Villain heal chapter 63

Luler had almost never spoken to a girl he didn’t know.

But why was he speaking to the heroine of the game?

I felt a turbulent wave forming in my heart. My thought was twirling in my head and I unconsciously took another step forward.

“Luler, who were you talking to?”


I put on my innocent act. Two pairs of eyes snapped to me the moment I appeared in an instant.

The heroine turned to look at me with a troubled expression on her face. I was curious as to why the heroine was here. This was the special dormitory.

Normally, an irrelevant person wouldn’t be permitted to come here especially a human because many high-ranked demons resided here. A human would be like food to them. Even if they kill a human, all of the faults would be ignored here.

From the first step that she went in here, she was already a lamb in wolf’s den.


The heroine of the game had a pair of big and round brown eyes and long brown hair. She wasn’t different from other humans, but she was considered rare in the demon’s eyes. She was a strange thing and looked delicious…I meant that in a physical way…

“She lost her way. I was about to go see you in the infirmary room because you are late. I was thinking of bringing her out of here.” Luler said with a calm face.

“Is that so? It’s really dangerous to let a human go outside alone. I will send her out myself.” I moved to stand between them. It looked just like I was trying to block them, wasn’t it?

“Fine…but don’t be too long.”

“It shouldn’t be long so you can go waiting inside ‘my room’. I will hurry up and go see you. You over there, follow me.”

I pushed Luler’s back to the direction of my room. I must be crazy to stress that word in front if other like this. Luler walked away slowly leaving me and the heroine alone together in the hallway.

I felt so relieved right now…

“I will bring you outside, follow me.”


When I took a step forward, she lowered her face down and avoided looking at me as she quietly followed me along. It wasn’t too strange for a human to see demon as something very terrifying, but…

“Why are you here? A human shouldn’t come here. Do you understand how much dangerous situation you are in right now? This place is very dangerous for you.”

“I can’t remember the way back to my dormitory…”

She forgot her way back…?

I thought this was weird because this dormitory was even far from her dormitory. Maybe she came here because she was running away from something.

In this school, there’re only five humans including her. They were just like a horde of sheep who lost their way in the forest which only had wolfs and hunters.

If she still escaped randomly to any other place like this, maybe she would be caught by a skilled hunter.

“You should quickly get used to this place.”


“That’s the exit. You don’t have to be scared of anyone attacking you anymore if you are out from this place. Your dormitory is behind that wall over there. I can’t go with you because there’s a rule forbid me to go there.”

The dormitory for a human looked like a small home. The school certainly understood the difference between a human and a demon and they wouldn’t take a risk to put a human inside a place swarming by demons.

“T-thank you…”

“I hope you won’t lose your way again next time.”


She quickly ran away. Oh…I still didn’t know her name yet.

But…never mind.

It would be best if we couldn’t meet at all…

*open the door*

I opened the door to see Luler reading a book on my bed. His eyes focused on me the instant I closed my door before he placed the book on my bed.

“Luler, why did you stay with that human girl today, hmm?”

“Why? I saw you walking around there.”

“Ara~ I just know that you are kind to other people to this point.”

“You don’t like it?”

“It’s not like that. That is the right path to be a king in the future. I’m glad for you.”



“But you look pissed off right now…?”

“It’s not like that at all.”

I wasn’t pissed off or anything. Did my face look like I was angry or something?
I unconsciously sigh as I was walking to sit down on my bedside. Sigh…why did I do something like a child like this?

Luler’s eyes were full of worried when he looked at me. He sat on my bed and moved his body near me.

“Did I do something to make you angry?”


“You are in a bad mood for a while.”

“I already told you I’m not angry.”

“so why?…”



I slowly turned my face to him. When the pair of red eyes just like an apple bore into my eyes, a feeling to escape from this pair of eyes was swirling in my head. It wouldn’t just disappear anytime soon.

Was this the proof that I lied?

I must be crazy.

“I still haven’t given you the last kiss, right?”


In that instant, I gave him no time to collect his thought as I suddenly pushed him onto the bed and pressed my mouth into his!

He widened his eyes in surprise, but after that, he wrapped his arms around my waist. It started from a normal kiss, but not too long after that, it changed into a kiss full of passion. Our tongue seemed to melt into one. It looked as if a long time had passed by for us to finally get out of this reverie.


“Shiwa…”His face was heating up.

“A human…Didn’t they have a good smell?”

“Umm, but I don’t want to bite her, you know.”

“I know…”

I’d already know he didn’t want to bite anyone, but how could a thought fight with an instinct? That ending would happen or not… I didn’t care whatever happened to me. That’s right, what I scared the most wasn’t the death…

What I scared the most was…betrayal.

Ah, maybe I’d already fallen in love with him.

Please, I didn’t want to have this feeling.

Not right now…not this time…

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