Villain heal chapter 64

Lately, we always brought our lunch to eat inside the greenhouse. That place was so peaceful. We could relax there. Even if it would make us felt a little lazy, but taking a rest before a class would make our brain worked better.

“There aren’t other students other than us here.” Bella spoke while she poured Lookz a cup of tea.

“That’s right, even though this place is so beautiful.” Akane nodded in agreement.

“…But to bring food to here was really a hassle.” Shelyn sheepishly smiled. That’s right, Apart from us who borrowed a pushcart to bring food here. I didn’t think there would be other who came here.

“Isn’t this a good thing? This place will be peaceful for a while if there are fewer people here…”

*sound of opening the door*

I still hadn’t finished my sentence. I heard the sound of a door opening. Our eyes automatically turned to look at the newcomer. I saw five humans who came to study here. Each of them was holding a tray of food.

“There are demons here!?” One of them spoke up in a panic voice.

“But…I really heard there’s nobody here.”

“Quiet, they’ve already heard us!”

After that, they went quiet and freeze up including the heroine. She looked at each of us in turn, but why did I have a feeling she stared at Luler for far too long? Luler, who sat near me, also turned back to look at them with interested.

“You don’t have to be considerate of us. This is a public place for every student. That side had a tea table so you can use them too.”

As the headmistress’s daughter, I couldn’t ignore other students, whatever they were human or demon. I knew they wouldn’t like to eat at the canteen because there’re many demons there. That place also gave a feeling that they were really a food themselves too.

That group of human anxiously walked in the direction I pointed to. They looked really pitiful. No human would like to stay in the midst of demons like this.
While they left one by one, there was one person who’s still standing there and staring at us.

That person was the heroine…

“Filne! Why are you still standing there!” Her girlfriend tried to pull her away.


The heroine went with her friend, but her eyes still lingered on us until she disappeared from our view.

Filne…That was her name, right?


That was the heroine’s real name.


Normally, the player would name her.



I jolted up in a surprise because of Luler’s voice.

“I’ve called your name many times.”

“I’m sorry…”

He pouted and making a face as if he was hurt by my action. I was thinking of something in that moment so I didn’t hear you!

“Why do you looking at her…?” Luler moved his face toward me as he pressed for my answer.

“It’s not like that.”


“That’s crazy! I’m a girl!”

“You went with her yesterday too…”

“I only sent her out.”


“That’s right! Why are you asking me this?”

Did he see me as a gay?

I ignored him and continued to eat my food. Luler’s eyes were searching for the heroine, but there’re many trees obstructed his line of sight from this view.
“If you want to see it that much, you can go see it.” Irritated by his action, I speak sarcastically to him.

“I don’t want to see it.”

“Is that so? Then I will go to the infirmary…”


“Even if I’m not a doctor there, but I still have to give a piece of advice to the new doctor.”

“You don’t have to give advice to that man. Don’t go.”

“It’s my duty. I have to go now, don’t follow me.”

“Ne, Shiwa?”

Luler pulled at my sleeve while giving me puppy eyes. Normally, I certainly couldn’t reject him.

“Be a good boy while I’m away. I will come back quickly.”

“…ten minutes…”

“That’s insane! I will come to find you when I’m finished with my work.”

I stood up and cleared my dish and then walked out of the greenhouse. It’s a good thing I had immunity against his puppy eyes lately. It didn’t have an effect on me anymore!

But…I would have to hurry up because he would pout at me again.

After Shiwa disappeared from the greenhouse, Luler could only sigh. Shiwa had been acting weird since they started high-school. He didn’t know the reason why Shiwa became like this.

She also had to often go see that man named Noir who was the infirmary’s doctor. He liked to stay near her more than necessary. He also saw that man stole a kiss to Shiwa’s cheek in front of him too!

“You look troubled. Do you really don’t want her to go that much?” Ren could feel Luler’s worry from a mile away. He sipped at his tea and spoke.


“Shiwa is a strong person so she will be alright.” Shelyn spoke with a smile on her face.

“No, it wasn’t like that, Shelyn. It’s something more complicated than that.”

“Did you say complicated?”

Ren tenderly patted her head. Shelyn didn’t understand a man’s jealousy so she only understood Luler didn’t want Shiwa to go.

If it’s like this…it would be a lot of trouble for me in the future.

Ren wasn’t sure how could he teach Shelyn about adult things and the feeling he felt toward her?

“If you don’t want her to go, then you should follow her.” Teo spoke while picking a bread to his mouth.

“How can you interrupt her when she’s working? You aren’t delicate at all.” Akane scolded him with her sharp eyes. Shiwa was really serious at work. This was the thing she knew the best.

“You only say Shiwa, Shiwa, Shiwa. I have to ask you which one is your real fiance, me or her?”

“If Shiwa is a boy then she will be better than you a hundred time!”

“What? Why don’t you say that again!?”

“Umm. Ahhh!”

Teo squeezed her cheeks. Her white cheeks were being pulled apart just like a squirrel.

“It won’t be a problem if you are only there to see her, right? I mean it will be normal for an engaged couple to be together.” Lookz placed his teacup down and turned to look at Luler.

“That’s right. Shiwa is a kind person so she won’t tell you off or anything. Lookz-sama’s idea is excellent!” Bella clapped her hand for the greatest master in her world.

Clap Clap Clap!

“That’s enough. you don’t have to clap anymore.”

“T-then I will lightly clap.”


“Stop clapping.”

There wasn’t only then today, but that group of human too. Even if he felt embarrassed when she overly praised him, but it made him felt happy very much.

“…I will follow her.”

He thought Lookz’s suggestion to be doable. If he didn’t interrupt her work, there’s no way Shiwa would reject him. He didn’t trust that man at all especially when he was alone with Shiwa.

“You all can go back to the classroom before me…” Luler cleared his plate before standing up.

“We will stay here until the class starts” Teo answered him.

Luler nodded before quickly walked out of the greenhouse in a flash, but…


“Urg! I-i’m sorry!”

When he took a step forward, he felt a force to his side making him sway a little. There was somebody who collided with him full-force. The thing which was quicker than his eyes was his nose. He could know by this sweet scent that this’s…

a human…

“It’s alright.” He spoke with a calm face and stared the owner of this voice.
She was the girl who lost her way that day…!

“Y-your shirt!? It’s strained all over. I’m really sorry!” She stared at his blazer which was strained by food from her tray.

“…It’s alright.” But his answer was still the same.

“I’m running from a demon so it’s my fault. Please let me be responsible for this!”

“…It’s alright.”

“Ah, there’s a restroom over there! Let’s go!”


Before he could finish his sentence, he was suddenly pulled by that girl.
This was a human’s strength…?

Could they be this strong…?

When she could pull him along using only her force, this was considered a new thing for demons.

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