Villain heal chapter 66

I felt things had been strange lately… I didn’t want to be near the heroine, but I didn’t know why I had met her so many times. She also tried to strike a conversation with Luler every time we met. Why did I have to use the word ‘tried’? It’s because Luler didn’t even say […]

Villain heal chapter 65

“This is the document stating the health information of all of the students in this school. This is credentials so I hope you won’t go spreading this around…” “Don’t you have any trust in me? I’m so sad. It’s as if you hate me?” “Who will do something cruel like that? This is the list […]

Villain heal chapter 64

Lately, we always brought our lunch to eat inside the greenhouse. That place was so peaceful. We could relax there. Even if it would make us felt a little lazy, but taking a rest before a class would make our brain worked better. “There aren’t other students other than us here.” Bella spoke while she […]

Villain heal chapter 63

Luler had almost never spoken to a girl he didn’t know. But why was he speaking to the heroine of the game? I felt a turbulent wave forming in my heart. My thought was twirling in my head and I unconsciously took another step forward. “Luler, who were you talking to?” “Shiwa.” I put on […]

Villain heal chapter 62

The first class in the morning had already passed by as we used this time to introduce yourself and get used to our new classrooms. The teacher gave us free time so we could use this time to befriend our classmates. It’s time for the lunch break now. “Ne~ Shiwa, why don’t we try to […]