s going when you stayed in heaven? I couldn’t contact you at all when you’re there.” Akane asked her.

“I really wanted to send a letter, but heaven doesn’t have that much contact to another world.”

“Speaking about this matter, Shelyn. You were like a missing person when the break starts.” Akane turned to Shelyn who sat near her.

“I stayed at my brother’s mansion all the time.”

It’s not that strange because we didn’t know where Ren’s mansion located at. It was like a secret that Ren wouldn’t want to tell anyone too. She was really like a missing person as Akane and I could meet up occasionally.

“Do you still sleep-walking? Do you have an argument with Ren?” Akane began to ask Shelyn about her health issue and that’s the time Shelyn’s face was starting to heat up. In the end, she averted her eyes and spoke.

“Ah…I don’t sleep-walking anymore but…”

“What??” The three of us stared at Shelyn.

“I-i am engaged to my brother now…” Shelyn raised her left ringer up for us to see. On her ring finger was a glittering silver ring that was really suited her slim finger.


“Is this the truth!!?”


Akane, Bella and I spoke up at the same time. I didn’t feel surprised at all. Well, they weren’t a sibling by blood and Ren was also infatuated with her in the first place so it wasn’t that surprised to see him doing a thing like engaging with her.

Wait for a minute…Shelyn and Ren should have a problem of their own right now, weren’t they?

But when I saw her smile, I really thought it was the best this way.

“It’s really hard to believe but congratulation!” Bella held Shelyn’s hands with a spark in her eyes. “I hope the goddess of love will definitely bless you two!!”

“Me too! I wish you happiness!” Akane also held Shelyn’s hand. She had the same spark in her eyes just like Bella.

“Wait a minute, Akane. Shelyn hasn’t married yet so you can’t wish for her like that. It’s inappropriate.” I reprimanded her and turned to smile at Shelyn. “I hope you will have a good time in life from now on, Shelyn.”

“It isn’t like that at all. If I have everyone around in my life, I think that’s enough for me. I can never hope for a better life than this.”

Her eyes were brimming with happiness, unlike the old Shelyn who was suffering and trapping in her memories for many years. She had really changed from the old her.

“What about Bella? How’s going in heaven?” I turned to Bella who’d already unclasped her hold on Shelyn’s hands. Bella smiled and answered my question.

“I’m happy! But…”


“I think I’m getting worse at serving Lookz-sama.” Hmm…Getting worse at serving Lookz-sama?

“Can you explain?” I really wanted to hear this in detail.

“Ah…Lookz-sama didn’t order me to do anything. He even gave me clothes lately…What does that mean? Does he really intend to discard me? I once heard when employers intend to fire their servant, they will give them a new cloth to encourage their servant before firing them. Am I going to be like that!?”

“I don’t think that’s the case here. Lookz isn’t a subtle person like that at all.”

Sigh…I really felt tired with you, Bella. I had a feeling Lookz gave you new clothes for another reason.

“What about you, Akane? I lost contact with you almost a week. Were you busy?”

“U-umm…a little.”

Hmm…She didn’t explain the detail…?

Normally, Akane liked to enthusiastically elaborate on her business, but this time, she only said that she was a little busy. Suspicious…It was really suspicious.

“Can you tell me more about your business?”

“It was…Some problem arose in Teo’s kingdom.”

“I don’t think a matter between kingdoms is considered a little problem.”
“It was a relationship bonding ceremony between a kingdom.”

“Is it so?”

Akane kept averting her eyes left and right. Both her ears and her tail were also slowly twitching too…

Alright, that was really suspicious…

“If that’s the case then wouldn’t you have to stay the night at Teo’s kingdom? Nothing bad happened to you, right?”

“What? What do you mean a bad thing…”

Right now, she really had the three of us interested in her. She looked very secretive about this matter. It really made me wanted to ask her more!

Hold up!

That’s right…I’d just noticed that today…Did she button the first button of her shirt?

“What’s happened to your neck?”

“Did you see it!!!?”

Her face was instantly heating up. She quickly used her hands to cover up her neck and lower her head down. Because of her stunt a moment ago, she became the center of attention from our classmates. When she felt their line of sight, she became embarrassed and lay her head down on the table…

Oh…She didn’t deny it.

Then that meant…It was something like that, right?

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