Villain heal chapter 62

The first class in the morning had already passed by as we used this time to introduce yourself and get used to our new classrooms. The teacher gave us free time so we could use this time to befriend our classmates. It’s time for the lunch break now.

“Ne~ Shiwa, why don’t we try to eat our lunch at a different place?” Akane’s ears rose up.

“Different place?”

“That’s right, I heard from that group of boys that we can bring some food to eat at the glasshouse! That place was also stunning. We should try to go eating there for once.”

Akane pointed at the group of boys around two or three people. When I looked at them, they also waved back at us. It seemed like Akane was also popular among boys more than I expected.

“Today is the first day of the term so there shouldn’t be many people there. It sounds good. Yes, let’s go there.” I agreed with her thinking that we should change the scenery for once in a while. We also had much free time today too.

“Should we tell the boys too?” Shelyn crossed her fingers together and smile.

“We have to tell them.” If we didn’t tell them, they would be complaining all day.

“Then we will have to hold a tray of food to that place, right?” Bella made a thoughtful face.

“It’s not that far so we should make it by holding a tray there!” Akane voiced out her opinion.

It wasn’t really far away, but…to hold a tray there didn’t look like the safest option. They should have a pushcart for us to borrow. I had to try asking a cook in the kitchen.

When we finished talking, we came out of our class and went straight to the class one. Class one should still have a special instructing because that room had four human students studying there. One of them was also…

The heroine of this game…

I called her the heroine for a long time, but I didn’t even know her real name. But who made the heroine’s name changeable, anyway, I completely forgot about her name. When I thought back, it was really a pity that I wasn’t into the game.

What we didn’t know was that the boys had already come out to wait for us while we were discussing our plan to eat lunch in the glasshouse. When we told them we want to eat lunch at the glasshouse, they immediately agreed to our request.

I didn’t know it was a coincidence or it was intended, my eyes had accidentally
glanced at…

The heroine of this game who also stared at this way…

I wasn’t worried at all whether she would come or not. As long as I could live my life normally, my fate would be safe.

No, even if I were to meddle in the plotline…

I had a confidence that I wouldn’t die for sure.

We borrowed a pushcart from the cook, and then we went to find a table in the glasshouse which wasn’t too far from the cafeteria. The glasshouse had many tea tables, so we chose the table in the middle.

“This place is really stunning. It’s just like what they said, Shiwa!” Akane ate her lunch while admiring the scene around her.

“What? They? Who is it, Akane?” When he heard the word ‘they’, a reproached voice from Teo suddenly came up.

“It’s my business. I don’t have to tell you everything!”

“Do you want to tell me or not? Do you want me to make you remember what happened that day, hmm?”

“Y-you!! There’s nothing happened that day! They are only my classmates!”

“You have men’s scent on you. Akane, are those classmates a man?”

“What about it!?”

“From now on, I order you…to stay one meter away from those men.”

“That too much!”

“Or…do you want me to erase those scent using my method, huh?”


These kids…How could you talk about this kind of matter in the middle of the day?

While Akane and Teo were bickering, we continued to eat our food as though nothing happened. It should be like that because this wasn’t the first time they had an argument against each other. They would be like this for a while.

“Shelyn.” Ren lifted his fork to her mouth as he tried to feed her a bite-sized well-cooked chicken.

“Brother…, you don’t have to…” She should be embarrassed because they were in a public right now. A glance at her face, I could tell that she was very embarrassed.

“This meat was delicious.”


In the end, she gave in to him and let him feed her. Ah, It just like they’d entered their own world. Even if they just engaged recently, they looked much more like a newly-wed couple…


“What is it?”

Suddenly, Luler was murmuring something in my ears…

“I only got to kiss you two times so I should have one left…”


His word made me recalled something.

It seemed he still hadn’t forgotten that yet. He even asked me straight in the face too!?

“But we should do that in the room, right?” He moved his face away and spoke with a calm face.

“Do you even care where we should do that at this point?”

“Then here…”


I quickly shot that down before he was going to do it for real…

“Lookz-sama, this is your tea.” Even if Bella was eating her lunch, she wouldn’t forget her duty to serve her master.

“I can do it myself.”

“Do you don’t like the tea that I brew?”

“N-no! I meant…I would like many cups of this!”

“As your wish!”

When she heard him, her face suddenly light up with a smile. I hoped that he wouldn’t go to the toilet many times because he drank too many cups of tea.

The scene in front of me…

I couldn’t imagine there would be another woman standing beside these boys…

When it’s evening, I was determined to bring my antibiotic back from the infirmary.

Well, I could let the infirmary had it. However, I only had a few of them left so I was a little reluctant with it. That’s why I would bring it back.

I would have to meet with that man, though. I really didn’t want to meet him at all…

“Ara~ Coming here to steal something from the infirmary, huh. You are a bad girl.”

“This is mine to begin with.”

Noir opened the door when I was about to pick it up. I didn’t hate him, but he didn’t give me a good impression either. Well, he was my senior even if he didn’t look like it.

“Well, everything in here is yours.” He sat down on his designated chair. When he didn’t have both of his cat’s ears and cat’s tail, he looked just like a normal human.

“The school’s property is public property.”

“Umm…You don’t look like a demon at all…”


“I’m just curious. Were you another being before you become a demon?”



My heartbeat almost stopped at his sentence. Did he know this? How did he know? I tried to act normal and turned to look at him with blank eyes.

“And…What do you think?”

“…I just blurted out something weird, didn’t I? How can you be another person, right?”

“Humph! I do not doubt at all why you are single to this day.”

“That’s so cruel, you know.”

“I don’t have time to argue with you all day, good bye.”

I walked out from the infirmary room without looking back to see his face. He was really hard to understand and I couldn’t guess what he’s thinking at all. I was certain that he simply knew too much.

Oh…Tomorrow was Friday.

Although it wasn’t every day, my family tended to find a time to eat dinner together. Tomorrow was that day, but I still hadn’t told Luler about this yet. I was careless to forget about this.

Even if the times passed by, he was still the same. Should this be a good thing or a bad thing? His condition was beginning to get better too. Was he going to become spoil if I were to continue spoiling him like this? Was I becoming a bad adult?

Ah…I really want to go back to be a child who wouldn’t have to have a headache.

The joyful moment of a teenager who didn’t have to think of something like an entrancing exam, family problems or even a relationship of the person around you. A teenager could simply go play with their friend without needing to worry over anything. I really want to be a teenager like that.

But I didn’t have a teenager’s life like that, I never had. I just only had one goal in my old world and that’s to be a doctor. Other than that, there’s nothing else to cause me a headache.

Tap Tap Tap

I walked in a hallway of the dormitory. Nobody was here at this hour as they should be staying inside their room right now. A headache was beginning to form as I thought about what I had to do tomorrow and I had to tell my plan for tomorrow to Luler too.

Sigh…I really want to live a carefree life…


“If that’s the case then do you want me to guide you?”

I heard a conversation between two people from the middle of the hallway. Was the male’s voice…Luler’s voice?

I was curious so I lighten my step and peek to see who’s he talking to.
Even if this corner was a blind spot I could clearly see that Luler was talking with a girl. She had a light brown hair that reached around the middle of her back…

Wasn’t that the heroine of the game!!?

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  1. If it really is luler he going to ditch the idea the moment he sees shiwa, I really hope the heroine is a nice girl instead of those harem seeking villains. Thank you for translating TL-sama and happy new year !!

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  3. I understand why she’s worried but because it’s Luler I’m not worried at all. Thanks for the translation.

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